November 04, 2005 | 8:22 a.m.
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Ok, just because I can....I'm putting this pic of me and the man on our wedding day. It was nearly 4 years ago, which frankly just seems wierd to me. Anywho, the one where he's kissing me on the cheek is my fave picture of all. So, cheers to Gold D-land accounts. Hee hee

By the way....thank you ALL for your super sweet comments about my "looks". You all know how to make a girl feel good. I LOVE comments, and I so rarely get them, that hooray, it was good times to receive them all!! And, for the record...tried on the wedding dress the other day, it was too big!! Good freaking times people!!!!

In other news, it's a blessed Friday, which means, NO school, NO lessons, No NOTHING. I'm so happy about that. I DO need to get my booty in gear and go get the stupid car emissions tested, but before I can do that, it needs a lube, oil, filter. My car is nearly 16 years old folks. It's a 1990 Geo Prizm. I'm not gonna lie, it's been a good little trooper, and I can't really complain, 'cause the thing STILL runs. However, it has seen better days. It's making some creepy noises these days, the back door doesn't open from the outside, AND the rubber weatherstripping stuff that goes around the doors, it's falling apart. The seats need to be reupholstered, AND the dash is a big cracked mess. But, other than that, tip top shape. HAHA I wish we could afford to get another newer car, but I just can't justify the payments right now. So, as it stands, I make Jer let me drive the nice car 2 days a week to school, and he gets it the other three (since he works on Fridays). So, I need to go get that done, especially since the tags expired 3 days ago. OOPS.

Also, have a meeting at school at 1:00 today. It's a meeting with the other drama teachers in our "district" which includes my husband, and a guy who doesn't want to be our friends anymore. It SHOULD be fun, HA! Then, there are plans for a pedicure this afternoon with Tracer. One could say my toes are in some SERIOUS need of pampering!!

I really freaking wish they'd set up my computer account at the school so I could actually get on and do work there. Oh, who am I kidding, I just want them to hook me up so I can get online and write journal entries during my prep hour. You know how you've missed my witty school stories these last 2 years. Or NOT!

Went to Macaroni Grill (I heart Macaroni Grill) on Wednesday night to celebrate my sisters 31 birthday. It was a delightful little evening of dining. I of course ate some of the bread, and a bite of Jers salad, and then when my FREAKING delicious dinner came....I ate 2 bites of chicken, a couple bites of brocoli and one bite of pasta. I was SOOO done, and so satisfied. I LOVE the fact that now, I can NEVER get that "I've eaten so much I can barely stand up and walk out of the restaurant for the pain in my gutt" feeling. It's GREAT! Anywho, had them box up my dinner, and I have meals for three more days. I mean good Hell, it was THREE chicken breasts with broccoli and pasta. Leftovers are great, not being able to eat so much food is great. Life is good! Now if only my body would STOP hurting so much. I don't know what is up with that?

Speaking of, I think I need to eat some breakfast. I totally found the GREATEST cereal. I get 20 grams of Protein from a bowl of cereal. How ridiculous is THAT? They're called soy flakes, and I eat them with my soy milk, and a 1/2 banana. So GREAT!

Ugh! I really just can't think of ANYTHING to talk about. I wish I didn't suck at the diary entry thing. Why can't I be politically smart and cool like Eden, or make my life sound interesting like La, or be funny like Danielle? Apparently I just need to go now, before I get all bugged at my lack of cool!

Later peeps!!

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