April 20, 2004 | 9:45 a.m.
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I love when I add an entry it actually tells me what day it is, because quite honestly, I had NO idea what today was.

I'm uber tired, but today, it's all worth it. I was up LATE working on school stuff, and then Jer came home from walking. I was getting ready to go to bed, and one thing led to another, and well, there we were at 1:00 a.m. shakin our groove thang. It was GREAT! So, it's ok that I'm SO tired today, what's a little lack of sleep when you can get action like that? Yeah, so I only logged on to write, that all is well in the land of Zion again.

Well ok, Shirl, the director of our show was on a tangent last night. She had a stick shoved so far up her booty it was ridiculous. Seriously, from the moment we walked in, she was on the warpath for us. Didn't matter what I said last night, she was bitching and snapping. I was so sick of it, and so ready to be done with her. Good thing we have a strong relationship, 'cause I'm gonna tell her exactly what I thought of her immaturity. Furthermore, the other woman in my cast sincerely sucks. She's painful to listen to and to watch. It just pisses the hell out of me that Shirl put my sis in the other cast. My sis is really good, AND she's my sis, we shouldn't have to make family choose which night to come. OY! Some things about this show are so utterly frustrating. And on the other hand, I LOVE the show, it's a blast to sing and perform and I know it'll be so great when we're all done rehearsing and ready to perform.

Good news, my beloved Gay boyfriend is coming to town on Thursday. We're gonna have a gaytastic weekend, I'm so excited. He's really too good to me. He just sends me music books and cd's whenever he hears something he thinks I should sing. I LOVE that! This'll be out last fling before he heads to San Diego for his summer job. Le Sigh

well, CRAP, it's nearly 11:00. I really need to try and take a nappy nappy before noon and the kindegartners arrive.

Tonight, American Idol in all its crappy goodness. SERIOUSLY America, make John Stevens GO AWAY!!!!!!! Do your civic duty, save the world, vote him off!


Dear EDEN -

You NEED to update, stop being so stingey!!!

Much Love,




You seriously have to stop being so funny, it's unfair to the rest of us losers. For real, loved the commentary on the fat people sitting home watching cooking shows and pie bakeoffs. I feel the "pain." Hehehe

Love and pudges -



Dear John Stevens -

Go home and SHUTUP!

With love,



Dear Jer -

You're super the cutest! Thanks for being my best husband. Since you know, I hate the other three I keep around. Tee hee! Ummm, and dinner yesterday was scrumptious. May you always be MY domestic God.

Forever yours,



Dear everyone else -

If you read this, thanks! Have a super smoothy groovy day!

Yours ever so truly,


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