December 28, 2004 | 8:55 a.m.
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Stop it, No YOU stop it! I'm here, exactly one day after my previous entry. Go figure.

My eyeballs are itching so freaking bad I'm about to lose my mind. I rub and I rub and nothing seems to be helping them. I can't imagine what the problem is, but it looks like a no contact sort of day. UGH!!

It's of course nearly 9 a.m. and I'm s'posed to be showered and ready already. Tater puff is coming over for the day while Lanners goes to work. I've got a list a mile long of things to accomplish the first of which is getting ready for the day. However, the lure of this computer and all it's bloggity goodness is more than I can take.

Spent most of yesterday with my Mom and sil doing home makeover work. I went in my pj's, no makeup, rat nasty hair and all. And where do you s'pose I was forced to go? The Home freakin Depot, THAT'S where. In all my hideousness I sauntered into a public place and meandered around like I wasn't the ugliest person to ever grace it's presence. My Mom made me do it, and that's all I have to say. We had to pick out paint samples for her bedroom, and buy a steamer to peel miles of wall paper off, buy tile, and other supplies. Once finally finished there we did a run through at taco bell and then home for a quick lunch and then the work began. I swear to you that there is only ONLY one room in my mothers whole huge house that doesn't have wall paper on the walls. ONE ROOM! The rest are covered in hideous abominations of 80's style. I can safely say, I HATE wallpaper. The halls were easy to peel off, it was vinyl grasscloth wallpaper. It comes RIGHT off, but it leaves all it gluey residue behind. My mothers bedroom however is a different story. It was some fancy wallpaper that water can't penetrate at all. SO, we had to peel off the upper layer, leaving behind the paper layer which we would then have to steam off. Needless to say, in 5 hours of work, with 3 of us working on it, we only accomplished one small wall being completely wall paper free. My mom got her bathroom free of the upper layer and is working on the rest of her bedroom. I steamed in the hallway for quite some time, scraping layers of glue off. It was so gross, and yet rewarding at the same time. Anyway, I only got one TINY section of wall done after all that work. This is gonna be a long process, no doubt about it. The thing is, for as long as I can remember, my Mom has NEVER attempted doing any decoratin herself. She has ALWAYS called in the professionals to peel, paper, paint, build, etc. So, this is all new experience, and it SUCKS!! I told her last night she better find some willing neighbor boy to come in and steam the walls for the day, 'cause I have too much to do today, and besides, I think I'll pull my face off if I have to deal with that again. So, it's a mess at Mom's and it doesn't look like it's leaving anytime soon.

So, my official total of cards received in the Weetabix card exchange was 29. I was S'POSED to receive 40. Hmmm, some people out there are SLACKERS! I say that with love of course.

On my list to do today:
Costco, 'cause I'm completely out of butter and chicken, and one just can't go on without those two staples. I shall try and make it a cheap trip, 'cause ya'll know the story.

Fry's, 'cause I need me some regular groceries.

Carwash, 'cause the car hasn't been washed in FAR to long!

Doctor, doing the followup

Walgreens, picking up prescriptions

Jers store, gotta pick up his commission check and deposit it. Also have to take him some lunch.

I'm sure there is more, like cleaning my pigsty house, but I choose to ignore that for now. Oh yeah, I should be working on my Aunts New Years cards that she's paying me to do, but I haven't had the right time to do it yet. OOPS!!

Also, I'm reading "Lovely Bones" and I'm quite enjoying it. Anyone out there read that? My sis sent it to Jer for Christmas, but he has another book to read first, so I'm enjoying this book first.

In other news, our friend gave us some really cool antique souveigneer programs from Broadway shows of the 40's and 50's for Christmas. While looking through them we came upon some awesome nudey pictures someone must have stuffed into one of the programs. My sil was looking innocently at the program when WHAM there was a big ol' booby staring her in the face. And so there it was, 4 pages of boobies and butts, straight from like a 1950's Playboy or something. They're all in black and white, one looks just like Marilynn Monroe, but we're not sure. It's fascinating to see how "fleshy" women of that day were, and still considered beautiful. So, thanks for the "gift" JP, we're still getting a good laugh about it.

I also failed to mention that Tracer gave me some faboo gifts for Christmas. After spending SO MUCH time with me, and being around when I was trying to cook various things, she discovered my kitchen was lacking a few essential items. 1) I had no rolling pin. This poses quite a problem when one is making sugar cookies. So, she has now filled that need. 2) I had NO muffin tins. I don't know how this happened, but it's true, no muffin tins. This is a problem when you're making cornbread muffins to take to a sick lady in your church and you have NO muffin tins. Again, T has filled my muffin tin needs. And finally, a mixing bowl with a handle. She personally was bugged that I didn't have such a thing, so she took it upon herself to get me one. It was all MUCH appreciated! Thanks so much for all you do for us!! Tracer has been in New Mexico with her family for the holiday, but she'll be home this afternoon, woo hoo!! Of course she'll be home, 'cause tonight is AMAZING RACE night!!! Oh how I love Tuesdays!

Sick, I've just taken to eating candy for breakfast. I don't have any milk, or butter for cereal or waffles and it's all really sad. Oh well, 10 minutes til my little Tater puff gets here. Ok, one cute story.

We were in the car on the way home from Home Depot and Taco Bell yesterday. Tater was having a ROUGH time because it was WAY past her eating and sleeping time. So, once Lanner got her pop Tater was happy, because she is a sugar fiend. Anyway, she was holding the drink and would occassionally let Lanner have a drink of it. Finally lanner took it away and was holding it. Tater was insisting she give it back, and Lanner said, "No, you haven't even said please ONCE this whole time." And Tater promptly said, "Please once. I hold it?" It was so freaking funny and cute, but uh, ok, maybe you had to be there. Awkward silence ensues.

Whell, it's time to take my itchy eyed, nappy haired, tired ass self outta here and to the shower!!

Much love to all!

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