November 10, 2005 | 8:04 a.m.
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Ok, FINE...I'm two days late with this entry, but it MUST be done.

Amazing Race Family Addition sucks my big white BOOTY!!! I freaking hate it, it's so boring! And yet, I watch it, because I have to, I can't NOT watch an Amazing Race. With that said...what the hell is wrong with the producers, sending those families to the middle of the Arizona desert in freaking middle of summer. Those midwesterners COULD HAVE DIED!!! Seriously, I'd be pissed if I got sent to AZ in summer, or at all. I mean, it's not like we have the most exciting state. They freaking went to Fort McDowell for crying out loud. Which brings me to my next point. These people were literally driving inches away from my house, and I had NO IDEA? I'm bitter. How can a girl find out about Amazing Racers. I coulda been one of those people that said, follow me, I'll take you there. SHEESH, I coulda been part of the show. But no, instead the Branson family was standing inside the Ramada asking questions, a place that is literally 2 minutes from my house. They got off on MY exit. So, for a brief moment in time, it was exciting, because I knew EXACTLY where they were, and they were SO close. And then I went right back to my disdain for this edition and their non-around the world asses. And in closing, I will say....there is a loving elimination god above and the "screamin Paolos" are GONE!!! THANK YOU!! I couldn't take one more second with their rude, disgusting, horrible behaviour. If any child of mine, EVER treated me like that (no matter that she IS a totally annoying, nagging, annoying mother) I'd kick his sorry butt from here to eternity. Uh uh, you do NOT disrespect!!

Speaking of disrespect, I freaking HATE my 6th grade class. They are seriously the most uncontained, disrespectful class I've ever seen. And this is because their classroom teacher is a complete worthless dill. He has ABSOLUTELY NO control over them, so consequently, we get to deal with that. We get NOTHING accomplished, because I spend my entire time disciplining, or getting them quiet, or settled down. I HATE it. Yesterday, one of the little punks says, right at me practically, as they were waiting to come into class, and as 2nd graders are standing RIGHT there..."This sucks balls." Um, EXCUUUUUSE ME? You did NOT just say that in front of me, and 33 7 year olds. I was NOT amused. I promptly sent him to the office, because he wasn't welcome in my class. I'm just sad for kids too, 'cause you can just tell that so many of them have CRAP for parents and crap for lives. Eden just wrote a great entry about that, and I totally agree. It's a bit heartbreaking at times to catch "glimpses" of what their life might be like. And you can ALWAYS tell which kids have a more well adjusted, better home life. UGH!!!

Ok, time to talk Next Top Model talk. Tyra bugs the crap out of me. Jayla is evil and mean. Lisa is annoying. Kim is a horrible model, but quite pretty. I like Nik, for all her long nosed wierdness. But seriously, that show is so addicting to me.

Oh, and can we talk Biggest Loser? If you're not watching that, then you just have no heart. That show is SOOOO GREAT!! Matt looked 4 million times better when he cut his hair. But, major shame on him for GAINING 12 lbs. in ONE week, as strategy. BOO! I just LOVE that show. I cry half the time, and it's so awesome to see the changes in these people. It also inspires me to keep it goin. I SO need a trainer and gym equipment at my beck and call 24/7. I could kick some ass. Ok, that's probably not true. I've come to the conclusion that really, I'm too freaking lazy for my own good. If I think something is gonna hurt, well then, I just avoid it. Last night for instance...I DID go walking at the track all by myself. BUT, the whole time I had to mentally beat myself and FORCE myself to keep going, 'cause I just wanted to stop after 3 laps. I was bored. Then, I walked up and down the bleacher stairs FOUR times. That might not seem like a lot, but IT WAS. My legs were like jelly. Then I walked around the track a few more times. But, as I was walking, I was thinking, I need to go home and do leg lifts and hip cruncher things. I'm a freaking flab fest. But, then I remembered, it would hurt real bad, and so I just went home and watched TV. Seriously, I need a TRAINER in my life to sit on my feet and yell at me and FORCE me to hurt. OY!

Ok, one last TV thing. Can anyone tell me WHY the hell Elliot and Olivia are never TOGETHER on Law & Order SVU this season? Why are they screwing with a team and formula that totally worked before. Frankly, it's irritating me and I'm about ready to write in. AS if that would do anything. OH really, I just slay me.

Well, I have a MILLION things/errands to run around and do today. So, I should get my scrambled eggs made and eaten so I can shower and proceed with my day. This afternoon I have to go to MCC and work on blocking/cleaning up some numbers. Good times.

And finally, because I CAN.....a "lovely" pic of Jer and I taken in July. Oh so happy am I that my face no longer looks like it's exploding.


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