October 05, 2004 | 10:24 a.m.
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Ahhh me, I simply can't ignore my diary any longer. Every day I spend forever reading my faves, looking up others, doing this and that, and just "thinking" about how I should write in here. But, it's been a wierd couple weeks, and I just haven't had it in me to write. But, today I brake the shackles, I bust out if you will and I write. Don't expect anything worthwhile, just mish mash on a page.

Firstly, the Zonis which were clear back on Sept. 20th and preceeded the falling apart of my life for these weeks. Jer and I got to perform and it was so nervewracking. Generally, I'm not a nervous person, but this would be performing in front of anyone and everyone who are actors/directors/producers in the valley. This would be performing in front of an entire audience of catty critical performers. So, after they'd announced a few awards, we headed backstage to put on our costumes and get ready for the big shabang. I thought Jer was gonna pee pee in his pants any second. Finally, it was our turn, we walked out and set our table and stools, sat down and the lights came up. From moment one the audience was roaring with laughter and approval. It could NOT have gone better, no really, it couldn't. We finished to thunderous applause and then quickly exited. The BEST part was people coming up to us the rest of the night telling us how amazing we were. 98% of those people had never seen me perform, so it was fun to put myself out there. Anyway, we ran offstage and RAN to our dressingroom to get changed and back in order. Our category for awards was coming up almost immediately. We were both nominated for best actor/actress in non-contracted musical. Welllll, needless to say, we didn't win. And really, that is just fine, my life is not set on winning or losing. However, the girls that DID win in my category, now THAT I have a problem with. Both of them were in my program at College and they were both REALLY bad. Like every time they performed everyone was like, Yikes, that sucked! Neither of them got cast in the shows at school (yeah, still wondering how they got in the program) and they just weren't great. So, here they were winning this "best of all the actors" award. It was wierd. And then it just made it all the more clear, the Zonis, while fun and all, are just not all that impressive. But oh well, we had fun, it was a great experience. On the upside, our show won best show over all, and THAT was exciting! I think Sue DID wet her pants with excitement over that.

Moving on, my directorial life is moving along smoothly, no real complaints to be had. We've run the first act three solid times and it's smooth. Well, smooth as it can be, being run in the choir room and not on stage. We're in the middle of blocking the 2nd act, and it's going ok. A little rockier, but ok. I wanted to be done and ready to run the act by next Monday, but that's just not gonna happen. Soooo, maybe by next Friday, which is the last day before we go to the theatre. It's all so stressful, because everytime I talk to Sue there is MORE that I need to be doing. I need to procure my crew, who is gonna be my stage manager, I have to figure out t-shirts for the cast, dealing with publicity, etc. Tomorrow I have to go over and pick up an amoire that was used in Sound of Music and bring it to the school. Yesterday I COMPLETELy forgot my production meeting with the set designer, OOPS!!! I'm so nervous about the lighting, 'cuase it can make or break the show, and there is sooo much to it! Holy stress! But, it'll all work out, and I'm just gonna leave it at that.

The other day my sis called and asked if I could come down to the school (my former music teaching days school) and look at the paint job in the front office. She wasn't happy with it and wanted my opinion on colors. It was soooo fun for me to go down there. I'd been wanting to make a trip over, but jsut never could find the time, or the real desire to shower early enough to make it happen. So, I show up and as SOON as kids saw me they were flocking to me, screaming my name, hugging me, begging me to come back, telling me how much they missed me, etc. It was so wierd and strange, and fun for me. I really didn't think the kids would care one way or the other if I came back. And the ones begging the most were the ones I had the hardest time with last year. I will admit, it felt good to be there, I do miss the kids somewhat, and I sometimes miss the structure of working and I miss the teachers and being at school. But, I DON'T miss the daily stress of coming up with lessons, and bulletain boards, and dealing with snotty kids. Anyway, it was a fun little adventure to be had.

So, last week, since there was no more Amazing Race to watch, and we found ourselves lost, with nothing to do, I decided we should have game night. So, Trace and Jer went to the game store and picked up ClueFX, Canasta, Apples to apples and Rook. We had a delightful time playing ClueFX, it's fun, go check it out. Then, Trace and I played Canasta. Don't know what happened to Jer by then, but she and I had a great time playing. Well mostly she kicked my butt repeatedly, but whatever. WE've discovered a new addiction. Needless to say, there has been Canasta playing at our house ever since. Jer learned how to play Sunday, and now he's obsessed, he played it most of the day yesterday. I won a couple of times last night, so I'm feeling good about myself. I'm married to the worlds worse loser, he HATES to lose when playing games. He generally gets quite pissy, but Trace is worse than him. She is NOT happy if there is losing involved. It was interesting to watch THAT dynamic between the two of them. When he kept winning, he was all sickly sweet and rubbing it in to her, I had to remind him that if she did that to him, or if he'd been losing a bunch, he would have left the table by then. Anyway, it's fun, and it's better than watching TV for hours. I begged off around 10:45 for a potty break and my new Entertainment Weekly read. I went to the bedroom to read and feel asleep by about 11:15, where I slept soundly until about 5:20 this morning. I proceeded to the toity and took a LENGTHY toilet nap for a 1/2 hour. Yeah, that was NOT good for the legs. After that I struggled to get back to sleep, and would toss and turn. At 7:30 I woke up and noticed the power was out. Why would the power be randomly out? 'Tis the mystery of the day. Thankfully, it came back on quickly, I fixed a coupleof clocks and then came back to the office and fell promptly to sleep on the guestbed. It was a good 2 hour nap. After that I got on the computer and here I've been ever since. Very soon I'll have to rush off to shower, so I'll be ready for my 12:30 student.

Jer has a THIRD interview for a job today, they seem to really like him, so here's for hoping. It would be a sales job and he'd be directly involved with people all the time, and that is what he needs to thrive, so hold the good thought. I need money to survive, so I'm realllllllly relying heavily on him getting this. I don't remember ever being this poor or scared. But, I've been trying to keep a strong outlook and not turn into a bawling pile of mush.

Trace sent Jer and I on a weekend getaway to a really nice resort around here. It was soo nice and generous of her. We had a really nice time, spent all of Saturday in the resorts water park. And let me tell you folks, that is NO SMALL FEAT, to get my big white ass in a suit (shorts and coverup included) and to a public water park. But ya know what, it was fun, and I'm glad I went. Spent all my time in the lazy river and the wave pool, good times. Jer went down the slides a couple of times, but ain't no way that was happening for me! OY! After a day in the park, we went back to the room, relaxed, took showers and then headed to the spa for massages and facials. yeah, Trace spoils us, and really, my guilt level is at an all time high. She's too good to us! The massage and facial were fabulous, and we smelled AMAZING when all was said and done. Stumbled back to our room, took another shower, got ready and went to dinner. May I just put in a plug for Outback Steakhouse Sydney Sunday for dessert. Oh my GOSH!!!!! It's so simple, just a scoop of icecream rolled in toasted coconut, drizzled with yummy, yummy fudgy goodness and topped with the worlds greatest whip cream. They are heavenly, and not too huge and out of control. So yeah, it was a weekend well spent. Thanks again Trace!!!

This is sufficiently boring and LONG! I must be off to the shower!!


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