September 26, 2004 | 11:39 p.m.
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Life is a funny thing, you know. Every day is amazing because it can go in so many directions. I've been busy with the show. We ran the first act on Friday and it went surprisingly VERY well. We're doing a scene change rehearsal tomorrow for the first hour and then running the whole act again. Good times! Overall I was pleased with the cast, but there is definitely a lot of work to do still.

Had a lovely time Saturday night with some good friends that we rarely hang out with. Sabe wanted to take Jer out for his birthday (2 months ago) so we finally got it together. Went to the Cheescake Factory, chicken salad sandwhich yumminess!! After dinner, whichw as filled with lots of laughing because Steph and Rob are so cooky funny, we went to their house and chatted. I brilliantly fell asleep mid conversation and stayed asleep for awhile. When I awoke I was like, "umm, we gotta go, my bed needs me." So, Jer drove home, and I slept. Got in bed around 3 a.m. WHOA!!

I taught the lesson on R.S. today, it was on prayer, earnest, sincere prayer. I love the lessons I teach, because they are ALWAYS ones I NEED!! It was hard for me to stand and teach today, I was a bit emotional, but overall it went well. A lot of people told me how much they appreciated the lesson, so I can't complain really.

I have wonderful, wonderful people in my life. People who love me, appreciate me and support me. I'm sooo grateful for them, SO GRATEFUL! I sometimes wonder how I got so lucky, so blessed! But to those of you in d-land who have given me a shout out and showed support, thank you. To my family (who don't read this diary, or know of it) I say thank you as well! To God, I say the biggest thank you of all! In the grand scheme of things, I really have nothing to complain about. And THAT is what is important to remember.

Oh, Friday night, what a night. We went and saw Forever Plaid, I fell asleep in the first part because apparently I was really tired. But, it's a cute show, great oldies music. After the show we went to Fridays for some 3-2-1 yumminess, and THEN we went and saw a movie. HELLO! The movie was "The Forgotten" with Julianne Moore. That's a good, creepy movie folks. I wouldn't say it was the most amazing movie I've seen, but I enjoyed it. In fact, I screamed 4 times, out loud. So yeah, go check it out.

Whell, just wanted to say I'm alive and now I must write an e-mail to my cast and work on the schedule for next week.


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