June 05, 2004 | 12:03 a.m.
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Mostly, I'm just REALLY tired! Every day I'm so freakity freak TIRED! I don't feel like it's a lack of sleep issue. I mean, I spent an entire school year living on about 4 hours of sleep per night. No, Monday I had 7 hours of sleep, however, I was a DISASTER on Tuesday.

Tuesday was first day of workshop. 80 little kids running around everywhere. I had NOTHING planned and ZERO energy to execute any "un" plans. I fought with all that was in me to stay awake all through the day. As SOON as workshop was over, I took my sisters kids home and nearly fell asleep at the wheel all the way there. Then, on my way home, I did fall asleep at the wheel. It was scary. I got home in one piece and literally took my clothes off and fell into bed. There I slept until about 8:00. I finally got up, ate a little something, had a momentary burst of energy and then became comatose again. Goodnight all.

Wednesday, I didn't seem as tired, I thought I was off to a better start. However, it wasn't meant to be, because the headache from hell attacked. I don't often get headaches, for which I'm grateful. However, this day was out to kick my ass. I've had a wierd tension pain in my neck for a couple of weeks, but that day, the tension was SO tight in my neck that my head was exploding. The whole base of my skull was KILLING me. I could barely focus, had NO energy and just generally sucked. I got some alleve and took a tiny nap in the office before I had to go face my small ensemble. I felt so bad because usually I'm all peppy and fun and spazzy for the kids. But the first two days of workshop I was just sort of a blob. Thankfully the kids have been really good. I got through that day, and then came home where I promptly positioned myself in front of the telly. I got nothing accomplished and slept a lot.

Thursday, a much better day. No headache, still a bit tired, fell asleep sitting at the chair in Suesues office. She's ALL worried about me. She thinks I could be pregnant. I wouldn't mind going with that thought, if it weren't for the fact that I'm in one of my 8 month bleeding cycles. There is just always bleeding, therefore I know I'm not pregnant. Besides, I'm just really too fat to be pregnant. MOVING on....it was a much better day. I really have a good bunch of kids in my small ensemble. My sis and I are stuck on what to do with our teen group. Choreographers we are NOT. So, we just keep putting it off, and then just looking at eachother like the stupid buzzards on "jungle book"....."whatcha wanna do? I dunno, what do you want to do?" DER!

Today was a good day, I felt fairly up and peppy all day. We have a really good bunch of kids in this workshop. They are musically great! We have HARD songs and they are totally getting them. And, we've only been together 4 days and they already have one entire song, well two actually completely learned and choregraphed. It's always so amazing how quickly we pull together a show. I love it! We introduced our small small ensembles today. Those are usually 2 - 6 kids as opposed to 12 - 14 kids. I'm doing this cute little number called "Boogie Woogie Piano Teaching Man" and "Little Known Facts." Of course I've done NO thinking about them tongiht, but hey, why would I? That would be productive and I just don't believe in productivity. Jer and I went to dinner at Mimi's Cafe tonight. I got my usual Cobb Salad, which is always reliable. But I spiced it up and got an appetizer of zuchinni wedges. May I just say YUM!! Now he's in the other room singing his heart out. He's in search of the perfect song for his audition tomorrow. He's doing season auditions for Phoenix Theatre and he's all nervous. I wish he wouldn't get so nervous in auditions, it makes him not come across in his usual brilliance. But, I'll hold the good thought for him.

Last night one of Jers old friends came by to visit. She was in Oliver with him a few years ago, and then she moved back to IN. Let me just say, she is an INSPIRATION!!! She has lost, I kid you not....180 lbs. AND, she lost it on Weight Watchers, NOT by getting gastric. Have I ever mentioned in here that EIGHT of our good friends got gastric bypass surgery in the last year. For real, Jer and I are the last of the fatties in our group of friends. BUT, this girl, she did it the old fashioned way. She still has about 40 more pounds to go, but she is AMAZING. Her before pictures are astounding, and I needed her to come over and inspire me. 180 lbs. good hell that's a lot! Anyhooch, we ended up going swimming and it was enjoyable. She left after a little while, she had to get her uncles car back to him. But, our friend Tray was there, so we floated around and chatted in the pool. My silly husband, I can't be around him in a pool, because he thinks I should just be naked, even with people around. I have to beat him off, which is fun and all, but SHEESH!!! Can we talk about how i LOVE the weightlessness of being in a pool. It's the only time a fatty can feel light. AND, my boobs look great, 'cause they float like beach balls. If only they could always look like that. heheheheh And that's enough on that topic.

It's nearly 12:30 and I'm still awake. I really need to get to bed so I can get up early enough tomorrow and work on workshop stuff.

I'm singing in RS on Sunday, I need to find an accompanist. Good times!

Whell...I must be off!!!

Oh, and to answer your question Juniper...yes like Secret Garden the book. It's one of my FAVORITE books ever, because my Mom read it to us as kids. The musical is based on that book, and it has such beautiful and fantastic music!!!

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