April 14, 2005 | 12:18 a.m.
<- And this is how you spell LOSER ->

It's morning, and by that I mean, so early morning that it's still practically night morning, and I should be in bed. But alas, such is not my lot. Of late, I've been suffering from a hideous bout of insomnia and a bad cold. This is not a delightful combination, contrary to popular belief. However, I've determined that I have said insomnia because I have NO F'ING life to write about. I am as boring as they come. I could not be any lazier if I tried. Well ok, maybe I could be a little lazier, I could refuse to scrub the toilet or take out the trash or wipe the counters. But other than that, I COULD NOT be lazier if I tried. I'm just so grossed out by myself, and yet can't find it anywhere within me to fix it. I mean, part of the reason I don't write (besides having nothing exciting to tell) is, all I want to talk about is all the freaking TV I've watched. I mean seriously, I haven't watched this much TV since 1997, and that was when I lived with my sis and bro in law, had no life and did nothing but go to work and come home at night. I also have a ludicrous addiction to canasta online, and I play it WAY too much. Which is sign number 1000 that I have too much time on my hands, and that my ass is widening as we speak. Good hell!

With that said, I do have to say. Why the heck was I kept in the dark about this Americas Next Top Model for so long? Holy Crap, that is televised crack if ever there was such a thing. I've only been watching it for the last 4 episodes, and I'm totally loving it. Tyra got all crazy ass yelling tonight. I was a little afraid sitting at home on my couch. However, I agree with her, Tiffany was a big baby who gave up. Now, let's discuss American Idol. Wait, this deserves a new paragraph.

AMERICAN IDOL: What in THEEEE Hell is wrong with America? How did that hideous waste of human flesh Scott Savol EVER make it on the show, much less this far? How is it POSSIBLE that he is still here and Nadia went home before him? HOW I ASK YOU, HOW??? I need answers America, and I need them now? He SUCKS, and he epitomizes white trash, AND you can drive a mac truck through his vibrato, AND he's UGLY. Ok, I've said my peace. Oh wait, AND, AND, he's got a rap sheet, he abused his girlfriend, and he's a LOSER! Ok, phew, feeling better. Now, Constantine, I LOVE him, and he gets better every week. Don't get me wrong, I am so NOT attracted to dirty, rocker guys, but DAMN, something about him and Bo does something to me. I LOVE them and think they're awesome. Also, love Carrie, that girl can SING!!! And that wraps AI with moi this week.

Amazing Race, I must take a moment of silence at the loss of my beloved brothers Brian and Greg. It was a VERY sad moment for me when they lost. So, I have to root for the gay boys, 'cause they make me laugh, and I also like Uchenna and Joyce. Still hate Amber and Rob, he's a pig! The show last night was lame, and honestly, I ready for Gretchen and Meredith to freaking go home. Bless their hearts for sticking it out, but her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me, and they just can get lucky for only so long. And you KNOW this will be a non-elim and we'll be stuck with them for 2 more weeks. UGH!

In other news, with each passing day, I care to leave the house less and less. The effort to get ready and get dressed is just more than I can sstand. Of course I DO get ready and get dressed, because A)I'm not a total slob, B) in spite of how it sounds, I'm not in the bowells of depression, and C)I do have students come over to my house, and me with bed head and pj's just wouldn't be very professional. Though if there were a way to avoid the bra, I totally would. I'm just a little scared, that's all. I seem to have NO desire to do anything. To take initiative to be productive. To go out, have fun, be seen, anything. I feel like I get fatter everyday, oh wait, I DO get fatter everyday. Because I don't do anything, and I eat like crap. It's just a stupid vicious cycle, and I'm not happy with it. But, that's no fun to read about, so let me see what else there is.

My friend from the mish is coming into town on Saturday with his wife and two kids. SOOOO excited to see him and hang out with them. It'll be their first time seeing our place. So yeah, definitely gonna have to get off my duff and actually dust, among other things.

Tomorrow I take my nephew to school which will FORCE me to leave the house, which will mean I'm in a car and must therefore go and pay my bill at the Avenue. So there, fieldtrip for tomorrow.

Finally took our "good" car in to find out why the hell it sounded like the whell was gonna explode off the car at any moment. It'd only sounded like that for oh, 2 years. Anyway, apparently it was the wheel barings, totally covered by the warranty. I can't describe how delightful it is to drive in the car that is quiet. So nice!!

It's time to start thinking about summer kids workshop, and frankly that scares me. Have NO idea what songs to do, to work on, to think about, etc. Yeah, don't wanna talk about that yet.

Ok, I must end this, because I'm proving to myself ever more why I don't write in here. I think I'll go play some canasta!!!

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