May 05, 2005 | 3:24 p.m.
<- America you did good ->

CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA You got it RIGHT!! Therefore, I take back my spanking and I'm reinstating your phone privelages. Thank you for getting rid of the pox of American Idol, Scott Savol. There was much glee and happiness at the VP house last night.

So, went to Thoroughly Modern Millie, previously one of my favorite shows. However, the heinous casting, overacting and horrible singing of the cast last night have left me a bit cold. Seriously, there was a point that Jer and I were just laughing uncontrollably at the guy playing Jimmy because he was sooooooo bad. He couldn't hit the notes, so he'd squeeze his ass tighter than pair of shorts on a hooker and go totally nasal. PLUS while he sang, he did this wierd head shaky bobbaly thing. It was comical. The lady playing Mrs. Meers was just horrendous. There aren't words. She was painful to watch because you could SEE her trying to act. And she used this super high, SUPER shrill voice, so you couldn't understand anything she said. By far my favorite Mrs. Meers was Delta Burke. That woman has some serious comic timing!! The Mrs. Flannery SUCKED. She was all wrong for the part, and just lame. I LOVED the Muzzy, Trevor Graydon, Chinese guys and Millie. Anyway, at least I got to see the real thing in New York. My my don't I sound like little miss Crissy Critic. SHEESH!!

Well, here's something good. The world is a great place when you can earn $110 bucks for an hour of work. Oh yeah, it's true. I was asked to sub at the college for some voice lessons. Of the 3 voice lessons, only one showed up. So, I get paid regardless. Woo hoo!!! Can't wait to get THAT check.

Went to Target today to pick up some necessities, such as soap, hairspray, infusium, etc. I got out of there only spending $17.00 GO ME! I then of course had to have a little pizza for lunch, but hey it was deserved. After all, I'd just toiled away at my hour of voice lessons and shopped like a fiend hahah! I'm retarded!

Forgot to tape Americas Next Top Model last night. Doesn't that just suck.

Well, I'm officially lame beyond comprehension, so I'm outty!

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