September 05, 2004 | 11:55 p.m.
<- S-I-C-K spells SICK ->

Yeah, you knew it was too good to be true. I updated like 5 times in a row, and as you may have noticed, it wiped me out. So, here it is, officially the 5th of September and I'm just writing.

Mostly, I'm SICK. I HATE bein sick, I don't do sick. I'm NEVER sick. But alas, the vile bug has bit. It all began on Friday morning. I woke up with that nasty little drip, drip burn in the back of my throat. CRAP, stupid allergies acting up. So, I jumped on that bad boy and took my last Claritan. Got through the day, but Saturday was not looking any better. I went to Target and loaded up on more Claritan, Tylen Cold, Alleve, etc. At this point I'm to the sniff, sniff, sniff phase and the scratchy throat, you don't like to talk phase. YUCK. Well, after a brief stop in at the parentals to say hello, I pikced up Jer and headed to Traces for a cleanup/organization job. She's willing to pay me, I need the money, so I went for it. It's a BIG job. I spent 7, count 'em SEVEN hours just finding her floor. I did 5 loads of laundry, MADE her throw away, 4 bags of shoes and 6 bags of clothes. Yeah, you read it right, some fat woman at the Goodwill is gonna PARTAY when she comes across this find. It's simply amazing how many clothes and shoes she had. Half the stuff she didn't remember having, or had been looking for forever. Needless to say, it was impressive to see the difference. I also made her clean out her drawers, which beautifully consisted of her throwing everything in her drawers away. So, fresh slate, all new drawers. I put to gether a laundry hamper thingy, it was a bitch to do. I vacuumed, I organzied, etc. Here's the sad part, I'm so not even close to done. I still have to go and play tetris in her closet and make a crap load of stuff fit, just so she'll have room in her living room to sit. Seriously, no one person should have so much shit, it's amazing! Ok, so my point is, as I'm working on this room, I'm getting tireder and tireder and feeling YUCKY. I was so bugged with myself for hurting so bad, because I was only doing laundry and moving clothes around, ya know. By 10:00 I was DEAD, and still somehow I managed to get myself to the grocery store. I dragged myself around there, got what I needed and then called Jer and asked him to come outside and carry it all in. I couldn't move another muscle. So, I put the groceries away, wash my face, get ready for bed and zone out on the couch. Have I mentioned I LOVE HGTV and all the design shows? Well, I do! Anyway, it was a CRAPPY night of non sleep and coughing and snotting and aching. I got up this morning, moved to the couch and pretty much never moved again. When I did try to get off the couch I got the hugest charlie horse ever and ended screaming out loud in pain. The other times I attemtped to move, it just made me hurt worse. I was freezing cold, and then sweaty. yeah, it was NOT looking good folks. All I wanted to do was take a bath, and we don't have a freaking tub here. So, I finally pulled myself together, called my Mommy and asked if I could come over for a bath. I'm such a baby, because I totally was crying now. I just HATE being sick. I don't know how to deal with it. So, Jer drove me over there and I got in the bath. I use that term lightly "got in" the bath. I mean, when your as hefferish as I, unless it's a jacuzzi tub, it ain't worth the time. Mostly my ass and legs get wet. But, it still felt good to be laying there, listening to the hot water pour out of the faucet. I laid in there quite awhile, and then got myself up for a shower. To top it off, Aunt Flo is deciding to come back for an encore heavy visit, and that is NOT appreciated. So, I blew my hair dry in it's curly state and made my way to the kitchen. Mom, Dad, bro, sis in law and my sis were all done with dinner, but I sat down and had a little something. It was delicious and much appreciated. I spent the rest of the evening sitting on the couch, or laying on the couch, sleeping, talking to everyone, or playing trivial pursuit. I'm super good at that game for some odd reason. Who knows? I'm not gonna lie, even feeling crappy, it was a very enjoyable evening. In fact, I think it helped me feel a bit better. I have a very lowgrade fever, but I'm just believing that'll be gone by tomorrow. You may be wondering where Jer is in all of this? Yeah, well, Jer doesn't like to hang out with my family at my parents. He gets "bored" or whatever. So, instead of being with us, he went to Tracers where you can't even sit down and hung out for hours. Then, he stopped by, told me he was going home and home he went. He called at 10:30 and told me he was going to bed. BIZARRE! I don't even remember the last time he went to bed so early. So, me thinks he's upset about something, and I don't know what. It makes me really sad that he claims to love my family so much, yet just cannot, will not make an effort to hang out. It's strange to me. He says I go over there all the time. In truth, I've stopped by and seen my parents only twice since they've been home. He also says that I don't like to hang out with his mom and sister and don't. The funny thing is, he NEVER wants to hang out with them. The times that we do go over there, if we leave early, it's because HE wants to leave, not me. Hmmm, I guess I shouldn't feel too bad, he can't even hang out with his own family either. It's really not a HUGE deal, I'm not like stewing over it, wanting to have a big fight. It's just something that makes me a little sad, something I wish was different. But, ya can't win 'em all.

So, had two rehearsals for Secret Garden, both went well. I mean, they were mostly music rehearsals, but I did have a character meeting with all my leads. This is getting exciting. I just hope I can keep it all together, and get everything accomplished that I need to.

Went to dinner on Friday with my sis and bro. in law, it was delightful. My sis teaches 3rd grade and I haven't seen her or really talked to her since school started. So, that morning I got a wild hair and decided we needed to have a date night. Luckily she was up for it, and it was fun to catch up. My other sis called while we were at dinner, she had an emergency. Seems she left town for a labor day weekend reunion with her husbands family, and she FORGOT to bring any underwear. So, my sis had to go to her house, get some for her and take it to the mother in laws house so she could take it with her in the morning. HELLO< who forgets underwear when traveling? I thought it was funny.

Oh HELLO, HUGE news! Jer has a job! It's with a GREAT company, full benefits, etc. He starts on Tuesday. I'm soooooooo excited, there really aren't words. I can't wait to start unburying ourselves from some of this debt. I can't wait to see him get up evrey morning and go to work, I can't wait for freaking health benefits so I can go to the doctor. I'm just so happy. The Lord really does hear and answer [email protected]!

Well, I've overexerted myself now. I"m super sore and tired! Can't stop coughing.


Oh, and finally....so sad to see Hopeanew move diaries to a different site. Good luck to you friend!!

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