September 14, 2004 | 9:45 a.m.
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It's 9:45 a.m. and guess who has been to two stores this morning, unloaded the groceries, folded the laundry AND read all her favorite diaries? Give up? Well....it's ME! I know, I know, try not to drool on yourself due to the extreme shock. I can hardly believe it myself really. It's just, Jer informed me I needed to make some of my FAMOUS (it's popular) macaroni salad for a potluck at his work on Wednesday. I knew I'd have NO time to go to the store and make it unless I got up and got my butt in gear early. So, when he left for work (6:30 a.m.) I pulled my erstwhile lazy arse out of bed and got in the shower. Well ok, first I took my Claritan (dangit, I forgot to buy some more at the store, UGH) and drank a little OJ, had a couple pieces of toast and THEN got in the shower. I was ready to go by 7:50ish. So, I hopped in the car and headed for the evil I refer to as Wal-mart. Generally I try to avoid this store, because I think it's the downfall of small business in America. BUT, I was desperate, and desperate times call for desperate measures. It was early in the morning, AND it's right next to my grocery store. So, I bought what I needed there, loaded it into my trunk and headed to the grocery store. I of course bought more than I'd planned. Spend, spend, spend, I mean why not, it's the American way, right? I was leaving the grocery store by 8:45 a.m. This is sooooo wierd to me, I don't see this time of morning. I got home and successfully unloaded everything, while doing a spontaneous clean out of my fridge as well. DAMN, I WAS productive. I bought a few treats for Jer, since he's a good dooby and takes his lunch to work everyday. I loaded my mambo jambo cup up with ice and water and came in to the computer to kill a little time. See, I still need to go to Costco for some other important items. UNFORTUNATELY they freaking HATE me and don't open until 11:00 a.m. I'm not cool with the business membership thing, so I must wait until 11:00. This sucks because I have a student coming at 12:30. I realize that I have plenty of time to get over there, shop and get back, but I just hate feeling rushed! Anyway, after 12:30 student, I think I'll take a little nappy poo, 'cause goodness knows, all this morning domesticity has worn me out. Well, that and plus I slept like CRAP last night. We went to bed just after 10:00 (which in my world is like going to bed at 7:00 p.m.) and I just could NOT get to sleep. Then I got up at 3:15 for a pee, and slept on the toity for a good 25 minutes (which for the record does not count as good sleep), then crawled back in bed. I was having CRAZY ass dreams about me and a town in Indiana and people there and now I can't remember them at all. But when I first woke up I remember thinking, what the?? Anyway, not great sleep for me, that was my point of the story.

So, had BIG rehearsals yesterday afternoon. BIG, I blocked three really big scenes. They all went quite well, though one of my actors has me a BIT worried at his lack of skill. No matter what I tell him, ask him, suggest for him to do, he just doesn't seem to get it. One of the scenes didn't get finished blocking 'cause it was REALLY long. So, now I've got to figure out a time to finish that. This show has a million RANDOM entrances where people just show up in a shaft of light for literally a second or 2 and then are gone. Those are a pisser, 'cause I'm not gonna call those people to rehearsal for that small of a thing. Which means I have to remember later to pull them aside and just tell them, "you go stage right at this point for 5 seconds and then leave." Dumby dumb dumb dumb I say! Have I mentioned I love my cast? Well, I DO! All those that weren't called yesterday were good doobies and went and worked in the shop. That NEVER happens. But, they all went and worked their booties off. I LOVE them!

Tonight is my favorite night of the week. Why is that? AMAZING RACE!!! I can't freaking stand it, I'm so excited. Did I ever talk about last week and how freaking happy I was that Kami and Karli got booted? Yeah ok, I think I did. Anyway, tonight is gonna be crazy, I just know it. Who will use the Yield? Will Chip and Kim make it past tonight? Will Colin fall off a cliff and die causing the world rejoice? I just don't know. Only 11 hours to go.

Well, my domestic duties call. I gots to go boil the noodles and whip up the sauce for the salad.


Oh and by the by, my sis in law bought one of those clorox ready mops, and I borrowed it for a test spin on Saturday. I'm officially a big fan. I bought one for myself this morning. No more filling my sink with water that gets nasty and cruddy. This is a quick painless way to go. Sadly, no fresh pine smell, but I'm ok with the tradeoff. I also bought those new disposable toilet scrubby brush things. I'll be interested to see how those work out. If they're good, I'll oh so happily get rid of the nasty toilet brush. Mmm hmm, ok, I'm really leaving now.

Oh, one more thing, if wifemotherme is reading, I really hope that she and her family are ok after this latest hurricane and with the new one approaching. I can't even imagine how horrible things must be there in Florida. My thoughts are with you.

Last thing, I SWEAR. Hopeanew who no longer is hopeanew....hang in there!! I'm so sorry you're sick AND having to deal with a family of sickies. You ARE a good Mom and a good daycare provider. Don't let others opinions get you down, and don't let the self doubts overwhelm the good in you. Let's figure out a time I can kidnap you for lunch or something. Saturday is probably the best day for that.

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