June 14, 2004 | 11:48 p.m.
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Well THAT was fun. I hit "add an entry" and I got Andrews page about how it was overloaded. I actually read the whole thing. It was interesting, and I find him humorous, so I wasn't bent about the fact that I couldn't add an entry right then. At the bottom it said, "if you're reading this, you more than likely can add an entry now." So, I clicked on it again, and low and behold, here I am. Good times!

Ok, I'm not dead, just SUPER busy! The kids show WAS a hellacious train wreck in the theatre on Wed. and Thursday. But, wouldn't ya know, as it ALWAYS does, it came together and went very well. I designed some killer lights, had a cracker jack team working with me, and the kids were awesome. Of course we as directors all look at it and go, ok, so next session, I'll do this, and this and this different. I swear to Buddha that my number will be freaking AWESOME next time. I'm not messing around with sloppy blocking, NO SIREE!!!! Today was day one of session two, and I had them marching/stomping before I'd even let them hear the song. I informed them that we'd have THE BEST number, and talked about how fun and great it is. HEE HEE I spent a LONG time last night putting each person precisely where I wanted them and mapped it out on paper and everything. I'll be damned if it doesn't all work out. We kicked butt today, we got through all our music, and already we feel like we're three days ahead of last workshop. The kids were rocking on the big group numbers. It's always interesting to see the different dynamics of each workshop. First session was quite young, MANY small children in the 4-7th grade range. This session the vast majority are 8-10th graders. Makes for VERY different look and feel. The only downside, they're in a more snooty teenager phase, and they're ALWAYS talking. But, no complaining, it'll all work out fabulously.

Let's talk cast party, and the house it was held at. I'm continually stunned at the MONEY that some of these kids come from. We have either UBER rich kids or practically welfare, it's so wierd. Anyway, the place it was at was literally a development of 7 houses only, each bigger and more opulent than the next. They go in a circle around this park in the center. The park has volleball nets, tennis courts and a huge covered pavillion, bbq place. THEN, the houses all have pools that I can't even describe. Anyway, this particular house we went to, I have no words. I've been in MANY large, spacious, gorgeous, wealthy homes in my life, but the scope and grand scale of this place was ridiculous. There were grand columns in the entryway, and a huge chandellier, HUGE, just HUGE everything HUGE! AMAZING. Now, I say that, and then I have to clarify. It was beautiful, and huge and stuff, yet I would NEVEr want that for myself. I don't see the need or the point in having homes that large. It would cost more to cool that place in the summer than it would for ALL my combined expenses, I'm pretty sure of that. Ah well, to each his own. All I know is, I just want comfortable. I think the largest I'd want my house to be is around 3500 sq. ft. I grew up in 2700 sq. ft. and it was `fine. Sometimes cramped with 7 kids and two parents, but still fine. So, I could go a little bigger, but that's it. And, the funny thing is, I"ll NEVER live in a house that big, sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get a house. But, I don't let it worry me to much. For now, I love where we live and I'm happy with the space we have (well ok, we really DO need some storage, but that's my only complaint).

My bro. and sis in law have been working their BUTTS off renovating the apartment behind us. The people left it disgusting, and it's been QUITE the chore to fix it up. It's coming along, but there is still so much that needs to be done. The kitchen floor still needs to be put in, the counters should arrive tomorrow and they need to be put in, the new stove needs hooking up. After the floor is in, it needs to be caulked all the way around. There are repairs to the bathroom that must be made, a new vanity and sink put in, painting in the bathroom, a new shower unit in the other bathroom. All new closet doors to be painted and installed. And the carpet is being put in next week. It seems like it'll never end. I've been over there helping when I can. But mostly, I don't have time, and thank goodness for Lanners mom being here. Taht woman is a freaking workhorse. She gets to going and nothing stops her. Tater puff has been such a good girl during the process, which has really helped. Now, I just can't wait for it to get all done and them to move their stuff in. It's gonna look really nice once it's all finished.

Ok, I'm rambling and noone cares. I'm tired, and I think I'm too tired to get up and wash my face and go to bed. Ugh, I hate that!

Alrighty, I'm off!

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