April 26, 2004 | 1:33 p.m.
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LOOOOOOOOONG day, and sooooooo TIRED, but getting through it. Got up a little later than I planned, but still ready in enough time to hit the evil store (Wal-Mart) on the way to pick up a few necessities. Then still enough time to get lessons ready and things copied. Had a nice morning, showed the older grades a pc. of Funny Girl, where it's the "Beautiful Bride" number in the Follies. They all seemed to like it quite well. Did a little art project with 2nd grade that will lead into a rhythm understanding. That was nice, to keep them busy. Third grade we learned actions to their songs that they've been working on forever for their program. Kindergarten and First we're reviewing Cruella De Ville because I feel like it's their least learned song thus far. Mostly the kids are hot and restless today, it's not the greatest learning atmosphere.


I had a YUMMY Smart One for lunch. It's called creamy chicken parmasgane or something like that. I quite enjoyed it, AND it was only 4 points. Then, I ate the yummiest apple, and that's always a bonus. It's nice to feel in control and back on track. I was a bit lax this weekend. Nothing horrific, no total binges, but still, it wasn't totally in control. I mean, I probably could have done without the Sesame Jack strips at Fridays on Thursday night, but then again, they're sooooooooo good!! I KNOW I could have done without the ginormous pc. of ice cream cake that Dar served me last night. But, what's a girl to do? In my defense, I didn't eat the whole piece.


I called and asked Jer to make his YUMMY Mac-n-cheese bake, but he was off to go hang out with his sister and to buy some headphones. I HATE that I can't even nicely ask him to please not buy anything other than that, without him getting totally bugged. I know he automatically got defensive and felt like I was his Mom. Doesn't matter that we're out of money, and no new money coming in until next week. UGH! Oh well, here's hoping he doesn't buy anything else. He thinks I make it up when we're out of money.


When I get home from school, I see a nice little nap in my future, and then gotta teach my lessons, BOO HOO! THEN, rehearsal. We're doing the "driving" song, which I LOVE, but I don't know AT ALL! It should be interesting. How much do I hate that they're doing publicity shots tonight, and I won't be able to be in them, because I can't be there.


Also, had the sad realization that May is gonna be CRAPPY money wise because I'm gonna have to cancel so many lessons, or TRY to reschedule them, and who knows if it's possible. Two of the Mondays we have the kids workshop auditions, RIGHT in my teaching time, and then I'll have rehearsal right after. Plus, there will be tech week where I can't miss or be late, so I'll lose lesson times, and then performances begin. It should be interesting. Not to mention, I HAVE to fit a recital in there somewhere. UGH! And typing this reminds me that I STILL haven't called a certain mother back about rescheduling her daughters lessons, due to the fact that said daughter made a great show and now has rehearsals. Oh, I SUCK at this follow through stuff.


I'm waiting for the 1st graders to get here, I'm not gonna lie, NOT looking forward to seeing them for the next hour. I just REALLY want to go home, is that so much to ask?


Dear Eden -

I totally forgive you and take back teh stingey comment. Just know I love your gutts, and I"m sorry you're having turmoil in your life. Also sorry that people on here are so stupid as to criticize you and make comments about your character when they don't even know you. I love you, always and forever.




Dear Claritan-D:

Thanks for being the GREATEST allergy drug EVER and for giving my voice back! No really, I love you THIS much!!

Love always -



Ok, so my niece Taters is into not liking me to hold her lately. I'm NOT a fan of this. I often wonder if it's just to overwhelmingly scarey to little babies and kids to see my giantness coming at them. Are they so overwhelmed by the mass of size that they think I'll kill them or something? Seriously, one has to wonder.

Ok, they're here!

Bye friends,


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