January 29, 2005 | 12:46 p.m.
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Let's discuss my sleep test results, shall we? It appears that I am having ONE HUNDRED TWENTY THREE episodes PER HOUR. That means that 123 times per hour I stop breathing, or my breathing becomes uber shallow. That means that I NEVER achieve REM sleep, and that my blood oxygen level is below 70%, and that my body never stops twitching, jerking, WORKING. Is it ANY wonder that I'm so freaking exhausted at all times. Does it surprise anyone that I fall asleep anywhere, everywhere, anytime. And would you be shocked to learn my blood pressure is elevated, due to the fact that my heart is having to work 4000 times harder to try and sleep and keep my alive at night. OY! They consider 5 episodes per hour enough to put you on a machine, enough to be severe. So yeah, I passed my sleep apnea test with flying colors. So, the good news is, they've ordered my c-pap machine. The bad news is, my f'ing insurance that sucks ass will only pay for 1/2 of it. So, I somehow have to come up with $150.00 right now and then 33 bucks a month to rent it. I'm soooo frustrated, because I seriously have NO MONEY whatsoever to pay for this. Yet, it's something I need more than anything. It's truly a life saving/altering machine. So, I put it in the Lords hands now, something is bound to work out. You'll also be glad to know, I told the doctor yesterday I wanted a different pill prescription, and he kindly obliged. They also promptly weighed me and took my blood pressure as soon as I came in. Hmmmm, how interesting. Weighing in was interesting, I have not been on a scale in over 2 years. I truly had no idea how much I weighed. Strangely enough, this scale said I weighed 5 lbs. LESS than I did 2 years ago. I just don't know how much I believe or trust that. I FEEL fatter, and my clothes certainly fit differently. So, I don't know. Anyway, it was an interesting doctors visit, and I made the all important appointment for the PAP. Oh how I hate paps, or anything gynecological, because honestly, it just is not right to have your vag spread eagle and someones face all up in it. No matter that I've had a million in my lifetime, I still never get used to it. And you know what this means, it means I'm gonna have to do a SUPER shave of the entire area, try and clean it up. I'm not excited. And yet, I'm excited for them to find out what the crap is wrong with me, do an ultrasound, check out my uterus, see why I bleed every day of my life. So, we'll see how that goes.

Jer went to the doctor, he's been referred to a neurologist for his constant headaches and dizzy spells. I can't wait for him to go and get scanned and find out why he's suffering all the time. I'm really getting worried about him.

Today is the day before my birthday, it's nearly 1:00 and I haven't showered. I have SO MUCH to get finished and yet it's not getting done. Tonight a small group of my friends are going out to celebrate my b-day with me. I had about 20 people, but my restaurant would not take a reservation for that many, and I was feeling overwhelmed with the thought of it all, and I'm sorta depressed right now anyway, so I said screw it. Only my 8 FAVORITE people (minus Trace who will be at her sisters wedding) get to come and have dinner with me. So, there will be a rowdy group of 10 at Charlestons in Mesa tonight around 7:30, look for us. haha Tomorrow, being my actual birthday and my daddy's actual birthday, I just want to spend some quality time at the parentals, playing games and hanging out.

My sister had surgery yesterday, she has severe endometriosis, and it was just kicking her butt. So, she finally had to give in and have the surgery she SWORE she'd never have again in her life. Apparently it went well, but they still don't know why she keeps getting such severe UTI's. Anyway, send out the good vibes for my sis to recover quickly.

Got my hair done yesterday, I always love it when it's freshly done, it's so vibrant and lovely. After the hair, Lanners and I stopped into the Avenue to peruse the merchandise. I had my birthday coupon to use up there, and use it I did. I ended up with a new outfit, earings and all, AND two other shirts. I'm still a little leary about the outfit, 'cause the pants, I feel, show too much of my hideous belly, but I'm trying to have some faith.

Whell, I think I shall sign off, go fold the laundry, get myself showered, wake up Jer and go run some errands. Got to do all this before 4:00 when we have to go pick Trace up from the airport.


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