November 27, 2005 | 2:50 p.m.
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Ok, so much to say, so tired to think about it. First things first, check out the new shoes. I mean, yes, they ARE cute, and I'm quite pleased with how they look. BUT, MORE importantly, they are an entire size smaller. Yes, they are size 10W, instead of 11W. Now, don't think this is a new "normal", 'cause it aint. BUT, it's still fun to say I have a size 10 on. FUN! Now, the BIG news is, today marks FOUR MONTHS post-op. The grand total weightloss as of 1:00 this afternoon is..... Drum roll please...... 110 lbs. GONE FOREVER. Oh, I kid not, 110 BABY!. So, for a little fun, I took a shot in the original pre-op outfit. I have some mroe, but this one shows the extra material in front. The pants are HUGE on me (as well they should be, SHEESH!) I can take them on and off without unzipping them. I just can't wait for the day when all of me fits on one leg of mmy former clothes. That will be so cool. I was quite pleased to note that I'd lost 7 lbs. this week. Who the heck knew? I totally didn't think that would happen. First of all, no real walking/exercise was happening. Secondly, I TOTALLY ate pie and chocolate. Granted my pie intake over two whole days was the equivelant of one normal size piece, but still. I ate stuffing, I ate a roll, I ate at 11:00 at night one night. So, not the best behaviour. However, it is not my normal behaviour, and I'm certainly not off the wagon so to speak. This surgery is too much of a gift for me to just throw it away. Plus, I NEVER want to eat like I used to again. I felt like complete HUD, and there is a reason for that. Besides, I don't EVER want to wear these pants again. hehe So anyway, without further ado. Here are the most recent pics of yours truly, wearing my sassy jeans and my booby shirt. I have to say, these aren't the best pics, I'm a little disappointed in the quality, but hey, it was a cheap camera. In other news, Thanksgiving was a delightful affair with lots of yummy food and great family hang out time. I didn't feel slighted or cheated in the eating department at all. Took the nieces to the park, it was hotter than hell here in ol' AZ, so that sorta sucked. But, it was fun to walk over to the park and play on the swings and slides with them. I also took my nephew for a walk that night, cruisng around the neighborhood. It feels so good to be able to move. Did a lot of game playing, chatting and enjoyhing. My sis and her fam are down from Utah, and she has the cutest kids. It's always fun to see them. This was her first time seeing me since right after the surgery. She was quite pleasantly surprised by my shrinkage. This IS the sister that is a personal trainer, size 4, workout fanatic. She's TINY, we don't know WHERE she came from. haha The only real downer came when Jer turned up really sick. He spent the entire night Thursday barfing his brains out, and being sick the other way too. It was awful. I felt so bad for him. He was sick all day Friday, but my Dad and bro. came and gave him a blessing of health, and he was able to perform in his show Friday, and was totally better on Saturday, other than he'd lost his voice from all the barfing. However, we just had lunch at my Moms and then Jer left to go home. He just called to tell me, he's sick again. He feels the barf starting. I feel so bad for him. I can't imagine what this could be, or why it's attacking him with such a vengance. UGH! I'm quite thankful it hasn't attacked me, for I do not want to be sick. So, I totally got up at the asscrack of dawn on Friday and did the shopping thing. I have NEVER even thought of stepping foot into a shopping venue on Black Friday before, but dangit, this year the lure of the ad got me. There was just a deal or two that I could NOT pass up. See, this will be the first time since we got married that I'm really buying much of anything for Jer for Christmas. We've always been too poor, and I'm WAY to logical for Christmas. I have no use for all the firvolous gift giving. if you want to give me a present, pay one of my bills, give me useful giftcards, etc. But, Jer is just an overgrown 5 year old, still waiting for Santa to drop the motherlode. So, this year I'm excited, 'cause I have some extra money, and he's having a GOOD Christmas. Anyway, braved the lines at 6:00 a.m. and then ended up meeting up with one of my sisters and going to all her stores. I was fully on public display with bedhead, no makeup and just plain nastylookingness. Ended up that way until 5:00 p.m. But, it was a fun and productive day. That night one of my other sisters and Lanners and I went out and saw "Prime". People, I am here to tell you, DON'T waste your time. That movie was dumb, but I can truly say, it had the worst/DUMBEST ending of a movie I've EVER seen. Wow! But, it was fun to hang with the girls. My sis ended up spending the weekend at our house, since her husband and kids were out of town at his parents house (she had to stay and get her crazy shopping done). Yesterday I spend the whole day cleaning my dust riddled family room and decorating for Christmas. Finally got ready around 5:00 and went to Avenue to find something for my Mother in law. That woman truly has NO clothes. But, I'm here to confess that I'm a totally bad person, and completely out of control. Because, I didn't get her anything, but I bought myself some totally cute pants and a shirt. I know, I'm totally in a shame spiral over this. But, in my defense, there was NOTHING there that looked like her, OR that would have fit her. Poor woman, tragic shape. After that, I picked up my sis from my house and we spent the next 2 hours fiendishly looking for some maternity dresses for her. It was exhausting! We found No dresses, but some DANG cute skirts and shirts. She looked A for adorable in church today. I'm sooooo tired, and I know that really I need to go home and face my planning for school this next week. However, that sounds entirely unappealing. I really just want to take a nap and then play with my family. Which in all honesty is what I'll end up doing. Then at midnight tonight I'll be freaking out and working on gettintg something planned. Good thing drama is WAY easier to come up with stuff than music. I'm so much more relaxed about life this time around. Oh, HELLO, here is some HUGE news!!! My beloved Stephen is flying me out to New York on Thursday, and I'll spend the weekend with him, seeing shows and just having a fabulous time. I can't WAIT. I'm a little nervous, because only center seats were left on the airplane, and good hell, even if I were skinny I wouldn't deal well with that. But, there is still A LOT of me, and I fear for the poor people I'm gonna lop onto. UGH! But, I think I can make it through that with the thought of seeing New York at Christmas. I'm totally excited to see the Christmas Tree at Rockafeller Plaza, and see the City in the throws of Christmas decore. I'm gonna see Sweet Charity for sure, and then I'd like to try and see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, or maybe Color Purple, or Putnam County Spelling Bee. Oh the fun of it all!!!! Well, this is sufficiently long enough! I do hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. Have a great day!! Al

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