August 27, 2004 | 11:04 a.m.
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I know I had some witty repartay (my own spelling thank you) to write in here, but when I logged in and the hideous "you can't write an entry right now" message popped up, it threw me. Now, I've got NOTHIN!

Well, there is this: I again went to bed at the ridiculous hour of 2:30 a.m., because I HAD to watch that episode of House Hunters and see which house the wierd lady bought. For the record, she bought the wierd little house with the pool in the front yard and the windows in the closet. Anyway, Trace went home then and I went to bed. But, not before I dutifully set my alarm for the nephew arrival in the morning. THIS time there would be no mysteriously locked doors. So, of course I wake up at 6 a.m. to pee (why I bother setting the alarm I don't know) and I unlocked the doors. Then I went happily back to sleep, not to be bothered. A ha, FOILED again! I was slumbering peacefully when the damn alarm went off at 8:00, because I'd forgotten to set it back to 10:00. I quickly turned it off and switched it to 10:00, but now the cosmos have been disturbed and my sleep is sketchy. I couldn't fully go back to sleep, because I couldn't understand why my nephew wasn't there yet. Finally at around 8:30 I hear the door open and shut. Do you think his Dad could help him out and turn on the TV, NOPE! He just shoves the kid inside and leaves. So, next thing I know, there is 5 yr. old child standing in dead silence, staring at me. I could just feel his eyes borring into my head. So, I opened my eyes and said, "what?" He proceeded to whine at me "How come you are always sooooo tired?" I told him it was because I went to be WAY to late. Then I took him into the living room and proceeded to find the ever elusive Scooby Doo DVD. He informed me that he didn't want to watch anything, and then played freaking FBI interrogation. "How come you're so tired?" "why are you so lazy?" "Why don't you go to sleep sooner?" I'm not gonna lie, I was tired, groggy and in no mood. I told him to watch the movie and be quiet. So, he settled in for his movie and I went back to bed. But, after 10 minutes of just laying there, I could see it was going nowhere. My mind was now racing with callback thoughts, and who was I gonna cast, and maybe I should check my e-mail, and I think I'll read some diaries, etc. So, I waddled on out to the computer at about 8:45 a.m. and here I've pretty much been since. Well, there was the two bagles with strawberry cream cheese break, and the clean up the living room break, and the unload the dishwasher/load it again break, but you catch my drift. I've talked to two new students this morning, revised my schedule yet again, talked to the producer and music director AND talked to an old student and Trace about playing for said student at a baptism tomorrow. All in all, I've been fairly productive, don't ya think? When I finish writing this, though I'd like a nap, I will instead take a shower, get ready and then head out to the callbacks. Ah yes, the callbacks.

Auditions on Wed. went extremely well! I was VERY pleased because we had a really large turn out. We had 43 adults audition, and 22 children. That is HUGE for a college show. I was excited by much of the talent that was there. I feel I'm lacking in the Lily category, but other than that, I'm confident in casting the show. I was forced to put a couple of people on the callback list that I never would have, if Suesue hadn't pushed for it. I did tell her thought that I will NOT cast those people. I really must remain strong. So anyway, auditions finished around 5:30 and we had the callbacks done, and posted with callback material by 8:00. I'm impresssed with us, though we couldn't have done it without Jer and Nates help. By this time I was starving, had the worlds worst headache and was feeling like barfing (low blood sugar). So, we headed to Macaroni Grill for some grub. We totally couldn't afford it, but dammit, I deserved it and we went. It was delish!!

Next day, find out that someone totally skiffed (skY-ffed) the callback box with all the callback material in it. Now, who would do that? Honestly, why are people such losers? I really need to know, WHY THE LOSERS? Luckily Kath was at the school and could make new copies for people as they came in.

So, today is final callback/auditions and I'm now getting nervous. After this, I really have to direct. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can't wait to see how people do in their readings today. But I mostly can't wait to see how it goes down between Kath, Sue and me. I promise to all taht I will NOT cast someone that I don't think works in the part. I refuse to cast because "they've earned it" or because Sue wants them there, etc. Be strong, stand firm, don't play stupid theatre politic games. If I never get to direct for her again, so be it. AT least I'll know that I was honest.

Well, time is ticking away. Gotta run! Have a good o ne, and wish me luck!!


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