April 26, 2004 | 11:56 p.m.
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Well, he came home briefly in the middle of one of my lessons and then left again. At rehearsal he was "pleasant" enough, spoke to me out of necessity. Actually, he was nice, I thought he might be ok. WRONG. As SOON as rehearsal was over, he took off like a bat, not ONE word to me. Just left,didn't bother to look at me or speak to me. My sister was like, "what is that all about?" I just shrugged my shoulders. He's not home, don't know where he is, can only assume he went walking and is now sitting on someones couch bitching about me. I had a nice long talk with my sis, she spilled her gutts about her failing marriage. It makes me so sad. Even though Jer and I have A LOT of problems and we need to face them and get counseling, at least we're in a better place than my sis. At least we're willing to get help together. And at LEAST Jer has a testimony. Who knows what the road ahead holds, all I know is it IS possible.

Well, it's very late, and I need to be asleep.


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