May 19, 2004 | 6:22 p.m.
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The opening was a SMASHING success!!! No really, it was! In the audience we had 2 Aunts and 2 Uncles, 5 cousins, with assorted spouses, dates, children, etc., co-workers and friends. It was definitely a pro-us audience. I only made MINOR errors, nothing too noticeable. Although, in "Hey There Single Guy" my chair, totally broke. I felt it start to go, and luckily had to stand right then. I just simply finished the scene standing. Apparently the glue had completely dried out on the chairs, and the joints just went, "see ya later friend". I'm just so GRATEFUL that I didn't go plummeting to the ground with the chair, THAT would have been tragic. Anyway, apparently we're being Zoni judged for this show...I had NO idea. SO, there were two judges there that night, and there will be judges at the remainder of our shows. I'm excited, and a little nervous. It would be fun to be nominated as an actress. I've been nominated for directing, and that was cool, but I've never done a show that was up for Zoni consideration.

Life has been insanity to say the least, thus the infrequent updating. I notice that when one does not update, one does not get many visitors to their page. Odd how that works. hee hee The BEST news of the YEAR is...today was my last day as a school teacher EVER!!! I'm sooo freaking excited! I taught my last class. Now, all that is left is cleaning out my room, and some award ceremonies. I can't believe this year is over, as hard as it was, it did fly by. I'm proud of myself, I made it through. I learned a lot, I met people I would never have met otherwise. I've experienced the life of a teacher, TEACHERS deserve the GREATEST amount of respect EVER! EVERYONE should revere teachers. Their job is HARD and thankless!! I LOVE TEACHERS! I Just DON'T love being a teacher! HA Anyway, I'm in rejoice mode, I made it...let the good times roll. Soon, I'll be back to my pre-teaching life of staying up late and getting to actually sleep in past 5:30 a.m. WOO HOO!

Tonight we have a pickup rehearsal, seeing as we performed Sat. night and then don't perform again until this coming Sat. afternoon. It should be fun, our little rehearsal. I just wish I wasn't so blasted tired! DANG, I'm sleeeeeepy! That could be because I ate like CRAP last night and today. I've been doing so well, feeling good about myself and my weight loss, but the last 2 weeks have been CRAP for the eating plan. Anywho, last night after auditions for the summer show (I did NOT audition, just went to watch) we went and hung out and Linz's moms house and she ordered pizza. We ate a load of pizza, breadsticks, bread, whatever. I felt AWFUL when I left at 12:30 A.M. THEN, today I had a pizza party with one of the 3rd grade classes. They won the party with me, because they'd earned the most sharps for good behaviour. So, I ate too many pieces of pizza, and that was after I'd eaten cookies up in the office. Then, when i got home, I ate some pudding. Yeah, ewww, I feel SICK!!! I just want to eat a big bowl of salad and some veggies so I can feel better about myself.

I'm over at my bros. house right now, Jer and Lanners are making dinner. Lanners ALWAYS cooks really healthy, so no fatty worries there.

As I was checking our credit card bill online, because it's exorbitantly HIGH, I noted a charge for $60.00 to paypal. When I asked Jer what the charge was for, he got a little too quiet for my taste. He then sheepishly admitted that he bought a web-page. Yeah, you read it right, a freaking WEB PAGE! AND, he can't even do anything with it, because it's gonna require another sick amount of money to make it work. And he wonders WHY I have some control issues over money. This is the exact reason, he doesn't do it on purpose, he just does NOT think when he starts purchasing. He got on an E-bay kick and bought STUPID things. None were all that expensive, but still, they all add up. Just did it for the thrill of bidding and buying. OY!!!

We're sooooo freaking poor this month, and ugly June bills are coming up. I HATE money, it's the stupidest, most horrible thing in the world. Too much stress is involved with it.

But, on a happier note, dinner apparently is ready. Taters is being a poo face and won't let me even look at her, much less pick her up. Won't she be sad when I have to babysit her every night this summer while her mom and dad do a show. hee hee hee hee hee, HA!!!!

Ok, I'm being summoned to dinner!


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