November 19, 2005 | 3:50 p.m.
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Well good Hell, how have so many days just passed me by already? OY!

I'm watching my bros. kids this weekend, so the baby is out watching cartoons, the boys are off with their friends, and I'm at the computer spending ridiculous sums to fly home for Christmas. Well, I say home, but what I really mean is, Jers hometown. Actually, we got a really good deal, we got round trip flights to Chicago for $209.00 with all the taxes and surcharges. Our flight out is a non-stop which is GLORIOUS, but the flight back has one stop in Atlanta. But good freaking hell it was an ordeal to get the tickets. I had to buy the tickets for Jers Mom and Sister on our credit card, and it wouldn't let me get that fare with 4 adults. So, in the process of buying them 2 at a time, one of the flights disappeared. SOOOOOOO NOW we're on 2 different flights going out, but the same one coming back. What a pain in the butt! But, at least we got a good fare, and we'll only be gone for 10 days this time. We fly out Christmas Eve, and back on the 3rd. I really do love going back there to visit the fam, and spend Christmas. But, I just don't like being gone for very long, I get stir crazy, and miss my house. I just looked up rental cars, and holy cheap deals batman, I'm looking at a full week for $153.00. Niiiiiiiiiice. So, hey, it's just money, right?

In other news, I have officially lost over ONE HUNDRED pounds. Oh, I kid not, as of 2 days ago, it was 103 lbs. gone FOREVER! I'm not gonna lie, I feel awesome, I feel great, I feel happy, I feel freaking sassy!!! I can't wait to see what the next 50 lb. loss brings.

With this accomplishment in mind, I treated myself to some fabulous new clothes. My sis and I went shopping from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. last weekend. Non-stop, well except for that lunch break. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome that felt to be able to shop and walk like that and not stop EVER to sit, rest, revive myself. I would have NEVER been able to do that 3 months ago. Hell, 3 months ago I could barely leave the house. Man, it was a FUN day, and consequently I look freaking sassy, and hot and fun! I feel up to date. I even went and bought the gold plated Oprah bra. No really, I'm thinking there had BETTER be some gold chips hiding in there, since I had to pay $64 big ones for it. But, it's worth it, it really is. My girls have never looked perkier or been firmer. My shirts look great, and all is well. I'm wearing my new jeans right now, and seriously, they feel Grrrrrreat. Now, if I could only figure out shoes. I'm such a shoe nerd, it's ridiculous. I just can't find any that look good on me, or that fit my flinstone style feet. But, hopefully they'll continue to slim down a bit too.

I got to judge a music theatre competition this weekend. THAT was fun. I LOVE getting to judge competitions, getting to see and hear so many different vocal stylings. I think that I'm fair, but sometimes I can be a little critical of their emoting and acting, because I just don't get how people don't GET it. Anywho, I totally got paid to do this, WHO KNEW? I had NO idea I was getting paid. What a freaking fabulous surprise. It'll be helpful for all these plane tickets I just purchased, haha.

So, I have to create three different tests for my kids this week, and I haven't even begun. UGH! Also, apparently grades are due on Monday. HELLO, was anyone ever gonna tell me this? I'm so sure. I don't have a CLUE what to do, or how I'm s'posed to be grading these kids. BAH!

Tonight I'm going to my friends birthday dinner. I'm wearing my sassy jeans, with this super hot looking deep purple, sequin topped cami and a jean jacket. It is FUN! It's even funner seeing people for the first time since the surgery. Their reactions are fun! Of course, if I had a picture to share, I would, but alas, you'll just have to wait until after Thanksgiving. The 27th is my monthly anniversary date, so new pics will be taken then.

Well, best get into the bathroom to spruce myself up, and get ready for my dinner date. Thank goodness for Tracer and her willingness to help me out and babysit the kidders for an hour or so. Oh suck, I'm the loserist friend ever, I forgot to go get her a card. Why do I suck so bad?

And in final news, school is going along quite well, except my 8th graders. They're really not bad, but they just are out of control, and they frustrate me. I'm having a hard time reigning them in. But other than that, I'm enjoying myself. Amazing how much "easier" teaching is when you feel so much better physically.

Ok, peace out my friends!!!

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