April 25, 2004 | 5:14 p.m.
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Well I for one am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. Because somehow I'd convinced myself that today was the 27th of April, when in reality, it's ONLY the 25th. PHEW! I don't know how I do it, but I have skills on getting confused on days.

On the other hand, FIVE days have passed, I haven't written, and I know my huge fan base is simply DYING for information. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Tuesday was LOVELY, I came home, EARLY and enjoyed an evening on the couch. I did NOTHING but veg, and fall asleep and I loved it. Here's a true statement, I managed to stay awake for all of American Idol, EXCEPT John I suck butt Stevens. I fell asleep for his song only. Oh the irony. I enjoyed Barry Manilow night, I really did. George was a stinking pile of crap, as was John. I thought Jennifer Hudson did great and I was finally on her team of supporters. So, imagine my utter disgust and shock when Wednesday rolled around. How freaking WRONG was that. John stays, and Jennifer goes. There is NO justice in this world, NONE! I LOVED the comments of the judges pleading to America to realize this ISN'T a popularity contest, it's about TALENT! Good job judges. Ok, bored with that subject.


Wednesday was nice, got out of school, came home, hung out, ate lunch, got ready for students. Students were done early, at 7:30, which means I got to watch afforementioned AI boot off show, and then veg on couch. I didn't have to be at rehearsal that night, which was very nice. I again fell asleep on the couch, but hey, that's ok too! Jer has been going walking most nights with friends. I'm simply not up to that stage in my life. I know I SHOULD go walking, but I'm usually too freaking exhuasted, AND I would be such a hinderance to all of them. I walk SLOW and get worn out easily.


Thursday was LOVELY day. I taught my morning lessons and then Jer and I toodled on down to Gammage to get tickets to Hairspray. As it turns out, we couldn't get student tickets until 2 hrs. before show time, so we proceeded to have an argument because he insisted on getting the $75.00 tickets that were available on the floor. In front of the guy, Jer was like, "well, what did you get ME for MY birthday, NOTHING, what did you do for our anniversary? I got YOU tickets to Clay Aiken." blah, blah, blah. It was really getting embarrassing. So, we went outside and had our argument. I was like, WHY do you do this? Why do you make such a scene. Why does it HAVE to be about you? Do you realize the money, etc. Well that made him upset, I was the evil bitch ruining his life again. So, I just said, screw it, I would rather not have to deal with him being mean and adolescent all day. So, I marched us back in and bought the damn tickets. We bought one for Stephen too, since he'd be arriving that night. It was horrifyingly expensive, I don't even want to talk about it. So, we had Subway for lunch, then I taught my lessons, cancelled one and waited for Steviee boy to arrive. Meantime, Jer and our friend Trace went down early and bought student tickets for my sisters and our friend. Steve showed up, we had a blissful makeout (hee hee just kidding) and then we headed for the theater. He had just had dinner with Harvey Fierstine the night before, so he was quite interested to see how Bruce Valanche was gonna measure up to Harvey as Edna, as was I. He was also excited to see a friend of his who is in the cast of this tour. He'd written her a little note, but just as we drove in, she was getting out of her car. It was so cute, she freaked out, he jumped out of the car and they had a great reunion. This particular girl is named Cameron and she played Zaneeta on the ABC television version of The Music Man with Matthrew Broderick. Ok, so I parked the car and meandered on back over to Steve and Cameron, and by this time Jer and Trace. We had a nice little chat, and then headed over to wait for my sisters and Carson. When everyone was there, we handed out tickets and headed into the theatre. We had PRIME seats, sixth row center. I'm not gonna lie, it was very nice to sit that close to enjoy the show. Now, in comparison with the Broadway show, the only REAL drawback to the tour was Bruce. He was just NOT good as Edna, his comic timing was seriously lacking! Motormouth Maybell was a beautiful woman, pretty voice, but she was lacking a certain UMPH and sass. The Link was a bit to gay if ya know what I'm saying. Penny was freaking fantastic, LOVED her, LOVED SEaweed, so cute, and the Tracy was awesome. She was sooooo much better than Marrissa Jaret Winoker could ever hope to be. A WAY better dancer, a better singer, more energy, just BETTER! She's part polynesian, which was sort of interesting, but I loved her anyway. We hung out afterwards and met them all, Cameron introduced us to everyone. The girl playing Tracy is a total spaz and so fun. She hugged Jer forever, 'cause he told her how much he loved her! Then, when all was said and done, a few of us went to Fridays for some late night dining. My FAVORITE skinhead waiter was there, he's so fierce looking and yet has the biggest heart of gold. He came and sat with us and chatted, I just love that guy! So, finally, it's very late, we head home. Stephen spent the night at our house, since we had plans on Friday. It was so fun to have a sleepover!


Friday we got a little late start, but no big deal. Another new book arrived on my doorstep, compliments of Steevie, he's so cute! We went down to MCC to visit Suesue, but it was brief, she was running into a meeting. So, he didn't get to really visit like he wanted, or to watch a class, like he wanted. Such a bummer. We left there and headed for lunch. Stephen so graciously treated us, and it was delish. After that we went out to Egypt land to visit our good friend Jules and her two cute kids. Stephen had been good friends with her back in his MCC days. We had a nice visit and then headed back to town. We stopped at my school so I could show him my classroom and my beautiful Broadway bulletain board. Then a quick stop at my sisters to visit and so I could use the facilities, if ya knows what I mean. Finally, we had to drop Stephen at his moms, she was feeling neglected. Then we rushed off to a dinner cabaret show at the school. I won't write much about it here, suffice it to say, there are some seriously non talented people that should not be attempting singing and acting. And, there were others that did a fine job. After we left there, Jer went walking, I took Stephen his bag and visited with him awhile. Came home, and hung out alone, since WHENEVER Jer goes walking, he takes that to mean, he doesn't have to come home until 1:00 a.m. because he's talking to friends. Probably one of the hardest things to deal with him is, he TRULY does not consider anyone but himself in most situations. He doesn't understand WHY I would want him home, or what business it is of mine whether he is home or not. If I want him to be home, I'm a drag, a killjoy, acting like his mother. So, I've pretty much learned to just let him be gone and do his own thing. Luckily, Carson called and wanted to talk about his show, so he came over and hung out with me. Alright, I'm bored of this topic too.


Saturday morning, BRIGHT and early, we had a run through of the first act of our show. It went fairly well, I'm proud to say I've learned most my stuff. I need some real review on a couple of songs, but not bad. All I have to say is, this show is EXHAUSTING! Simply because it's only 4 people, and so we're all essentially in EVERY scene. There are very few breaks for any of us. So, it's whole costume and wig changes in THREE seconds. I was soooooo tired at the end of it, all I wanted to do was sleep. We came home, I tried to rest, got a little bit of sleep, but not much. We had a nice quiet afternoon of looking up showtunes that might work for the workshop, and just hanging out. Jer made a big macaroni salad for our family bbq, and I fixed it. At 6:00 we had a HUGE family bbq with all extended family. A nice excuse to get everyone totgether. It was really fun, and nice to see so many people and to get a chance to visit with them. I have the GREATEST family in the whole freaking world. It's true, it really is! Jer loves them, which is nice. And, because he's such a spaz and "so much fun" to be around, everyone loves him too. They think our life must just be one constant laugh fest. HA! If they only knew. We finally left there around 9:30 and then had to run to the grocery store. At this time, I went from being my husbands FAVORITE person that he was so in love with, to the witch he hated. Because I told him he couldn't go to see Hairspray AGAIN. WE can't afford it, AND it's Sunday. I had mistakenly said earlier he COULD go if my cousin Danielle was gonna go, because she NEEDS some time away from her kids and life. BUT, she couldn't go, so therefore, why should he. He didn't understand my logic, which is fair enough. But, I don't understand his either. Why is it ok to do wahtever you want on Sunday, when he was just telling me how we needed to read our scriptures, and he's "turned ovre a new spiritual leaf". So, unfortunately, thus began our latest saga. He's been pretty much pissed at me since then. I'm trying to keep my mouth closed, because when I open it, it only makes things worse. He went out walking and didn't come home until nearly 1 a.m. Carson was here again, so Jer was "nice" enough. He barely spoke to me, just went to bed. So, I said goodnight to Carson and I went to bed as well. I got up this morning and began getting ready for church. I woke him up an hour before church so he could get ready. Well, he got up and went to the bathroom, and that was it. I asked if he was gonna shower, he informed me he had NOTHING to wear, so wouldn't be going. I got bugged, he assured me it had nothing with him being mad at me, or to make me mad. He just had nothing to wear. So, I bit my tongue and left it alone. I went to church, it was nice, came home he's been a busy beaver making buttons for Hairspray people. I thought things were fine, we talked about things, it seemed ok. But then, boom all the sudden again, he's making ugly comments and saying to Carson (he was on the phone) that I'm being his Mom, "yeah, I have two Moms...." and he knows that he's upsetting me. Then he made some other rude comment, and then said, "am I pushing your buttons?" I said why do you ask, and he said, "I know I am, and I think it's so funny." I said, "what have I done to validate that to you? I haven't said anything." He misunderstood me, like I was saying, what have I done to make you mad, and he said, "Oh NO you've NEVER done anything at all." In a very sneery, condescending way. It's sooooooo FRUSTRATING. Then he came in and said, are you gonna write about what a bad, bad man I am, how horrible I am? Oh, I'm sure you will. And no, that wasn't why I sat down to write. And furthermore, while he's VERY frustrating, he's not a horrible person. He fascillates wildly in his moods and he takes things out on me that I don't agree with, but I also love him. And I know the wonderful side of him too. I just wish that he wouldn't set me up to be the bad guy all the time. I WISH he would look at marriage and realize all the comprimises it takes, and the money situation and realize that it isn't just there to play with at all times. Instead, I get blamed, blamed for controlling, blamed for making life no fun, blamed for making him feel bad about himself. Sigh, hopefully we'll get to start some counselling soon. Though he just told me, he doesn't want me around for counselling. He wants to do it himself, because if I'm there I'll control his thoughts or something. I don't get it.

Oh well, I'd better stop writing. This is CRAZY long and I have to get ready to go our friends birthday dinner.


MMMMMMM, the smell of brownies is wafting through the air, it smells sooo good! It's no pudge brownies, for those of us in the world trying to watch what we eat.

My arms hurt SO bad right now from typing. I'm having a wierd weekend of LOTS of pain in my feet, joints, muscles, everything. Wish I could say it was becuase of some great workout, but no, it's not.


Tomorrow is another beginning of another week and that means more school. UGH! I STILL haven't written the program for the little kids, I still don't have anything fun and exciting for the older kids to do. I hate this. Thankfully, ONLY 4 more weeks of school left. Thank you LORD!

Well, I'm outta here!


P.S. Has anyone else noticed that all the diaries letters are bigger? All my favorites have bigger type all the sudden. I so don't get it?? Even in the guestbook it's all bigger. Jer noticed the same thing. So, is it just us, or has anyone else experienced this?

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