August 31, 2004 | 10:40 a.m.
<- I just want to get to 200! ->

Ok, all I'm saying is, it's taking me FOREVER to get to 200 entries. I swear to Buddha everytime I check ( which is next to never) I'm hovering around 150something. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? I realize I'm not the most prolific updater, but sheesh. Get me to 200, I need a phony reason to celebrate.

Wait, I have one reason to feel good this morning...Hopeanew wrote about me in her diary. It made me so happy, I don't know why, but it did. Thanks Hopeanew for recognizing and shouting out. And YES, you SHOULD watch Amazing Race, EVERYONE in this country should watch that fabulous, wonderful show!

Today I plan on watching the movie version of Secret Garden to get more familiar with accent styles I want. I need to update my student list, make copies of my letter and list, go over my script and come up with stuff I want to start working on. I also need to go visit my Dad and ask if we can borrow a little money to get us through this week. I have three bills due tomorrow, so I'm hoping he'll help us out. I've never asked to borrow money from my parents before, it sucks, but what can ya do? Oh and Jody, good for you, pay off that stupid credit card! I swore I would never get in credit card debt, 'cause I saw it destroy my sisters. Yet, here I am, in credit card debt like I NEVER wanted to be. I'm hoping that once Jer gets a job we'll be able to make big strides towards paying them off. Ok, I'm officially done with that depressing topic.

It's nearly 11:00 a.m., the day is flying by. My list should also include cleaning, because the dust is not just dust bunnies anymore, we're up to dust dinasours, and it's overtaking my life. The kitchen floor needs a moppin and the bathroom needs cleaning AGAIN. Did I tell you that I freaking cleaned the shower at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning? Yeah, Nate decided to spend the night, and I just simply was too embarrassed to have him taking a shower in our grunge fest. So, there I was, 2 a.m., busting out the soft scrub and the rags, and scrub a dub dubbing the shower. I hate our shower, it's SUPER old tile, and I can NEVER seem to get it clean. I can scrub forever, and it still looks dirty. I keep threatening to hire someone to just come in and scrub my shower, that's it, shower only, until it sparkles. We also have really old, rusty pipes, so it stinks too. Yeah, the bathroom sucks here. But I still love my little place.

Oh, my dad just signed on. Maybe I'll talk to him online.


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