April 27, 2004 | 3:05 p.m.
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Today has been a good day, quick and painless.

I got up later than usual, which was quite nice! I was so tired!!!!!! I got to school on time, which again was quite nice. I practiced my music from my show on the way to school, so I'm feeling accomplished.

Thankfully, I had my 5th and 6th graders for a VERY short class period (only 15 min. each) due to the fact that they had AIMS testing today. So, we went over their new closing song for their show....."We Go Together" from GREASE. They all seem to enjoy it, what a nice change. Anyway, they left, and then I just waited for the 6th grade boy that I had to help with his test to show up. I had to read all the questions out loud to this boy, because apparently, he can't read or comprehend what he's reading, I don't know. Anyway, he came around 9:15, and was done with his test by 9:45, HOW FABULOUS. So, I then proceeded to read some diaries, read some e-mail and then take a BEE-U-TEE-FULL nap!! I slept in my chair for about 25 minutes...SO HAPPY! My voice student showed up a little early, and THANKFULLY i was awake enough to hear her, so she didn't walk in on my lazy arse self snoozing in the chair. We had a nice quick lesson and then it was time for me to eat some lunchy lunch. Todays lunch consisted of 2 lean pockets and an apple. It was all quite delish. If ONLY I hadn't slopped juice from my delish apple ALL over my huge breastasus in my white shirt. The ensuing brown spot is SUPER stylish and cute! UGH! After lunch, a CRAZY kindegarten class, and then a 1/2 hr. to recover. Then, another kindegarten class, followed by the 1st graders.

I had a HORRIFYING discovery today...I literally only have 5 classes left with these kids before their program. HELLO! What the hell? I'm FREAKING out, because I am NO way ready for this. I still haven't written the freaking program, much less passed out parts, had the kids memorize them, talk about costumes, sets, props, etc. Holy CRAP! AND, this weekend is CRAZY busy! So, I told the kids, now is the time to zip it and let's get busy. In reviewing our songs, I realize we don't have that many. What to do?? Have I mentioned how incredibly happy I am that I will NOT be doing this again next year. SOOOOO FREAKING HAPPY!

Anyway, the kids are all being picked up right now, then we have a quick staff meeting, and then I teach. I'm sooo happy because my last 2 lessons are not happening tonight. I get to go home at a NORMAL hour and have dinner at a NORMAL time and then watch AMERICAN IDOL. SO excited about that. Then, I get to go to bed. Jer is working tonight, and then probably going walking. I probably won't even see him. It makes me a little sad. I HATE not having communication. But hopefully, he'll follow through on what he talked about in his entry, and be able to sort some stuff out, so that WE can sort stuff out. Ugh, no need to talk about that.

Why am I the worlds WORST procrastinator? Seriously, WHY? I've needed to return some important phone calls for at least a week, and I just simply haven't done it. In my defense, I feel like a chicken with my head cut off a lot of the time. However, it's not like I don't have pockets of time here and there where I can accomplish making phone calls, or paying bills, or whatever. Ok, so I"M quite conscientious about paying bills on time, but I do put it off until the last possible moment.

So, this weekend is my former voice professors retirement shindig. I'm SO honored, because she requested that I sing on her recital. It's this big to do apparently, and I had NO idea. The dress is semi-formal. BAD NEWS, I own NOTHING that's even REALLY nice, much less semi-formal. So, I'm in a bit of a quandry on that one. Anyway, there is a big brunch Sunday morning for all the performers and her, and then her recital that night, and then a big reception afterward. I'm s'posed to turn in a bio by Wednesday. I don't know what to write. I JUST found all this information out last night. I've been waiting for TWO months to hear about it, and got nothing. So, I'm feeling rushed and scrambled. PLUS, my teacher is singing in a faculty recital on Saturday. I'd LOVE to go watch that, however, we've also been invited to a surprise birthday party for Aunty Nana, AND a party at another friends house that night. To top it all off, Jer has to work that night (one of his TWO whopping shifts this week) so I'll have to do it all solo. What a drag.

Shoot, I've got to get to the bathroom before it's meeting time and then I don't have a chance before students arrive.

Later friends...

p.s speaking of friends...i missed the show last week, a little bitter about that. HOPING I can still see it on someones tivo.

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