December 27, 2004 | 12:01 p.m.
<- Christmas bells have rung ->

'Tis the Monday after Christmas and where do I sit? On my big fat duff, wishing I had clothes that fit. Oh stop already, I'm such a rhyming GENIOUS!!! Ok, truth be told, I totally wrote an entry last week sometime, it was witty and everything, but the freaking computer booted me off quite unexpectedly and all was lost! That does not make a happy ally.

Anywho, things got a little crazy and busy prepping for the "big dance" if ya konw what I'm saying. There was consulting to do with my Mom on her kitchen rennovations. There were cards to be addressed and mailed out. There were a few lessons to teach, Christmas parties to attend, places to sing, concerts to listen to, family parties, etc. Then there was the big one, the day before Christmas shopping. Yeah, December 24th found me and Jer trapsing all over creation shopping, purchasing presents. We had both finally been paid, he'd gotten his check for the show he was in and all his fundraising for the i-pod was done. So we went a shopping. Wouldn't you know it, there were NO i-pods to be had in the freaking state! Well, the ONLY place that had anything was the Apple store in Chandler Fashion Center. But, they ONLY had the f'ing U2 special edition, which would cost FIFTY bucks more simply for being red and black and having their signature on the back. WHO CARES!! We passed on that and got a sleek silver i-pod mini. I mean really, 1000 songs is PLENTY in my opinion. Jer is quite pleased with his present and there is peace in the land. Ok, I need to bactrack and share a story.

On a certain Friday evening sometime in the past 2 weeks I went to pick Jer up at the end of his show and go out with him and the cast. Well, a certain cast member that he is good friends with was carrying a glass jar with some money in it. Upon further inspection, it was a jar that had pasted to the front, a homemade sign that said "donate to the all Jer wants for Christmas is an i-pod" fund. She told Jer that she wanted to give him something for Christmas, but couldn't, so she came up with this idea. Oh, and it didn't stop there. She arranged an AUCTION between shows on Sat. to raise more. They sold fudge, cookies, rice krispy treats, signed headshots of Jer, dates with people, donated tickets to the next show at the theatre, etc. Would you believe that his cast raised nearly TWO H"UNDRED dollars towards his i-pod? Yeah, well it's true. I mean, how crazy and loving and sweet is that? I'm not gonna lie, I was a little embarrassed, because WHO does that? Only Jer who I'm sure was whining incessently about how much he WANTED/NEEDED an i-pod and wasn't gonna get one could invoke people to do something like that. So, thanks to A Christmas Carol cast it was a Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good night!

So, we spent Christmas Eve at Jers Moms house, just him, me, his sis and his Mom. It was a nice quiet little evening. MIL made a delish dinner of prime rib, mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, cauliflower in cheese sauce, rolls, greenbeans and corn. The problem is, this woman has NO concept of how to cook for only a few people. She makes enough food for a freaking ARMY. There is always sooo much left over and sooo much that goes to waste. We ate until we could eat no more, drank out sparkly grape juice and then just hung out round the telly. I had to go in the other room and wrap up our gifts for them so we could have our gift exchange. I was proud of Jules the sil 'cause she really kept it under control this year. Jers is a family that spends ridiculous amounts of money on Christmas presents even though they'r always on the verge of Bankruptcy. I have no patience for this type of thinking and usually just get irritated and feel REALLY bad at every gift I open from his Mom. So, this year, since we're ALL freaking poor and I made such a deal about making sure they didn't buy presents, it was under control. In fact, his sis gave me 3 free massages, as she's in massage school right now. Now THAT is an awesome gift. His Mom gave me homemade chocolates (SO GOOD) a rum cake....EWWW YUK!, a little porcelain doll which she keeps giving me every year, a cute snowman wall hanging thing, some ugly porcelain snowman, a snowman doorstopper (and the snowmen need to stop already) some snowman dishes, homemade hot cocoa and soup mixes and then the cherry on top is....she gave me a giftcard to the Avenue. I'm 100% positive that this gift card is the very one I gave her last year for Christmas. She also gave Jules a giftcard to Avenue, and Jules gave her one last year as well. Oh the level of tackiness is just to much to handle. My mil seriously, and I exaggerate not, she owns 3 shirts and 2 pair of pants. In the nearly 6 years I've known her, those are the ONLY things I've seen her wear, if she's not in her pj's. She has the red t-shirt, it's all purpose, worn always, the turquoise one for dressing up and the purple striped shirt I BOUGHT Her to fill in all the other blanks. She only wears stretchy pants due to an unruly hernia, and they go with all three shirts. It's tragic really, and I want to help her! So, I'm taking my regifted Avenue card and taking the woman shopping. I mean, this is craziness!!

Just did a random save of this, lest I lose all my hard work.

I'm s'posed to be at my moms helping peal wall paper off her bedroom walls. Why is that about the most unappealing thought in the entire world? But, I shall put on my boulder holder and make my way over there eventually.

I went to the doctor last week, FINALLY. I told him everything that was wrong with me, then asked if he wanted to take me out back and shoot me. He was mildly amused by me, that's good. He did a bunch of bloodwork on me and the results are not bad. They called me with the results 2 days later. You'll all be pleased to note that I DO NOT have diabetes, my metabollic work up came back normal, my thyroid is NOT normal, which I told him it wasn't and my cholesteral is borderline. Fraknly, I was expecting my cholesterol to be through the freaking roof. So, the fact that it's BARELY over is quite shocking. Considering the amount of french fries and taco bell coursing through my veins, you'd think otherwise. So, I go back tomorrow to discuss course of action. He's gonna put me on some thyroid medications, got me a prescription for the pill so I can stop my year long bleed fest! WOO HOO!! And he wants to look into treatment for PCOS. Hooray beer. And, as a final note, my Mom dropped the bombshell last week that my parentals are owed a lot of money by someone and that someone is willing to pay for gastric bypass for me. HELLO, sure wish my Mom woulda told me this SIX MONTSH AGO. Anyway, I'm gonna let the doctor try his course of action, but mostly I'm thinking spring break is a good time for me to be getting surgery. All my friends who have had GB, and trust me, that is A LOT of them are peeing their pants with happiness for me. Trust me, I'm peeing my pants with happiness for me. I just want my freaking life back. So yeah, I guess there has been a lot going on around here.

I'm sure I could sit here for another hour and remember all the other stuff there is to talk about. BUT, for now I must be off. There are walls to be stripped and people to see!!!


One last thing...my Dad and brother left for Honduras on Christmas day! Lamest thing EVER! They're going down there with a group of dentists to do charity dental work on the po people of that nation. For some reason I'm scared crapless for them to be there. That is a lawless, bloodthirsty country and it terrifies me!! Prayers for my peeps please!!!

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