November 30, 2004 | 1:32 a.m.

Soooo exhausted, can hardly type.

Suffice it to say...I went, I saw, I conquered...................IKEA! Oh yeah it's true, I hauled my fat heiny all over that mammouth box today and I fell in love over and over again. How is it possible to make things for so cheap? I ask you, HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? It was a grand adventure, and my legs are paying for it now. I picked up MANY a bargain for my current decorating project. Hooray beer, it's gonna look freaking amazing!! Also on todays shopping extravaganza was a stop at Target where i scored Topiaries for 6 bucks a piece. Do you comprehend friends, SIX BUCKS, you just can't do better than that! Also went to the devil store of hell..Wal-mart and finally Ace Hardware. It was a fruitful day, and much was accomplished. I didn't get the living room done, because I had to paint the new picture ledges I bought at Ikea, and I had to paint the fab mirror I scored at the garage sale. But, the painting is now done and Saturday I will be able to finally finish this girls living room. Well almost, there are a few little touches needed. But, I may just say here, it's gonna be boffo!!

Joycie poo, the parentals are not moving, so put your mind at ease. They are just ready to finally update from the foul Southwestern decore that has plagued us lo these many years. I'm designing a new look, and it's gonna be fab. There is a new sectional couch in our future, and lots of display area for my Moms world treasures. So, until that time comes, the family room remains furnitureless.

Holli, it was the Arnett funeral that I went to, and words can't describe how amazing it was!!! NO WORDS!!

Jer is officially into the run of his show, so I pretty much won't see him for the month of December. How bothersome.

Taterpuff continues to be the freaking cutest and funniest child to ever grace the earth. I don't know what I'd do without her each day. She brings such laughter and happiness to me. Now, ask me how I feel about that tomorrow when I'm butt ass tired and I need to shower, but can't because she can't be trusted around all my Christmas decore. But, until then, she remains the cutest!!!

Whell, I've written more than I intended! Must sleep, so tired!!

Dearest Jody, I will be calling you, must know what's going on. Be strong, be brave and hang in! You're in my prayers!!

To everyone else, adieu!!

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