June 30, 2004 | 1:15 a.m.
<- I guess he's an EX for a reason....hehe ->

So, apparently he wasn't my favorite ex, because I didn't have his birthday correct. I'm sooo retarded! As it turns out, his birthday was TODAY the 30th, whilst the 29th was one of my best friends from highschools birthday. I'm so uber lame that I've taken to forgetting my best friends birthdays. Whoa is me!

Slept late today, got up, got ready, looked downright sassy in the hair department. Went to teen workshop, worked my numbers. Succeeded in thoroughly upsetting one girl. Well, it's not taht I really did anything that bad. Apparently she's miserable, so my telling her she was being ridiculous at that moment was the final straw. So, I found her in the bathroom crying, apologized, and she vomited on me how much she hates the workshop, etc. The problem is, the things she was complaing about and giving as her reasons for not liking it, so untrue. She's pissed because she only had "one solo that they were forced to give me" in her group number and no solos in the entire group numbers. As it really h appened, she has THREEE LARGE solos in her group number and when they were handing out solos in the entire group numbers, she didn't audition for one. I just feel bad because she's one of my students (granted I've only had 3 lessons with her) and I told her to do the workshop. But, she has a seriously HUGE chip on her shoulder, even outside of the workshop. You can tell she's a girl with issues. It's sorta funny/wierd, but sometimes, my job as a voice teacher is like a therapist. Sometimes these kids just need to talk to someone outside of their family, friends, etc. I take seriously the fact that I am an influence in their lives, and I can work to be a positive influence for them. So, I feel like she's a bit of a project for me, and I just hope I'm up for it.

After workshop, I got to babysit Taterpop again. Holy hell she's adorable. We just seriously had THE BEST night. She was happy and sweet and funny and damn adorable ALL night. We went shopping for groceries and she was an angel. When they're like that you just want to eat 'em up, or at least hug 'em and squeeze 'em constantly.

Speaking of, wierd transition...I had a bizarre dream last night. Jer was getting tested for his sperm count. They told him it was low. That's the VERY shortened version of the dream. I mean, in the dream I was seeing him put the "specimen" on a slide and then I was looking at the slide on the micrscope. It was so vivid and sooooo wierd! And most of all, it was a random dream. I mean, it's not like we've even discussed such things. Eh, I don't know.

Looks like I've got to spend the better part of tomorrow with the teen workshop, and then the night setting the lights for the show. And would anyone venture to guess how much I've accomplished in the parentel filing/cleanup crusade? yeah, I thought not. And good thing, 'cause I've done NOTHING!!!!! I hate myself sometimes.

Watched my new favorite show "Blow Out" Brandon got fired. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Frankly, I think the Alicia chick needs to go, she's a stupid post of a human and never cuts hair. Not to mention, she's a baby.

Currently the banner showing is of two squirrels and it looks like they're kissing. The quote says "varmints are passionate creatures." Something about this banner is altogether disgusting and creepy to me. I wish it would go away.

Well, I think it's about time to wrap this bad boy up.


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