June 29, 2004 | 2:02 a.m.
<- Garbage menz....late night ->

Ok, just want to point out here, it's 2 a.m. and the garbage man just came by and picked up the garbage. Does anyone else find this odd? Well, I do and that's all that matters.

I'm awake, waiting for some laundry to be ready to move to the dryer. My stupid, piece of crap dryer that has never worked right from the moment we bought it. The timer mechanism doesn't work, so I have to babysit it. UGH! I really hate that. Ok, I don't care what you say, it's just creepy to walk outside at 2 a.m. all by yourself. Unfortunately, my washer and dryer are outside, I really loathe that. Not only becuase I'm constatnly having to wipe down the machines due to dust and dirt buildup; I also have to walk outside and get creeped out in the middle of the night (because I'm lame and do laundry at ridiculous hours) AND I don't have the convenience of knowning exactly when the dryer stops. Can we feel my pain? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I'd like to give a shout out, happy birthday do my favorite ex-boyfriend Rob. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Rob was my "love" my senior year of highschool. My first real boyfriend, my first "real"(and damn good) kiss, and just oh so much more. I learned a lot from Rob. Here's the funny part...he lived with my Aunt and Uncle, and NOW he's like a literal part of their family. They've pretty much unofficially adopted him. He and his cute wife and two kids are in the family picture, they attended the family reunion last year, he calls them Mom and Dad, etc. So yeah, NOW it's a little wierd. Even though he's NOT related to me at all, in essence, I was dating my first cousin. Oh the sordid details of my life. Oh and also, the girl he married, happened to be a good friend of mine, that started dating him behind my back. WHATEVER. I'm not bitter. Noone thought Rob would amount to anything, I believed in him more than anyone, and I don't think even I knew he'd go so far. He came from CRAP for a family and a life, and he's amazing. He graduated with an engineering degree, has a great job with Intel, travels all over the world, owns a coupld of homes, is a fabulous husband and father and I just love it. I love that he's made so much of himself. So, Happy Birthday to him!

I have a cold, caused by my allergies. I'm not happy, NOT AT ALL. I can't breathe, can't pop my ears, and I'm just generally whiny about it. I need a Claritan STAT!

Went to Costco tonight, spent $109.00. Good hell it goes fast in that place! all I have to show for it is some hamburger, chicken tenders, bbq rib sandwhiches, canned chicken meat and other various and sundry items. I still need to go to the grocery store, but Tater pop just wasn't up to two store trips in one night.

Babysit Taters tonight, she is so stinking cute. We were going along being best friends, until I had the gall to tell her No and scold her for spitting her yogurt out. You would have thought I'd kicked her in the face. She was BUTT hurt and wouldn't look at me for a good 10 minutes. Huge crocodile tears spalttering down her cheeks. It wasn't until I got clever with the ball that she deemed me worthy of talking to again. Then we were best friends, laughing and playing, until I was rude enough to tell her no after the 10th time she dumped the basket of toys over. She's such a funny little thing. I just love her, 'cuase serioiusly, is there ANYTHING greater than a little kid snuggling up to you, or laughing and giving you ksises? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Frustration is mounting with Lanners, the apartment is at a standstill. The LOSER contractors that are s'posed to be finishing everything are getting NOTHING done! So, they can't move in, they can't move out of the house to fully clean it and prepare it for the parents arrival. It's all so frustrating!

I went to teen workshop today for a couple of hours. Worked with one of my small ensembles. They're a good bunch of kids, and quick learners. Tomorrow I'm going for longer to block two more numbers. Heaven help me, I need to come up with some ideas and FAST! Suesue is pissed, 'cause I haven't been there the whole time. There was/is NO need for me to be there all day long. All I'd be doing is sitting there, waiting for my 2 hour block to work with the individual numbers. So, I worked it out with Linz that I wouldn't be there the whole time. I have too much to do at home before Mom and Dads arrival. Well, Sue found out today and apparently was NOT pleased. I have yet to talk to her, can HARDLY wait for that. UGH!

I love ice. I love chewing ice! I have a compulsion to chew ice. For MANY years I didn't like cold water. I only drank it at room temperature. I didn't ever want ice in my glass. I don't know when that changed, or why it did. But now, I HAVE to have ice. I go crazy when we run out and I haven't had a chance to go and buy some more. For the record, will NOT eat ice made at home in trays. I ONLY like store bought ice, and only Bashas' or Fry's brand. Anyway, now, only cold water for me, and LOTS of ice. I get aobut 3 swallows of water, the rest is good ol' ice chewing time. Is that so wierd? I know it's so bad for my teeth. Which means it's SOOOOOOOOO bad for MY teeth, seeing as I have lame, weak, teeth that just fall apart all to easily. Oh well, I'll enjoy my ice fettish while it lasts.

I threw away a SHLOAD of magazines today. That was ONE thing I accomplished today...cleaning out my magazine baskets. Seriously, sooooo many magazines. I'm wondering if I should have taken them to Bookmans or somewhere? I just don't know. All I could think was how much I wanted them gone. I lugged them out to the trashcan, and got all the way there, when the bag broke and magazines were everywhere. Thankfully it happened NEXT to the garbage can, if it had been in the middle of the yard, I would have said some unsavory things. Anyway, I just didn't realize I had such a collection, and it wasn't hard to get rid of them. Well ok, anything with Clay Aiken on the cover, or The Apprentice, or American Idol, I kept. Also, any best of/most/year in review/preview magazines, I kept. Finally, if there was a picture of Hugh Jackman or George Clooney, it was a keeper. Other than that, TRASH!

I'm on a quest to declutter and TRULY clean my house before the parentals get home. I mean, they've never seen my home and I must make a good first impression.

Last thouhgt...wierd man told me last week he is an "intuitive healer." Meaning, he can just look at me and tell me what's wrong, what's out, and then he can fix it by just having me say certain things. I'm all for homeopathic and alternative medicines, but this guy took the cake. Sooooo wierd! He had me repeat math problems and then would say I was totally healed of this or that. What a CROCK! My point is, he told me I have a severe toxicity to Oats and that I should NEVER EVER eat oats again. I'd just like to say on the record, I LOVE oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, oat bread, OATS. So, what the hell. Just to show him, I ate oatmeal this morning, and it was GOOD!

Goodnight all!

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