January 02, 2005 | 3:06 p.m.
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Happy New Year y'all!

It's Sunday afternoon, I'm sitting at the computer with a towell on my head, putting off the fact that I need to blow dry my hair and put makeup on. Why is that my most hated chore ever? I mean, I'm grateful for the results, 'cause without my hair done and makeup on I'm one fugly woman, but UGH! The effort is just too much at times.

My friend Rob is coming over for a visit tonight. Can't WAIT to see him, it's been a couple of years. He's one of my favorite peeps on the earth, freaking hysterical and ridiculously talented! I spent all day yesterday cleaning my house for his visit. Not that I cleaned it SO thoroughly that it took all day, but because my back hurts too bad to do anything for a prolonged time. So, I'd clean something, then sit and watch some of the fantastic HGTV programming, then clean something else, and back to the telly. You catch my drift. I was alos babysitting my beloved Tater puff. That girl is just to freaking cute for her own good. Lately everything is "oh my gosh." And really folks when a 2 year old just blurts that out for no good reason and gives you the cutest eyebrow raise, you can't help but eat her for lunch.

So New Years was nice. We had a charming little gathering with some of our bestest friends. Had a delish dinner, hung out chatted, talked, chatted, talked, etc. I love that we don't need to play games or other entertainment. We're all so content to just hang out and talk. At midnight we toasted with our plastic cups full of Martinelli's, kissed our respective partners and then talked for awhile longer.

So, I think my new doctor is a total a-hole. I'm not sure I'll be sticking with him. Here's the sitch. I went in for a "COMPLETE PHYSICAL" as I haven't been to the doctor in so long, and I clearly have issues. So, when he came into the office he said, what are you here for? I said, a complete physical. Then I proceeded to give him a rundown of my womanly history and every other problem I could think of. He then just decided that he was gonna take a few blood tests and probably treat me for pcos. This with NO real medical history on me. He never even TOUCHED me in any way. They never weighed me, never took my blood pressure, nothing. So, then they call with the results 2 days later, and in your face suckers, I DON'T have diabetes, my medibolic workup was fine, cholesterol borderline, but my thyroid doesn't work. No shit sherlock, I already told you that. So, they want me to come in so he can tell me the same things again, and talk about the medicine he's putting me on. They freaking CHARGED me to come in and hear the same results. Ok, so I'm sitting there and he's telling me how my cholesterol is borderline but he's not even gonna bother with treating that because I don't have any of the risk factors. He proceeds to name off the risk factors of which there are 6. When he said, "and you don't have high blood pressure do you?" I looked at him incredulously and said, WELL, you never BOTHERED to even take my blood pressure. And yes, it has been elevated before. Then he says to me, well, she didn't think the cuff would fit. Again, I'm boggled. I say, well, don't you have a larger cuff. "yes we do, we have a couple." And then there was this awkward 5 minutes where each of us must of been talking in a different language because he just WASN'T getting it. So, I let it drop, but then a bit later I said, "I find it really wierd that you're a doctors office and you're telling me you don't have ONE cuff that will fit my arm." And he says, "Yes, we have larger cuffs, but they won't fit your arm." Now people, I realize I have HUGE arms, trust me I know and I hate it. However, I don't believe for ONE second that I'm the ONLY person in this world that has huge arms. I am not the ONLY fat woman that goes to this doctor. So, IF that's the case, get a bigger one you ass munch. So, anyway, I absorbed that info, listened to him talk about the meds he's putting me on and then he said, she (the bitch nurse) will be back in with your prescription in a minute. So, he leaves and low and behold there is a blood pressure cuff sitting on the counter. I get up, I put it right around my arm and I velcro it, NOT a problem. Now I'm pissed right. So, stupid nurse walks in all smiley with my prescriptions and I take the paper and say to her in my most annoyed voice...."by the way, that FITS." She processes my statement and then says all surprised "It does?" And I just "mmmhmmm'd" and walked out. I was furious at this point. I was furious that she wouldn't even BOTHER to try. She took one look and said, "mmmmk no that ain't gonna fit her mammoth arm, Ima just not even gonna try." What the f? So, now I'm gonna call tomorrow and lodge a serious complaint with the doctor and tell him what a freaking loser he and his nurse are, and that I question their professionalism, etc. Not to mention I did some research into the meds he put me on, and I don't think I'm s'posed to be taking the combination I'm on. AND to top this all off, my freaking insurance does not cover birth control. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? So now, between Jers crazy pills and my stop the bleeding pills, it's 100 bucks a month. Insurance people SUCK!
Phew, ok, got that off my chest.

In other very exciting news, Jer got a commercial. He's shooting a Toyota commercial on Tuesday. Actually, it's 2 commercials for a dealership here and we're sooooooooooooooo excited. It's good money, it makes him SAG eligable and it's really good money and it gets his foot really in the door for more work. I know the Lord looks out for us, and I know it really is worth it to pay tithing!!!

In further exciting news, did I mention that my Mom dropped the bombshell that someone owes them money and is willing to pay for me getting Gastric Bypass? Yeah, can you STAND IT? So, I'm totally thinking I'll do it, probably around Spring Break. I'm sick of being miserable and being unable to move and being exhausted and fat. I'm all for getting thin. I don't even care if I'm "skinny" I just want to be at a manageable weight. And a big part of my current weight gain and placement is hormonal, because of my thyroid, etc. And losing this weight will help my hormones and other things. I have a great support group in the plethora of my friends who have already had the surgery. OH, OH AND i get to go and have a sleep study done on the 18th. I'm soooooo excited about that. Get me on a c-pap machine, let me sleep at night without the snoring, stopping breathing etc. Good times people, GOOD TIMES!

Jer is over feeding Traces dogs, she wandered out of town again this weekend. Hope she had fun in San Diego.

Oh, went and saw the Phantom movie. I enjoyed it, they were very true to the stage version which I appreciated. Emmy Rossum who plays Christine is absolutely beautiful and does a great acting job, but her voice is NOT good enough to be Christine. She's very inconsistent and breathy. The Phantom was FAR to handsome and his voice was VERY NOT consistent or right for the Phantom. I thought Patrick Wilson (Raoul) was great, and it pleases me to no end to say I know him. I've hung out and chatted with him back in his Full Monty days. My gay boyfriend is good friends with him. LOVED Minnie Driver as Carlotta, she was hysterical. I'm dying to talk to my friend Treg who is on the tour for Phantom right now, to see what she thinks of it. And my friend that was Christine, I'd love to hear her take on it.

So, my Moms house is torn up from top to bottom as she's taken on rennovating the whole place by herself. My entire life, my parents have never done the work themselves. They've hired out all home rennovations, and we've done 2 major ones since living in that house. Anyway, right now it's the kitchen, hallways, laundry room and her bed/bath. It's just painting, redecorating, flooring, counters. However, every room in the house was wallpapered and it's been a nightmarish hell getting all the paper off the walls. The kitchen involves refacing all the cabinets and painting them. That's been my bro in laws job, NOT fun. On the upside, Mom IS getting wood floors for the kitchen, hallways and laundry. WOO HOO!!!! She's putting in new lighting in the hallways and kitchen and her bedroom and something else. This summer will be the family room makeover and then maybe next year the living room and guest bedroom. Welcome to the 21st century Mom. We're all so glad to see the hideous apricot, southwestern decore go. My poor Mom, we're all so ruthless when we talk about how ugly her house is now. Poor woman, still likes it.

I'm rambling and boring everyone, so I must go. Besides, my hair is drying under the towell and I need to get ready!!


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