August 18, 2004 | 12:07 p.m.
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Why can't I ever seem to get ANY motivation to write in here? I read all my faves for hours, but I just don't care if I write. I think part of it may be, I'm lazy, and part of it is...I don't feel clever or funny or anything. I read other peoples that just make me laugh, or make me really think, and I think..."that's what an entry should be like". So, knowing that my entries are lame ass, I just put off writing. Why do I like using the word ass so much? I really don't know, but it secretly cracks me up.

Yesterday I spent the entire morning/afternoon making phonecalls to my students, trying to set up the schedule. I'm still waiting to get a hold of several more students. But, right now, I had to make a lot of changes to my "tentative" schedule and I'm none to pleased. I'm gonna be freaking tired, that's all I'm gonna say about that. However, I was smugly pleased with myself for actually accomplishing something. I even called the musical director back to set up a meeting. She wasn't there, so I left a message. I'm pretty much the worlds best phone tag player. Anywho, I got ready around 2:30 and went over to watch Lanners give Jer a much needed haircut. Jer was seriously rivaling sasquatch, it'd been FAR to long between cuts. I hate that my husband has the most gorgeous head of hair. It's thick, healthy, grows like a mo fo, FABULOUS hair. In fact, I dare say, he's hot with his dark hair with all the gray growing in at his temples. But I digress. My point is, I have the worlds most craptastic hair. It's thin, I've lost LOADS (far more than I care to admit) of it, and I have to perform a freaking magic act to make it work on a daily basis. I'm a master ratter and teaser and the hairspray industry pretty much loves my gutts. OY! So, anyway, I got ready, watched the haircut, read some of my Entertainment Weekly Fall movie issue. I have a real and serious love for that magazine. The writers are freaking funny! For the movie freaks of the world, look for "Meancreek" coming in Nov. or Dec. One of the stars is Scott Mecklewitz (something like that). He's a really good friend of my sis in law Lanners. She went to school with him, had a major crush on him all t hrough highschool, was his partner in speech and debate, etc. He was even at her babyshower for crying out loud. Anyway, he's really an up and coming star, so look for him and hte movie. I'm really wandering here.

After the haircut I watched about 5 seconds of a home improvement show and fell asleep, like I'd just had the most exhausting day of my life. When I woke up, I was grumpy mcfuzz and poor Jer had to deal with me. We went to his friends house for dinner and an evening of "THE AMAZING RACE". I was not pleasant the whole drive over and had to work extra hard to put on a pleasant face when I walked in the door. Immediately, friends mom asked me if I was ok. Apparently, for being a good actress, I super suck at hiding my grumpiness. I smiled (feeling like a putz inside) and told her I was fine, my contact was really bugging me. Now, that was true, I WAS having contact traumas that wouldn't end. But, Jer felt it necessary to inform them that I was grumpy. OY! Luckily, I got over it and we had a lovely evening. Watched some of the Olympic gymnastic events and then the wonderful, the fabulous, joy of my life Amazing RAce came on. I need a new paragraph, just to talk about this.

There are NO WORDS to describe how much I LOVE this show. I fear it's even really unhealthy, my affection for it. I can't get enough of it, I have such love for some teams and undying hatred for others. First a minor backtrack. I did not get to see last weeks episode (due to high volume of home decore work) until Monday night when I got home. It was sooo freaking fun to watch the tape, and see the brothers get eliminated, or give up, whichever you choose. However, as a side note, after watching their interview on CBS.com, I decided that I liked them a little better and felt bad that the one brother had to suffer so much pain. Anyway, it was ridiculous how giddy I was that I got to watch a whole new episode just ONE day later. Last nights show was FAB!!!! Now, I'm not necissarily a huge fan of Colin and Kristie, however, I hate, loath and despise Mirna. So, anything to piss her off made me happy. She is freaking crazy. When her plane got delayed, after she was all sneaky to get on an earlier flight, I LOVED it! I was sad the bowling moms had to have a delayed flight, but glad that Mirna did. I love Chip and Kim, I think they are seriously my favorite. He has SUCH a great attitude about everything, and he just cracks me up. I really hope to see them at the end of the race. Ok, so anyway, I was ELATED that crazy bitch Mirna got eliminated last night. And yet, I found myself crying when Charla was talking. I really liked her and her spunk, and I'll miss her. It's really too bad that she was stuck with her worthless cousin for a partner. I'm really hoping that the dumb as brick twins get eliminated next. They are seriously stupid, and the fact that they're this far in the race is irritating!! Ahh, I can't wait until next week, I really can't!!! If you're an Amazing Race fan, give me a shout out, who is your favorite team?

In related Amazing RAce news, Jer and lanners auditioned for AR7. Yep, they made THE funniest audition video and sent it in a week ago. I swear if they aren't picked for at least a return interview, there is something wrong in this world. Jer and Lanner would be a hysterical team to watch. I'll keep you posted on the happenings there.

Jer is s'posed to start a new job in 2 weeks. HALLELUIA!! I'm doing the happy dance. It's a good job, good pay and good benefits, so thank you Lord!!! I'm uber stressed about the finances in this house right now. It's MORE than scarey, but I'm just trying to remain calm and collected. If I think about it too much, I jsut start crying and become unbelievably grumpy. So, positive thoughts everybody, positive thoughts!!

Tomorrow is my meeting with the music director for the show. I'm glad, 'cause I'm sure she'll help me figure a lot of things out.

I talked to my gay boyfriend last night, he's finally back in NY. He's doing great and as usual is full of advice for me. He cracks me up, he so likes to talk and talk and talk and sound important. He's got a new interest, little flirtation took place between him and this Shakespeare actor, and he's really smitten. We'll see what happens. It's not that I like to here of his gay escapades, 'cause really I don't. But, I DO want him to be happy. I want him to find someone and to feel complete and loved and secure. Right now he's just the hugest manwhore in Manhatten, and I hate that.

Whell, it's nearly 12:30, I haven't showered, haven't eaten, haven't done a thing. I'm hungry and I think I want to go and play with my Dad. So, I'm off to the races!!


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