November 17, 2004 | 10:15 a.m.
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Is everyone as pleased and as excited as I am this morning? Well, you should be! AMAZING RACE 6 was last night and it was FABULOUS (to be said with a soprano operatic tone). I don't recall every laughing so many times or so hard at teams in previous years. And, ummm there are no words for freakazoid John the entrapraneur. WOW! Can we say wound a little TIGHT!! My faves are Hayden and Aaron, totally cute and funny, the old couple, 'cause I always have a soft spot for the old couple, and Kris and John, 'cause she's just cute and spacey and he's from AZ. The wrestlers are funny too, but too much meanness and yelling at eachother. I did however particularly like her comment that "It's so cold my implants are frozen." Yeah, that was good times.

Yesterday I began babysitting my adorable niece. I get to have her Tuesdays and Thursdays and I couldn't be more pleased. She's freaking hysterical and so damn cute it should be illegal. She did do some damage to my house while I was in the shower, but the cuteness makes me forgive her.

In other news, my sis in law is hosting a giant garage sale this saturday. I will be participating in my very first garage sale. There is gonna be a truckload of stuff being sold there, like my parents whole house, SHEESH! Furniture, bedding, pictures, frames, just all kinds of stuff. So, if anyone that reads this lives in AZ and are at all interested, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Not that I think there is anyone that lives here, or are intersted, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I for one need money, that is why I'm participating. I'm tearing my house apart going, ok, what can I get rid of, what'll bring a buck or two. And most of the stuff I'm bringing has never been used, some in original packaging. Anywho, it should be interesting.

For the record, I got my friends sisters kitchen done, and it looks A for adorable. I went with a french bistro theme, and voile, it's magnifique. And that my friends is my lame attempt at some French.

I just wanna say to Eden, I love ya, so sorry your school sucketh!! Hang in and know, for this you shall be blessed!

To Jody, you can call me anytime, I'm glad I can be there for ya. I'm proud of you and your decisions, and praying for you daily.

To Traybay, heeeey. Haha

Whell, I must be off. Jer asked me to make his lunch for him so he can rush to get ready for work. They have him working at a store that takes over an hour to get to. How STUPID is THAT?! So, I'll pretend to be domestic and a good wife and go make his lunchy poo. After that I shall shower myself and prepare for the day. Not that I have anything great planned, but one should be clean and prepared, you never know what'll come up.

Happy day to everyone!

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