July 27, 2004 | 5:56 p.m.
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Ah me, 7 days since last entry and noone gives a flying rats. So, let's play QUIZ SHOW.....

Who has a jobless husband?

Who saw a world premiere musical this weekend?

Who hung out with ex-boyfriends family?

Who up and went to San Diego for a tet a tet with numero uno gay man?

Who bought some long needed new clothes?

Who actually cooked for their family for the first time in forever?

Who has given in to their addiction for the crack known as McDonalds Sugar Cookies?

Who has gone a wee bit nutty buying stuff for their sisters home makeover?

Who went shopping for several hours with their friend last Tuesday?

Who cried when Jim and Marsha got booted from Amazing Race?

Who gets up every morning and reads her morning fix of diaryland? (Mostly Jody, 'cause I can ALWAYS count on her for lots of updates)

Who has sadly started using their one credit card that they've not used for over a year?

Who got to visit with friends from Seattle?

Who has craptastic hair?

Who saw Napoleon Dynamite and the alternative ending last night?

If you guessed me, you're correct, if you guessed anyone else, well then you're just stupid. HA!

Ok, so I've been meaning to update for a few days now, but once when I tried I got distracted and then well, I forgot. Everyday there is a list of things I'm sure I need to do, and every day I don't do anything on it. Well, today I was good, I went to the school and signed my timecard, returned a shirt for Jer, visited my parents, did some laundry and paid the bills (well some of the stinking bills). I feel a bit accomplished, and this was necessary, since I'm gonna watch....drum roll please.....THE AMAZING RACE tonight.

Ok, so let's touch on a topic or two from my clever quiz.

San Diego: No words to describe. BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, HEAVEN. The weather was freaking phenomenal, my beloved gay man was delightful, the show he's working was cutey cuterton! It's called "Lucky Duck" and hopefully it'll make it to Broadway. The cast was freaking fab, the costumes were AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! and overall, just a fun show. Poor Steviee had to share a bed with me and my freight train snoring. He seems to have survived in one piece, for which I'm grateful. He's living in the Hillcrest area, which coincidentally is the gay part of San Diego. It's a cute area, near Balboa Park, and I quite enjoy it. Unfortunately, Steviee is NOT impressed, he misses the New York gay scene and can't WAIT to get home. I love him, in spite of the fact that he's a dirty nasty trick. While in San Diego I got to visit with B and M, they are my exes bro. and sis. in law. I ALWAYS loved them, almost more than the ex. I've kept in contact with them over these last 5 years and B made SURE I didn't get by without a visit. We had such a great time, chatting, going to dinner, laughing, talking cha cha about the exes new fiance. Noone likes her and they all wish I would have married him. I have to say, that makes a girl feel good. But, it's true, he IS marrying a total snatch. I'm not gonna lie, after not being there for FIVE years (I seriously can't believe it's been that long) as I drove into the city, my body reacted in a way I could have never expected nor explained. I literally started crying and shaking. Apparently I had some deeply seeded feelings. The wierd thing is, I never think about E, I don't wish I was with him in any way, I'm happily married. I don't know, it was just wierd. But, I'm glad I did it, I'm glad I went, I actually talked to E and was reminded once again why it was I couldn't be with him. He has a serioius lack of conversation skilss, and well, is a dork, albeit sweet and lovable. Anywho, the trip was a grand success and I'm glad I went. I even stayed awake the whole time as I drove by myself. I got back early Sunday afternoon, so I'd be home when the wonderful Andersons came by to visit. Collin has been one of my best friends ever since the mish. He married a wonderful girl and they have two adorable kids now, and live in Seattle. They were passing through and made a point to come and visit me and my family. I love that about them. It was so good to see them and catch up.

True confession, I haven't dusted my house in two weeks. It's not like I don't have the time, because I DO. I just hate doing it. It's time consuming and annoying. I haven't even done a proper vaccuum in that long either. Why do I suck so bad?

Lanner finally got a shelf for the kitchen, she's painting it now and then we're gonna distress it and then FINALLY hang it and put the cute stuff we bought for it up! Hooray for house decorating, i LOVE it!!

So last night when I saw Napoleon Dynamite again, it turns out that another friend of mine, guy I went to highschool with was totally involved in making the movie too. Wierd how I'm having all these connections. He and his ENTIRE family were there to see it. Well actually, he worked on the alternative ending, which if you haven't seen it, you MUST! I laughed my freaking keister off. HAHAHAHAHAHA oh the image in my head! Cathieanne, if you read this, GO, you MUST go!!

As a side thought....Joyce, I HATE delta too, they're stupid, but I hate AMERICAN even more. I vow to never fly them again! End scene.

I made coconut chicken strips last night. I felt so freaking domestic, it was ridiculous! Lanner had the recipe and I decided to break out the fryer we got for Christmas. It was really quite simple to do, and they turned out DELISH!! Ports made the most amazing honey mustard dressing and it was a grand feast for all. However, there is definitely a reason we don't do the fried foods at our house; it stinks like no other! I HATE that hideous smell of grease, it seeps into your clothes and your hair and your skin and it's just foul in every way. One of my favorite aunts smelled like as long as I could remember. So NOT pleasant. So, the fryer is neatly tucked away until another day, long, long from now. I mean, it's hotter than the blazes here, it's not like I can open a window to air my house out. So, it's not good.

Thurs. is Jers opening night for Little Shop. He's sooo excited, therefore I'm excited for him too. Even though I don't like the show, I'll be there to support him.

It's official, I'm directing Secret Garden. It's official, I'm scared out of my mind. I wasn't, I was feeling all superior and confident, and then I went and had a meeting with Suey and took home the script to read. As I was reading, I got totally overwhelmed and scared. I know, I know, I'm sure it'll all be just great, and it'll work out. But that opening sequence is a PISSER!! Because of this directing, I have to rethink my entire fall teaching schedule. I don't know how to write the letter, and tell people I can't take them. I have so much to do for that, and I keep putting it off.

I'm sick of Jer not having a job. I think I've been really nice and super patient and haven't said much at all. But, July is nearly over and he is no closer to a job than he was a month ago. Oh sure, he's talked to a couple of friends and sent out an e-mail or two, but he has NOT been agressive. Well, he was agressive about this teaching job he almost got, but it fell through. That was very sad, he was so excited and would have been sooo good, but it just wasn't meant to be. I felt really sad for him, because he'd put so much into the effort. But, no job, time to get out there and act like you really want one. I don't think he really grasps the concept of NO MONEY. He thinks, well we have credit cards. So scarey. I hate that we're having to use them at all right now. OY! Please, let Jer get a job! Please let us get benefits so I can go to the freaking doctor and take care of my out of control bleeding cycle, and all the other things possibly wrong that I carefully ignore. I'm sure it will all work out, I'm sure we're s'posed to be learning a great lesson in humility and all that. But, I'm ready for the lesson to be adjourned, let's move on to another lesson.

And finally....I HATE Mirna and Charla. Hate them, HATE THEM!!! I hate that Charla used her freaking midget status to LIE to the airline worker and say she needed a doctor so she'd get preference to get on that earlier flight, thus making Jim and Marsha lose the race. I hate how Mirna and Charla are always bitching that noone is nice to them or trustworthy and that they're mistreated,etc. I hope they get crabs! I also hate the stupid complainy brothers. ALL they do is bitch, bitch, bitch. There is never EVER a positive thing to come out of their mouth, so PLEASE be GONE! I'm now forced to be rooting for Chip and Kim and maybe Collin and Kristie, possibly the bowling moms, but their hideous shirts are so offensive, it's difficult.

Oh my gosh, nearly forgot to mention..my beLOVED, gorgeous, amazing new Target opened on the 21st and you better believe my booty was there. It's seriously gorgeous inside and oh so huge. Aisle after aisle of target fabulousness. Why do I love that store so much? I just don't know, but it COULD have something to do with the "market bizzarre" line, or their framed art, or perhaps all their home decore. I need help.

Speaking of help, it's time to go change the laundry and see what other mess I can clean up around here!

Later peeps.

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