August 15, 2004 | 5:24 p.m.
<- Well, at least I'm writing ->

HOLEEEEE COW! Even I didn't realize how long it'd been since I updated. Thanks Danielle for actualy writing in my guestbook and asking me to write. I also got a gentle reminder from my husband that my reader (or 2) might be disappointed in me and my lack of writing.

Wow, so much time has passed adn I can hardly think of anything to say.

Well, I'm in Utah right now, I've been here for a week. Lanners and Tater came up with me, and we leave tomorrow. We came up to decorate my sisters house. She's lived here for 2 years and no decore. Well ok, to be fair, she's painted in all the rooms, and done a good job of that. She just had no pictures, plants, etc. So, we came up last Monday and have worked our freaking BUTTS off for an entire week. I don't remember the last time I've been this axhausted. We have painted, and painted, and painted some more (babies bedroom, shelf after shelf, art projects, frames, etc.) hung up more things than we ever care to do again. Shopped 'til my brain hurt and returned stuff and shopped and sewed, etc. But, in the end, the house looks freaking FABULOUS!!! The living room is very regal and gorgeous. It has a bit of an asian flare, and I love it. The kitchen is centered around Daisies (my sis loves them for soem reason) adn it turned out adorably. The two kids bedrooms are too freaking cute for words. There is still work to be done, but the budget ran out and so did time. I know Jer thinks I'm off having a vacation, but hoenstly, this was NOT a vacation. This was WORK. Fun and fulfilling work, but still WORK! not to mention, I've had to climb up and down more freaking stairs for this week than I EVER care to do. UGH! Anyway, my sis paid for everything I had bought on my credit card for her house, plus she fed us the whole time. The ONLY money I spent this whole trip was to buy myself a freaking blow dryer, since mine died, and dinner last night with the girls. We went to McGrath's and forthe record, I did not think it was very good at all. My sis and sis in law and bro in law are all encouraging me to pursue something with interior decorating. They all seem to think I've "got it" the knack for it. Others have told me that after seeing my house and what I've done to help Lanners in her house. But I don't know. It just seems so scarey AND I don't believe enough in my heart that I'm all THAT good. What should I do? Should I actually go and take af ew classes and try and do something with it? It seems so "yikes"! Ah well, I'm probably worrying over nothing. I have so many other things to think about right now. FOR INSTANCE!

I'm directing "Secret Garden" at the college. The auditions are a week away. I still haven't read completely thorugh the script. AND, a lot of things are starting to freak me out. Like the fact that I need to make up the whole schedule and know what I want in scenery and know what I'm doing etc. I'm feeling very overwhelmed!! Not to mention I still haven't called all my voice students and worked out a schedule with them. HELLO, lessons are 2 weeks away, I should have sent them letters weeks ago. Why m ust I be such a procrastinator? UGH!!! But, I know it'll all get done in the end!

Oh, here's an interesting little tid bit. I auditioned for amovie. yeah, it's true, I did. I even got called back. It was such a strange process, so unlike theatre. I'm SURE I won't be involved with it, but we'll find out in a month or so.

Also intersting and fun, Jer and I both got nominated for Zoni Awards (AZ version of the Tonys) for lead actor in a musical. I'm excited and pleased to have been recognized. The awards are in sept. Oh hell, I have NOHTING to wear. I hate thinking about having to find osmething to wear.

Went to San Diego a few weeks ago, visited the gay boyfriend. Saw the new musical he's been working on. It's called "Lucky Duck" and I really hope it makes it to Broadway. The set was really cool, simple, but cool andthe costumes were fREAKING AMAZING!!! It's a cute, funny show, and I really enjoyed it. It's the story of the ugly duckling with a fun twist. It's so much better and different than Honk, that's for sure. The lead girl is freaking amazing AND adorable. She's 24 and been married for 9 years. YOU do the math. But, she's still happily married. It was a fun, quick weekend with steviee. I drove up on a Thursday evening, and drove home on Sunday morning. I had a really nice time. Ok, why do I have the feeling that I've already written about this? If I have, how embarrassing. Sorry.

My Mom has gone back to teaching school, so I got to help my sisters put her room together. It looks super cute, and I hope my Mom is prepped for hte rigors of elementary school teacheing after being away from it for so long! She hasn't taught elementary for 37 years. When she did go back to teaching about 15 years ago, she taught Jr. High. Then, after a 3 year break for the mission, she's back and it's teaching 3rd grade. I'm sure she'll be amazing, but still, it's overwhelming. Her co-teacher next door happens to be her best friend from childhood though, so how fun is that?

Jer had his 27th birthday, it was a big Hawaiin Tiki 2004 blowout. We decorated our friends house all up, had Hawaiin haystacks for dinner and played Jere Jeopardy. It was fun, and I hope that he really felt special for the day. That was also the closing night of his "Little Shop." So, it was a long night. I have to say, he did such an amazing job in Little Shop. Truly, it was one of the first times I"ve seen him COMPLETELY transform and throw away all Jereisms. He was so good adn so believable, and I was just so proud of him! He loved that theatre experience more than any he's ever done.

Well, I think I've covered most the major moments in the past month. I've been up here for over an hour now and I'm feeling a little bad. I shouldn't be anti social on my last day with my sis. So, I'll be signing off for now.

Oh, wait, one more thing. Had a FABULOUS lunch with Eden, she came over to visit while in town and see my housey and have lunch. It was so good to see her and visit. I luff her, and I'm happy to hear that the lab is back on track and all is well is La la land. Thanks for the visit friend!

It's wierd that I've been in UT a week and have NOT had time to even call my friends up here. I feel a bit bad that I never got a chance to see erika or Cliff. Oh well, such is life I guess. I was here to accomplisha mission and I did it. I'm so NOT looking ofrward to the 11 hour drive home tomorrow. UGH!!!

Until next time!!


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