August 25, 2004 | 10:40 a.m.
<- Thous shalt not pound on my window ->

Could you please try not to wet your panties. Two entries in one day, and this after I said I wouldn't write in awhile. Miracles do happen folks, and I'm here as living proof!

So anyway, will everyone agree, there is NOTHING worse than being awoken from a deep slumber by pounding on your window? Can I get a woot woot people. It's like this...I ended up going to bed sometime after 2 a.m. At around 2:40 Trace attempted to leave, but was foiled by a flat tire. Jer sort of woke me up at this point, but I went back to sleep. Apparently he went out there to try and help her. Word to the wise, Jer is not a handy sort of man, leave the acting to him, not the car fix its. Anyway, it seems he was out there an hour, and I know this because he came in and rudely awoke me to say, "I've been out there an hour and we can't get her tire fixed, she's totally late for her route, can she take our car?" I believe I groggily muffled a shut the hell up and yes she can take the car. I don't know, could be wrong. So, then I was back to sleeping again, but already TWICE I've been disrupted. So, at 6:30 a.m. I woke up to go potty, which ended up in a marathon 1/2 hr. sleep on the toilet fest. RIDICULOUS amounts of pain ensued. Anyway, I was coherent enough to remember to just unlock the door for my bro. in law to drop off my nephew at 8 a.m. so I didn't have to be disturbed. The nephew is 5 and goes to kindegarten, so I'm just fine with hims watching my telly while I sleep. Ok, so sue me! Anyway, I then blithely went back to bed, changed my alarm to a 10:00 wake up and thought no more of it. Thought no more that is until the hideously alarming pounding on my window above my head. "What the hell?" "I freaking unlocked those doors." "mumble, grumble" Fumbling for my cover up I stumbled to the door. I opened the door, but not before UNLOCKING both of them; and then waited for my nephew to come back around. One of my jackets was hanging on the doorknob outside, which was odd as well (me thinks something suspicious is going on). Anyway, nephew came in, my bro. in law was freaking out, 'cause he was late. Apparently they'd been knocking for a bit. OOPS! So, how did the doors mysteriously get locked again? I do believe it was Tracers faux pas! Because when I looked on the key holder, there was our other set of keys. So, someitme between 6:30 and 8 a.m. she showed up, dropped off the car and the keys, and locked the doors. I can't rightly be mad at her, she just thought she was doing the right thing. SIDEBAR THOUGHT: I am a wee bit disturbed by the idea that someone opened my squeeky front door, was in my home, dropped off keys, locked the doors and left and I was completely oblivious to the fact. Hi, burglar alert, could you please just come burgal my house, 'cuase apparently I'm one easy ass target. I didn't hear my bro in law pounding on the front door or window either. Yeah, that's just scary. And now, back to our regularly scheduled entry:: But, UGH! Because once one has been JOLTED from slumber like that, it throws a real wrench in the system. So, I got nephew inside, found him a movie he was satisfied with (this was hard mind you, because he ONLY is interested in freaking Scooby Doo the movie that he's watched 4 million times here, or Harry Potter. He wasn't pleased that I only had Spider Man one. Thankfully I found a Harry Potter 2 in the back of my case and he grudgingly agreed to watch that. OY!), turned it on and went back to bed. Two seconds later he's at my side informing something went wrong. So, I'm up again, fixing the TV (he pushed buttons he shouldn't have) and then I lay down. A couple minutes later the bloody phone rings, and this nephew takes it upon himself to answer it. Next thing I know, he's tapping me AGAIN, handing me the phone. GOOD HELL, can't a woman get some sleep? It was a new students mother. She felt sooo bad for waking me up, which made me feel bad for making her feel bad. Anyway, I was ever the gracious one and got up out of bed, came back to the back room, found my schedule, worked it out with her, etc. Then, I walked back to my room, but not before informing nephew to please never answer my phone again. Finally, I could lay down. At this time it's nearly 8:45 a.m. and I have to be up in just over an hour. I turned my alarm off and covered my face with a pillow and finally fell back to sleep. I woke up a little bit ago, nephew was already gone and I'm running behind. I don't have time to be writing this, but I am. I still have to shave the legs of epic hairgrowth proportion.

Whell, I'm outy! Have a great day one and all!

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