May 04, 2005 | 2:39 p.m.
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Apparently I AM a princess. Who the hell knew? I certainly never did. I don't FEEL like a princess, and I don't LOOK like a princess, and I don't ACT like a princess, but the quiz gods have deemed it so. There you have it.

In other news. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!!! You all should be spanked and grounded from phone privelages for life. The fact that the ugliest piece of worthless bad singing S&*@ Scott Savol is still in the competition of American Idol is reprehensible. I HATE, with all the hate I can muster that person. HE SUCKS!!!!!!!! Send him home or I'm gonna lose my mind. And I'm especially bitter that my Constantine went home before him. I love Constantine, he's very talented, he's sexy, a little dirty looking, but sexy, and he's gone. What's the point anymore? Ok, i still love Bo, and I really hope he wins. But seriously, send the sucker Scott home!!!!

The Amazing Race. Thank goodness I don't have to listen to Gretchens finger nails on a chalkboard voice anymore. Don't give me wrong, I give them mighty props for making it that far. I myself could have NEVER climbed a rope ladder, so hats off woman. I admire there determination and pluck, and they deserve many kudos for that. But good gosh a mighty, I couldn't take listening to her anymore. "Oh Merediiiiiiith, we got a baaaad elephant." She was sure that EVERY thing they got was bad, wrong, somehow working against them. It was comical at times. And holy crap, those people couldn't see clue boxes if they'd walked up and punched 'em in the face. Alas, they are finally gone, and now my ears don't have to bleed. However, I am bitter still that my bros. are gone and that I have to watch Rob and his evil conniving ways. The guy may be savvy at playing the game, but he's an uneducated twit. I'm embarrassed for him so much of the time. Amber is a dishrag, she has done NOTHING to move the team forward. My love and hope is set on Uchenna and Joyce. Holy CRAP when she shaved her head, I screamed and then I cried. My respect grew 1000% that night. They are loving, determined and they deserve to win!!! Go team!!! Don't even want to talk about Ron and Kelly. They're just retarded and soooooo not meant to be togehter. UGH!

Ok, so that's my TV update. OH WAIT. The Bachelor. Has anyone been watcching this? It is television GOLD my friends!!! That SAra W. is so delusional and narcissistic it was AMAZING. I just giggled my ass off when he booted her!!! He's a lot more genuine than any of the other bachelors if you ask me. He sounds like a dumb ape, but I really like him. And my final note on Television. If you haven't watched Eyes yet, DO IT! I absolutely adore that show, it's on Wed. nights on ABC. Tim Daly is adorable, snarky and oh so fun!!!!

Now, I'm done with that.

Tonight it looks like we're gonna go see the tour of Thoroughly Modern Millie. I SO love that show, saw it twice on Broadway. I hope it lives up to that, though I don't know how you could better Sutton Foster in the role. Anywho, that should be fun.

The school year is winding down, which means lessons are winding down, and I'm gearing up for my students recital. Here's hoping it goes better than last year. I'm ready for a little breaky poo from teaching. It won't last long, a week, but still a break will be nice.

We've held the first round of auditions for the kids workshop, round 2 is in another week. It's always so fun to see the returning kids and see how much they've grown and changed over the last year. It gets me excited for the workshop to start. We still have NO idea what we're doing song wise, production wise or anything. We REALLY need to get our butts in gear and hvae a meeting.

Jer was completely off his meds for a month, and when they finally left his system, it was a magnificent crash and burn. LIfe was pretty damn hellish here for a couple of weeks. He was ready to leave and do his own thing. Thankfully, he's back on meds, feeling better every day and we're gonna go to counseling. We REALLY have needed counseling for a long time, but it's just hard. It's hard to pay for it, hard to admit it, hard to face it. But, I'm actually really excited about it. I'm ready to take that step and work to have a better, different marriage. He seems happy about it now too, here's hoping he continues that way and can really submit to it. Mental disease/chemical imbalance is a bitch! I wish noone had to deal with it, that we could all just be happy and healthy and on an even keel. It's hard for me to understand him and his "dark" mind. I try really hard, and I can be pretty freaking patient, but wow it gets hard. BUT, I love him, and I know he loves me. So, you take the good, you take the bad. I know that with the right medication and counseling and help, he can be well, and WE can be well. I'm not saying he's the only one who needs some counseling, I need it too. I realized the other day that we've both been FAR to selfish in this relationship. It's no wonder we have problems and issues. It's always about what we want, not what we can do for eachother. So, it should be interesting to see the outcome. First appointment is Friday.

Had a sisters weekend away at a resort. It was all my sisters and sis in laws and my Mom. Seven of us total, and it was a blast!! We stayed at a really nice resort and spent an entire day at a spa getting treatments and hanging out. That night we got all dolled up and went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, my Mom paid which was DELIGHTFUL, and then we went and saw "Guess Who." I thought the movie was funny, but then again, I think Ashton Kutcher is freaking hot and adorable. After the movie we went back to our apartment (it was a three bedroom, 2 bath hotel thingy) and chatted. We crashed pretty quickly, 'cause of our long day of relaxation. I have the GREATEST family, sis in laws included. It's so fun to just hang out with all of them, and talk and tell stories and laugh, and just enjoy their company. We are making this an anual thing, so once a year we'll be off on some trip or another. FUN!

Not much else going on. If I weren't so lazy I'd write in more detail or something. Or do one of those great survey things that La does, but that would require a lot of thought and typing, so I just won't.

I must go now!!


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