July 05, 2004 | 1:54 a.m.
<- Mom and Dad are FINALLY home! ->

I tried writing an entry like five times last night, BOO HOO, it wouldn't let me. I was just going to say...

There is NOTHING greater than walking into your house and smelling the scent of clean. For me, that scent is pine-sol mopped floors. It just smells clean, fresh, FABULOUS! I worked my proverbial ass of yesterday, ALL day cleaning. I even organized a closet for hells sake. I dusted, EVERY SINGLE knick knack, shelf, book, lamp shade, etc., scrubbed down the kitchen from top to bottom, including the beautiful mop job. Scrubbed the bathroom, vacuumed, etc., etc. Jer threw away a shload of stuff from his bookshelf. I was quite proud of him. He finally decided the time had come to rid himself of the NSync collection of programs and memorabilia. Yeah, you read it right, my 26 yr. old husband had a serious love for NSync. Apparently, he's growing up and I didn't even realize it. Needless to say, his side of the bed is looking fabulous. The only thing I have left to do is flip all the cushions and pillows on the couch and fluff it all. You'd be amazed what a difference that makes. My guy, my furniture salesman guy told me, if I'd flip the cushions and fluff, my couch would last me longer. When we first got them, I was crazy couch flipper girl. I did it EVERY SINGLE Tuesday. But, then life got to busy, and I'm not so regular with it now. Oh well. My whole point here is...my house is sparkling clean and it feels GOOD!!!!

MY PARENTS ARE HOME! It's true...at 6:35 p.m. this evening, they walked off an airplane and back into our lives. See, they spent the last THREE years living and serving in Honduras. We haven't seen them in all that time (minus the 2 weeks my Mom came home for my wedding 2 years ago). They look great, just a little bit older, but none the worse for the wear. We were standing in a big clump, all of us kids, spouses and grandkids and when they emerged, there was a collective whoop, cheer and clapping sound. It was so exciting, surreal and everything in between to be finally seeing them. Mom cried a little bit, but that was to be expected. Since they left, there has been two weddings and three granddaughters born, with one more on the way. That is A LOT to miss of your childrens lives. Jer and I were the lucky ones who got to transport the parentals home. It was fun to have them in the car and visit with them as they looked out over the brown ugliness that is AZ in the summer. They're coming from tropical green lushness of central america. Oh, it takes some getting used to, that is for sure. I remember when I came home from my mission, I drove around for 2 weeks unable to determine what it was that was sooo wierd to me. I finally realized, it was the brown, barrenness of my town. The trees were missing from the landscape, there was no green. I'd grown accustomed to Indiana and it's beautiful foilage and greenery. But, after awhile, you become accustomed to the brown nothingness again. Anywho, we had a big family hangout at the house, lots of food, laughter, talking, fun. At around 10:00 p.m. we started a little impromptu concert. My older sis has 5 kids and they're all good little singers, and always participate in the summer workshop. So, we stood and sang two of our group numbers, since her kids could cover all the parts, with mine and Jers help. My Mom totally cried like a baby, it was cute. The hardest thing about being gone for her was missing all out plays, concerts, etc. Anyway, everyone took turns doing their song, it was fun. I'm in the middle of some vocal trauma, so I wasn't up to par, but it's all good. All in all, it was a GRAND night. We're excited to have mom and dad come over tomorrow to tour our apartment and visit some more. Good times!

This morning Tater Pop came over to watch her Signing Time video and hang out with us. She stayed for nearly two hours and was the picture of adorability. She would wander around, babbling, signing to me, laughing, playing and just generally being freaking cute. I was busy making potato salad, in between talking to her. The only reason she ever left was, she needed a diaper change and I wasn't equipped with diapers. I'm gonna love having Ports and Lanners so near. Lanner and I even did a neighborly ingredient swap over the fence. Love it!

Whell, it's 2:00 a.m., and I can't sleep. I don't know what my problem is. It might be that I flipped the mattress around and it feels different on the side that I have now. Or, it could be I'm smoking that crack pipe again. Either way, it makes for long nights. I think I'll go play bookworm, I find it to be a good sleep aide for me!!!

Later friends

Oh by the way, teen workshop ended up very well. I enjoyed my limited time there and I'm ready to make it a MUCH better program next year. The main directors this year, did NOTHING. I'm going to come up with an entire agenda, plan, schedule for next year and present it to the Producer. I'm much better equipped for running this workshop. And WOW I sound pretentious and snotty. ON that note, I must go!

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