June 28, 2005 | 12:19 a.m.
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Oh, I am feeling GOOD now! The LR faction of the rogue dust bunny army has been erradicated! I just spent the last 2 hours vacuuming, dusting, vacuuming, dusting, wiping, dusting, re-wiping and re-dusting the living room. It smells and looks shiny, fresh and clean! I'm sure a few bunnies were able to escape to the BR camp, and are just plotting their revenge on my harsh attack on them. HA!!! A clean house feels so good. Jer and I team cleaned the bathroom on Friday so it's no longer a set for Fear Factor. Nothin like a clean shower, and a clean sink. I can't believe I ever let those two rooms get so bad. I cleaned up the office tonight as well, but I just didn't go full out on the dusting. Too many freaking pictures to move. Anywho, I'm feeling like a new, happy person that can wake up and face her house. The kitchen is always clean for the most part. Right now the floor needs a sweep and mop, but other than that, not bad. Oh, and get this, I took out FIVE bags of garbage, plus pizza boxes. Good hell we create a lot of garbage for just 2 people.

So, today was spectacularly tragic, and here is why. Got up, got ready, all was going seemingly well. I went visiting teaching with Lanners, and we visited with the coolest girl. She and her husband are here for 2 months while he does an internship at a law firm in Phoenix, then they go back up to BYU to finish his degree. So, she's super cool, we had a nice visit and then we came home. I meander up to my door and notice that Jer has closed the blinds. I thought it was a little strange, it looked really dark inside. I open the screen and hooked to the door is a notice from the utility company saying they've disconnected our power. Ummmm hello? What the f? I went inside to discover Jer in the darkness doing his hair. He said he took a delightfully romantic shower by candlelight. So, I'm freaking out. Friends, I have NEVER missed a payment to the utilities EVER! EVER!!!!!! Last month I paid all of the bill except a teeny bit, 'cause I was low on money. So, I figured I'd just pay it with this months. I NEVER got a letter telling me they were gonna turn off my power, this all just came as such a freaking shock. So, I promptly call them up, sit on hold forever, and when I'm finally helped the lady is a snatch. I explained to her that I'd NEVER missed a payment, and that this months payment I THOUGHT was due only a couple days ago, but was actually due last week. So, good hell, I'm less than a week overdue. She said they sent a letter saying I was delinquent and a disconnect notice. I assured her I'd NEVER seen such a letter. She didn't care. By this time, I was so frustrated that I was crying. I have NO control over my emotions at times. So, I'm totally crying, and asking what I have to do. She tells me that if I want it reconnected today, it's gonna cost me SEVENTY FIVE dollars. Ummmm, excuse me as I crap my pants for a minute. Then she ever so helpfully added, but if you want to wait until tomorrow it'll only be $40.00. Oh, ok, since THAT makes sense, you twit! It's ARIZONA, it's 100 billion degrees outside, how bout I wait until TOMORROW! I was like, are you SURE you can't do anything to waive this. I've never missed, this is ridiculous, I didn't get a letter, blah, blah, blah. And then, I just threw the phone at Jer and said, you talk to her, I can't take this anymore. She was so freaking ass munchy. He was so calm and so sweet about it. I really appreciated his taking over the situation. Ok, so to make a long story only slightly shorter, we had to pay the whole freaking thing. So, I ended up paying $280.00 for my June Utilities. Can we say ass rape? Yeah, I thought so!! I'm so bitter, there just really aren't words. So, we left to go clothes shopping for Jer and left Lanners to be here when the guy came. Thankfully he showed up right away. The lady on the phone said it could have been anywhere between then (1:00) and 8:00 tonight. NICE! So, there you have it, my saga o' the day. It only got worse when we went shopping because Jer became bitter and angry with the world, 'cause none of the clothes he thought should be his size fit him. Guess he didn't realize how much all the eating out was adding to the waistline. We went to 2 stores and ended up with a swimsuit and 2 belts. He also got really mad at me because I can't walk for a long distance, or very fast and I need to sit and take a break now and then. Sorry, I'm a fat ass, my hips are hopelessly out of allignment and excruciatingly painful. Sorry I can't be as cool as him and never have problems walking. So, he's just gonna go again tomorrow and take Trace with him. Good, I hate shopping anyway. I'll just set the budget and then I won't have to fight with him. He really, REALLY does need new clothes. It's been a long time, and he's grown out of most of his. It's not that I don't want him to get new stuff, that's for sure. I just freaking hate being poor, it sucks!!!

Moving on...tomorrow is my second psyche appointment. Sure hope I pass the stupid test. Speaking of, I need to make an appointment with our counselor, it's my turn to go.

I really, really, really need to start going to my parents and swimming laps every day. My body needs exercise so badly, and I think swimming is about all it could handle. I just loathe the idea of anyone seeing me in all my whale like glory, AND I detest what chlorine does to my hair and skin. But, it must be done, it simply must.

Oh Reva, you tagged me on something, and I've forgotten the question. I'll have to look at it again, and ponder on whether I shall answer it. Just thought you should know, I got the memo.

Later peeps

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