May 03, 2004 | 12:38 p.m.
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Holy lapse in writing Batman! Seriously, what the crap? I'm tellin ya, it's been crazy busy, and it's only gonna get worse from here until the end of the school year.

Rehearsals are getting intense, everything needs to be memorized, and I'm so not that perfect yet. But, I'm inching closer to knowing it all, hee hee. Have no idea about costumes, a little worried about pinning that down. Even MORE worried about figuring out the wig siuation. YIKES!

This weekend went by in such a blur, I hardly remember it. All I remember is rehearsals, party at a friends house, running down to ASU to pick up and drop off some music, and the big fabulous recital. Since the recital was the funnest part, and is freshest in memory, I'll write about that.

My adorable and fabulous former voice teacher at ASU is retiring. So, they put on this big, wonderful recital/sendoff for her. Of ALL her former students in 29 years of teaching there, only 15 were invited to sing, and thank you very much, I was one of them. She specifically requested I sing "Alto's Lament". I was so honored. Well, I didn't get all the info. on the event until Monday, so I was slightly freaked at the note that it was semi-formal dress. No need to fear, I figured something out, and there were people less nicely dressed than me. Anyway, Saturday I went out and picked up some lovely sparkly jewelry, some pantyhose ('cause heaven knows I NEVER wear those abominable things) and some new shoes, actual heels. I also make it quite a point in my life to NEVER wear heels. I do this for several reasons: 1) I'm 5'10" tall, I need no more height, 2) I have feet as wide as the freaking state of Texas, so confining them to closed toed heels is the greatest form of torture!!! 3) I just don't like to wear them. Anywhozy, I bought them, thought they'd be just fine. I lied to myself, plain and simple, I lied. And my feet hate my gutts for it! Ok, SO...got my hair cut and died on Saturday so it'd be fresh for the event. Sunday, got up went to church, my hair looked like CRAP! I could NOT get it to work. On the upside, I COULD tell that I've lost weight, and THAT made up for the bad hair. After church I had NO time to get ready and pulled together in time for a practice with my accompinast. I called Lanners and declared a hair emergency. In no time flat, she was at the door with flat iron in hand. It was a comical sight. There I am in my sassy red silk robe, sitting in the kitchen, 'cause my bathroom is practially in my kitchen, jer is cooking like a mad man to make me dinner, Tater tot is walking around screaming because she wants her Mom, and Trace is sitting at the table watching. Trace was there to do my makeup. Anyway...Lanners worked some serious magic and I had SASSY hair for the evening!!! I LOVE when that happens. Then Trace went to work to give me my dramatic, smoky, sex goddess eyes, with some sparkle to boot. I looked hot,there's no denying it. So, we rushed into the car and off we went. Have I mentioned that JUST this week I started the downhill cycle of my life known as allergies that drain into my chest, become a hacking cough/cold nastiness, lose my voice for 3 weeks cycle? Yeah, well it began, and I was pissed. So, I've been staving it off with medicine and LOTS of prayer. I gargled some salt water, I drank more water than any twelve people should, sucked down allergy pills and headache pills and I was ready. My rehearsal went fine, except I cracked on my high A, and THAT did not make me excited. But, I had faith that the Lord would come through for me. So, then it was waiting to practice with all the other singers for our group number. SO FUN to see so many old friends. To make this a little shorter, the recital began and it was just freaking amamzing. The entire things was amazing! The whole first act was all opera, and there were some phenomenal singers up there. Women who have sung for New York Opera, and all over the world, and just so great! Intermission came, did some shmoozing and chatting and was freaking out, because I was most definitely NOT singing opera. Second half begins, it's all funny stuff, but still operatic. My friend Amy Jo (former Christine Dae in Phantom tour) sang before me, and she was not only amazing, she was hysterical. So, I'm feeling the pressure. But, then I walked out onto that amazing and wonderful and glorious stage known as Katzin Hall, and the world disappeared. The piano began and I just went. The audience ATE IT UP! I was funny, my voice worked flawlessly, I hit the high A like it was something I do everyday, AND I hit the high C. The audience was ROARING!!!! They clapped for me FOREVER, and then when I left the stage and was came out from backstage to walk to my seat they clapped for me again. It was sooooooooo fun, and so gratifying and so fulfilling. And probably what makes me happiest is, how happy and proud Jer gets when I perform. It was such a glorious evening. It was touching and tearjerking when Dar stood and spoke to all of us, and talked about her teaching. It was touching to stand at the end and sing as a group to her. It was amazinig to stand in the presence of so many talented and incredible performers. It was truly a night I'll never forget.

There was a reception afterward, so more shmoozing. So many compliments given to me, people telling me I stole the show, I was the best, etc. For the record, I was NOT the best singer, I don't have even HALF the technical prowess of those opera divas, but I had a GREAT and funny song, and I know how to deliver it very well. But, the compliments were nice, none the less.

At about 10:45 we headed to dinner with some friends, I hadn't eaten ALL day. I still should not have eaten at 11:00 at night, and certainly not what I did. But oh well, what's done is done. I'm back on the wagon today.

I've got to figure out how to cancel a bunch of voice lessons and be preapred for a big rehearsal tonight. Let the true insanity begin!!! Rehearsals, lessons, school shows, opening night, OY! It's all happening so fast!

Speaking of fast, the other kindegartners are coming. My 4 hours of sleep is really starting to wear on me!!



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