May 23, 2004 | 1:48 a.m.
<- Reva came to my show, she's the coooolest ->

Our friend Erika is here, she's playing slumber party at our house. How FUN is that? She's down visiting from the evil place known as Provo. She just graduated from the BYofU in Music,Dance,Theatre. She's AMAZING. Anyway, we always have so much fun when we hang out. We had the GREATEST conversation tonight, between Jer, her and I. She sort of turned into therapist, and it was fab! I LOVE HER!

In other news......REVA came to my show today. Yes, it's true, I noticed this girl in the audience halfway through the show and thought to myself. Who is THAT girl? Hmmm. Then, when the show was over and we were greeting the audience, I saw her, and I knew who she was immediately. Lest I remind you, we've never met in person. Anywho, there she was giving me a hug, and I was oh so happy that she'd made the effort to come and see my performance. She's the coolest. THE END. Ok, well actually we've decided to go hang out sometime before she gallavants off to Atlanta. Hey, it's only taken us TWO years. HEHEHE THANKS REVA for coming and supporting.

Our show today was FABULOUS! We had ridiculous energy and chemistry and everything went so well. Well ok, there was ONE song where for some unknown reason my brain completely shutdown and I forgot all the words and couldn't find my place. Yeah, it wasn't pretty, and I was pissed. Good thing the words I finally came back in on were, "I'm a woman, I've gotta pee and I'm pissed!" Yeah, the music director was 2 inches from my face and she refused to give me a shoutout and help me. What a mess. That has NEVER happened to me EVER!!! Thankfully, I made it throught and noone made too much fun of me. HAHA

Well, I just wanted to say hello, let ya know I'm alive and all is going well. Tomorrow we have to bail out my poor sick sister and get some certificates made for school. My sis is SOOOOOOO sick and they don't know what is wrong with her. It's making me sad.

Also, in one year there were five of us cousins born. Jimmy was the oldest and I was 2nd oldest. I've ALWAYS loved Jimmy so much, and we've been very close. Anyway, Wed. morning at 3:30 a.m. he was skateboarding home from school after studying. As he was going down a steep hill, he lost control and wiped out. Someone HAPPENED to see him fall and notice that he didn't get up. They called 911 and he was found bleeding from the ear, his skull crushed. If they hadn't seen him he would have died. So, he was rushed to the hospital with major brain trauma. At first it was NOT looking good at all. He was in a coma and not responding to anything. I cried, I couldn't cope with the idea that my brilliant, quirky, witty, talented cousin was going to die. So, I had my cry fest and then went into rehearsal. So, to make this story shorter, the good news is, he's actually now responding to requests to wiggle his fingers and toes, and he's trying to talk. There are miracles in this world people, God DOES here and answers prayers. He IS looking out for us. I'll continue to pray for Jimmy, and hope that he'll truly come out of this ok. This is a silent thank you to the stranger who called 911 and saved his life. Thanks. To Jimmy, I love you and please fight hard, come back to us.

And on that note, I'll sign off!


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