October 29, 2005 | 10:01 a.m.
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Well, looky me, an exact month since my last post. I win! Hahahaha

I just wanted to get on and record here that much is going on in my life and changes have happened. Let's just say, my life just got infinitely busier!!

A couple weeks ago I accepted the job teaching drama K-8 at a sister school to the one I taught music at a couple years ago. It was a hard decision to make, but ultimately it came down to this: they offered me a good salary, short hours and with that money I'll be able to pay a HUGE portion of our debt. That my friends is reason enough. So, I spent all of October Break decorating my new room. It looks great, and it should I spent a freaking buttload of money doing it. Then this last week was my first week teaching. It was crazy, since I only had to be there Mon. and Tues., as the next 2 days were Parent Teacher conferences and there were no specials. So, basically, I taught a total of 6 hours, and I get paid for all of it. Yeah, life is good. I was super scared of the 7th and 8th graders, and I needn't have been. They are really sweet kids, and I think I'm gonna enjoy them. As I was the last time around in teh teaching department, I'm stressed. Stressed because I don't have a bunch of official lesson plans in writing, and I have to get my lazy butt in gear and get that done. But as we all know, I'm totally Polly Procrastinator and do all my best work at midnight the night before. UGH!!! So anyway, new life schedule is teach Mon - Thurs. 9:30 - 3:00, rush home, teach voice lessons until 6:00, sometimes 7:30, try and keep my house clean and food made for the husband, AND still have time to watch my shows. haha

Ewww, speaking of which, I am SO HATING the Amazing Race Family Edition. It just only serves to piss me off week after week. It's so freaking boring!!!! Please CBS, NEVER do this disasterous format again. I am however really super crack addicted to Americas Next Top Model. I mean seriously, LOVE that show. I also Love, LOVE, LOVE The Biggest Loser. Who WASN'T crying like a baby last week when Pete got booted? And then to see him now and how awesome he looks, it was all just too much. Has anyone watched "Criminal Minds", the new Mandy Patinkin show? I must give it my professional critics thumbs up for a good show. I'm a little let down with my beloved Law & Order SVU this year. What is UP with them NEVER having Olivia and Elliot together? NOt happy about that, NOT HAPPY. And now, for fear of sounding like a complete and total couchy potato loser, I shall stop talking about my TV loving ass.

Went to the STate Fair last night with my bro, sis in law, sis, bro in law and parental unit. It was a fun little evening of fry bread, commercial building looky loos and the hypnotist show. The weather was gorgeous and perfect to be there, and I always enjoy spending time with my fam. I'm not gonna lie, it felt good to be able to just mosey around the fair pain free too. I was even wearing a pair of jeans that have been banished to a bin under the bed for about 5 years now. Yeah, it's all good like that.

So, here's the biggest news. I went and weighed on Thursday, and does anyone even want to venture a guess as to how much weight I've lost? No? Ok, I'll tell you. I have lost............
NINETY POUNDS! NINETY POUNDS peeps, can you stand it? I was pretty pumped myself. I feel good, I look much better, even though I still have A LOT of weight to lose. I mean seriously, in the grand scheme, me losing ninety is like a normal person losing 30 pounds. I still need to lose 140 more pounds. But, that's ok, 'cause now I know it's possible, and I'm on my way. I'm almost to the size I was when I first met Jer. He's so oblivious he's like, wow, I never even noticed you had gotten so big. And he still doesn't notice unless I show him pictures to compare. SHEESH! I guess in a way that is a good thing. But other people are finally noticing, and that's nice.

Reva, you're asking for pictures, well I'd LOVE to show some on here, but I'm a nerd and only have basic d-land. No Gold for me. So, I have no way to show them. I s'pose you'll have to send me an e-mail address I can send some pics to.

Well, with that said, I must get going. Time to get ready for the day and go to the dreaded grocery store and Target. I have to make cookies for the ward carnival tonight, and pick up some stuff that I'm s'posed to bring to our friends Halloween party later tonight. I'm so NOT into Halloween. It just bugs me as a holliday, and I'm most especially NOT into costumes. But, I can't WAIT to see my beloved little Tater tot in her Belle costume (she's recently discovered and become obsessed with all things Disney Princess) and I'll go to the party tonight 'cause I love my friends. Anywho, things to do, places to be!

Later friends


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