November 22, 2004 | 9:52 a.m.
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Here I sit at my computer on a gloriously cold and rainy morning, ready to regail you all with my thoughts and happenings of the weekend. Seriously, I'm LOVING this COLD and rainy thing we have going on. Makes me want to snuggle with my blanky and nap on the couch and read books all day. I think I may start a fire in the fireplace, 'cause that just sounds delightful. Then, I may just have some hot chocolate, eat bon bons and watch all the Soaps I stopped watching years ago. HAHA. Ok fine, what I REALLY should be doing is vacuuming, dusting, mopping, laundry. My house has run away from me again, and I really need to get my tookus in gear!

Ok, I really meant to write on Friday with this little gem of a story, but we all know me by now and I just never do anything when I MEAN to. So, it goes like this:
Friday Lanners and I went to do our visiting teaching, 'cause we're good and dutiful and get it done. Anyway, after our last visit Lanners thought that a trip to Sonic would be a delightful way to cap off our day. So, we pulled into our slot and perused the menu. After making our order, we sat patiently waiting for our server to come and serve us. Well, suddenly a car pulled up into the stall next to us. Out from the car emerges this woman probably in her late 30's wearing something she just really had no business wearing. She was trying to hard to hold on to her waining youth, wearing a hot pink and black UBER mini skirt. EWWW! So, she steps out and then goes to open the back door, where her innocent son was sitting, not knowing that his mama looked like a ho. So, she turns and immediately, with her doing nothing but turning around, I was seeing bottom of her butt cheeks. I kid you not people, cheeks, and no bending involved. So, as I'm commenting on this inpropriety, she proceeds to BEND OVER to unlock his car seat, and hang on friends.....I got full cooter shot. She was wearing some zebra thong, but I saw FULL ASS, and it wasn't a tight one, if ya know what I'm saying. I was so appalled, taken aback, and amused all at the same time. Lanners and I were DYING. You have got to be kidding me I said, this woman HAS to know that she's flashing ass to the world. Of course she knows, she felt the breeze across her bare cheeks, no doubt about it. I'm just mystified, stupified that people wear things like this. WOW! So, we proceeded to giggle like school girls for the next 20 minutes trying to erase the image that was seared onto our eyeballs. Ahhhh, people are so great!

Other than that visual fiasco, Friday was a very laid back day. In fact, I don't recall accomplishing anything. That evening I went over to my bro and sis in laws with my parents and sisters and we all hung out and priced stuff for our big garage sale. We had the funnest time, just hanging out on the driveway, setting up the goods, pricing, talking, etc. We didn't finish until after 1 a.m. and by the time I got in bed it was 2 a.m. Sad to say, I didn't sleep AT ALL for the 3 hour nap I'd planned. So, at 5 a.m. I hauled my fat kiester out of bed, showered, prettified and made it to the house by 6:10 a.m. It was STILL DARK OUTSIDE people! So, we all watched the sunrise, and had a long day of garage sale. Actually, it was a really fun day, we were all there, hanging out, chatting, etc. The sale went fairly well, I think the turnout was a little disappointing though. My parents sold A LOT of stuff, but they still have A LOT more to sale. I sold a bunch, but I've got more, so we're doing it again this Saturday, but this time at my parents house. Anywho, I left the sale rushed home, took another shower and REALLY made myself presentable, and then jumped in the car and rushed to my cousins wedding. It was a 4 p.m. wedding at this mansion house East of town. It was a GORGEOUS day outside and a beautiful wedding. I feel bad for anyone doing weddings on my Dads side of the family, 'cause just in Aunts, Uncles and cousins alone, you're talking over 100 people. HELLO! Anyway, super yummy reception dinner and then we were outta there. I could barely move, I was so exhausted, my body hurt, I still had to do my lesson for church, blah. So, we got home and I ridiculously sat on the bed, and the next thing I knew it was 10:20 p.m. and I'd been SOUND asleep for over 2 hours. I groggily got up and made my way to the laundry. Then I spent the rest of the evening working on my lesson and stuff. Jer went with Tracer to the movie, 'cause I had stuff to do. I made it to bed around 1:40 a.m.

Sunday I was up by 8:00 a.m. because I needed to get ready and then work on finishing my lesson and be at my parents by 12:30 to practice for our musical number. My entire family, sans my Utah sister, were singing the special musical number in church on Sunday. We have been called the Von Trapp family singers, as well as the Osmonds. HAHAHA But seriously, we do number enough to be a small choir, and we're certainly loud enough. We sang a song called "Come Thou Fount" as it's a song about blessings on this Thanksgiving week. The song went fabulously well. It's just been a fun weekend of family togetherness all the way around. I LOVE my family, they're so freaking great! How fun that now we get to do it again this weekend with Thanksgiving. Woo hoo! So, my lesson went just fine and I'm glad it's over. AFter church we all went back to the parentals, well ok, one bro and sis and their families had already gone home, so it was just another bro, sis and their families along with me and Jer that were there. Anyway, we were all STARVING so we munched on I swear to you the greatest apples I've EVER tasted. My Mom decided to pull something together so we could all eat dinner. Ultimately it was a fab taco salad, Mexican fiesta. Much eating, laughing and talking ensued. AFter I was so full I thought I'd puke, I went and laid down (I'd like to say here, I really didn't eat that much, but occassionally my stomach can't take much before it's pissed). I took a little nap, then read Taters a story, then it was time for Extreme Makeover Home edition. LOVES IT!!! P-dog made cookies, delish and then we left so we could come home to watch Law&Order and Crossing Jordan with Tracers at our house.

I fell asleep in the chair around 11:00 last night, while Trace was talking to me. I'm such a sucky friend, because i always fall asleep when people are talking to me. Well, when it's late or I haven't had any sleep. Anyway, was in bed by 1:00, 'cause I woke up in the chair and had to wash my face, brush my teeth, go potty, etc. Had some decent sleep, and then boom, it was morning all over again.

Ok, I must say here, I'm NOT looking forward to decorating for Christmas. It just takes so much freaking work. I have nowhere to put all my stuff, AND all my Christmas stuff is stored at Moms. Oh the shlepping back and forth.
OOH, this reminds me...totally scored an AWESOME and large mirror from sis in law at the garage sale, for TEN BUCKS!!! Hooray beer!! Anyway, back to Christmas, I just need to figure out how to have some cheer for this holiday. I hate being FREAKING poor, having no money, 'cause it makes me not like the season. Help.

Next, I'd like to say to Eden, I am SOOO sorry for all the crap you're having to endure with the pile of a school you're at. Good for you for saying you'd never go back to those meetings. I truly hope they realize what an assett you are to them. Who knows, maybe someday they'll be making a movie about Ms. Eden at the LA school, how she turned them into real scholars. Sorta like a "Stand and Deliver". HEE HEE

Whell, I think I'd best get to doing something productive! Today is Oprah's Favorite thing episode, and I will NOT be missing that. Ummmm, how do I get to go to a show like that?

Later peeps

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