November 28, 2004 | 9:19 p.m.
<- Thanksgiving is for EATING ->

So, Thanksgiving was good! Much stuffing, mashed potatoes and coconut cream pie was digested. However, I must go back to Monday and fill in the details.

Monday I DID lay on the couch all day with the door open, me wrapped in a blanky, a fire going, drinking hot chocolate and napping. I know, my life is REALLY difficult!! Trace came over around 3:00 with some Mongolian BBQ and we watched Oprah's Favorite things. For anyone who saw it, YOU KNOW! It was CRAZY and all those teachers in the audience deserved everything! When the show was over, Trace said it made her want to go home and decorate. So, it sparked this tiny little burst in me. I said, I s'posed we could decorate my house and surprise Jer, since he wouldn't be home until 11:00 that night. So, she helped me clean my house by dusting and I did the rest of the much needed cleaning and then we were finally ready to go and get all the crap from my parents. Ummmmm folks, I could NOT have done this without Trace, WHAT was I thinking? I have 4 bins, and a few boxes FULL of Christmas stuff. We hauled it all up the stairs, out to her car and back into my house. Had to take eVERYTHING out of my living room to make room for the Christmas stuff. It was LONG process, but we were finally done by about midnight or 1 a.m. Of course there was a return to parents house in search of my garland, a trip to McDonalds for a crack fix and stuff like that. After a lot of frantic searching and brain searching, I realized that the garland was indeed under my bed, cleverly tucked away in flat containers. Sometimes I'm just to damn efficient for my own good. The end result is, the house is Winter Wonderland Fresh and Jer is a happy boy. Mission accomplished!

The rest of the week was nothing special. Taught my Tuesday lessons, got paychecks on Wednesday so we could pay a couple more bills. STILL haven't paid rent. However, the garage sale money I earned went toward it. Pathetic!

Thursday I woke up late at 10:00 a.m. OOPS! I went to work immediately on the 15 lbs. of potatoes I had to make. Jer slept through it all, I had to wake him up at Noon so he could get ready. Anyway, the potatoes turned out lovely, and unfortunately, it wasn't enough. We ran out of freaking mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. The thing is, for the last 3 years, I've made the potatoes and we've ALWAYS had TOO MANY, a ton left over. So, I cut back this year, and what happens, we RUN OUT! The travesty of justice, I tell you. But, the stuffing was fabulous, the rolls were divine, the jello/pretzel gloriousness was GLORIOUS and there was just more than enough food. Oh, and lest I forget the deviled eggs. I really love deviled eggs. So, we all at our fill, sat around, digested, chatted, hung out. Good times. Oh, before we started dinner, we went around the entire room and said what we were thankgful for. I always like that, it's nice to verbalize all that we're blessed with. I love my family too, they're just GREAT!

In talking to my Aunt that day, I picked up a new side job. She's gonna pay me to assemble all her Christmas cards. Woo hoo, I'm looking to earn money any place and way that I can. So, I've got to call her tomorrow to get the stuff and get this thing going!

Anyway, that night everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE went to the movies but me. I just didn't feel like combatting the crowds, and dealing with sitting squished in a movie theatre, and I felt too fat and ugly to be alive. So, I stayed home and watched TAter puff. She is so freaking hilarious and adorable, I just can't get enough of her anyway. So, all in all, a great day.

Friday, I did NOT go shopping. My sisters are all freaky like that and do the go at 5 in the morning crap and shop like wild women. I HATE that. I stayed home and did laundry or something. I'm worried that I'm becoming more and more reclusive. I just don't care to go out in public and see people. I just want to be in my house in my pj's, puttering around, or sleeping. Yeah, the fat IS getting out of control.

Saturday was garage slae part deux. It went QUITE well at the parentals. They finally sold all their furniture and most of their other junk. They didn't have to take too much to D.I. I had a decent day of sales as well, made about 50 bucks and got rid of most my junk. Hooray me! During the sale I had to leave and go to a funeral for a family friend. This wonderful, wonderful women was taken WAY to soon from us. She was diagnosed only 3 months ago with ovarian cancer and was gone that quickly. Her funeral was absolutely AMAZING. Her children are the most together, amazing kids, and the whole thing was just uplifting and great. She leaves behind a really strong legacy, and I left the funeral wanting to be a better person. After the funeral, went home, changed clothes, went back to parents house to wrap up the sale. Dad ended up taking ALL of us to lunch, which was fun and filling. I think it drives my Mom crazy, because my Dad always insists on paying for ALL of us if we go out together. Umm, with 5 kids around and their spouses and their kids, that can get pricey my friends. He's just a generous soul, that's all.

Today was a COLD and blustery day and I LOVED it. Got up late, read diaries, got ready and went to church. After church, went by Mom and Dads to fill my water jugs and ended up staying for dinner. My Mom makes the GREATEST potato soup ever! Just write for the recipe if you're interested. It's AMAZING!!! So, she threw that together, Lanner made some corn bread muffins and we ate like kings. Played some Big Boggle, I kicked Lanners butt a few times, she won a couple and then it was time to come home and watch Extreme Makeover Home edition. Is it just me or is all the "they're the most amazing family, cry fest" getting obnoxious. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the makeovers, I LOVE that their hearts are in the right place, but honestly, they milk it too much. It's becoming too showy and too cheesy. Sigh. Anyway, now Jer, Port and Lanner are watching that stupid Christmas Carol the musical on NBC. Ugh, I just don't have any desire to see it. Kelsey Grammer was bugging me with his whole squinty eyed portrayel. And really, did they HAVE to make Jane Kaszmerick look like a total HO as the Ghost of Christmas past. She was practially doing a pole dance on his bed post. RIDICULOUS!!


Tomorrow I'm taking nephew to school, then I have to drive to the other side of Egypt to pick my Dad up from his catarac surgery or something. THEN I'm planning on finally painting and distressing the mirror for Traces sister. Going over to said sisters house and hanging pictures and trying to finish, or at least progress the job I started. I need a few shelves and shadow boxes and I"m not sure she has the money left in her budget for me to finish. Plus, I think Target by me is out of what I want. UGH! I'll do my best, that's all I can do.

Lady at church today asked if I'd come over and help her with some decorating in her house. FUN! Thing is, I don't think she has ANYTHING to work with.

Ok, this is long enough, and about the lamest thing ever!!

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