January 13, 2006 | 4:50 p.m.
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Well color me shocked! I finally made it to 200 entries and I didn't even know it. In fact, this marks my 206'th entry. What a let down. I'd been "waiting" for that magical 200th, so I could make some big deal about it. Heh heh, I'm retarded!!!

It's been a friggin month since I've written, what's up with that? I'll tell you what, I just can't seem to gather up enough whatever to write. I've even slowed WAY down on my reading. It could be this whole back at school teaching thing. I'm freaking tired. Hell, there are even stretches of days that I go without even getting on the computer, checking e-mail or anything. Let me tell you, that is never a good thing. When I miss a few days, I have at least 150 e-mails to go through. Ok, I say "go through" but really what I mean is, to delete. I literally will get ONE real e-mail in that dumpload of 150.

Anywho, Christmas was spent in Chicagoland with the husbands family. There was DRAMA, but it's been resolved. Oh, not drama with Jer and I, but drama with his bro. and sis. in law. Talk about people with issues. Holy crap in a bucket, I learned so much about Jers dad, his family, their life, etc. on this trip. It explains a lot. WACK jobs, I tell ya. And then, I was reminded once again what a freaking fairy tale life I've had with my family and parents. I'm blessed, I know it, I'm grateful for it, so let's move on.

I have to admit, I was a TAD hurt that NOONE commented on my New York trip. I mean good hell, I actually updated on a successive basis there for a minute, and no comments. Whatever, I'm over it.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to upload our trip pictures so I can show you teh latest. The weightloss total is at 135 lbs. and all is well. Clothes shopping has become all together too fun for me, and I really should stop. I'm only 9 lbs. away from having my license tell the truth. The benefits in the bedroom have been faboo, and I'm just pleased as punch. Oh, I also got my haircut into a rather fun and sassy flippy do, and I'm enjoying that. In fact, I've turned to the dark side...I am now a flat iron user. I know right....1999 called, they want their iron back, sorry, I'm always a good few years behind the trends. I accept it, you should too.

Christmas was fun this year in the sense that Jer opened all his presents a week and half before Christmas. We didn't want to deal with lugging presents to and fro from Chicago. And, it was fun 'cause I had a little money to spend, so I spoiled the boy. He got a portable dvd player, a digital camera, cologne, a cool watch, a DVD and clothes. Let me tell you, the DVD and the camera, BEST PURCHASES EVER!!! Christmas was also great because that meant TWO GLORIOUS weeks NOT IN SCHOOL or teaching students. I was sooooo happy. And alas when the hideous 9th of January came, I was sad. Not that I don't like the kids, but, you all know, I like my free time. It's ok though, it really is.

So, on the 9th my parents had their 41st wedding anniversary. They're so great, and kudos to anyone surviving marriage that long.

Have I mentioned on here that every elligable woman in my immediate family is birthing a child this year? NO? Well, they ARE! My sister J is having a girl in March, my sis in law L is having a boy in May, my THIRTY NINE year old sister D (whose youngest are 12 yr. old twins) is having a baby in July, and then my youngest sis Dx just announced that she too will be joining the party with baby #3 coming in September. So, I'm super happy and all for them, but I'm feeling a skosh left out. And then at the same time, the thought of having a baby is just a big horrifying to me as well. So, who the heck knows. Jer and his complete schizoness is begging for a baby one day and running in fear at the thought of it the other. It's nutty.

OH MY GOSH....I almost forgot to mention that I got the treat of the century last week when my bestest friend in teh whole wide world called and told me she was coming to town. She lives in Colorado, and I haven't seen her in about 2 1/2 years. She and her youngest (7 mo. old) came and stayed with us for almost a week. It was glorious and marvelous and oh so fun. She's just such a nut, and so funny, and crazy, and wonderful. I miss her so freaking much and wish they would move back here. There is a small possibility, but I'm not holding my breath. I do have to say though, she's a mom with 4 kids, a husband with a "real" job, and they have a "grown up" life, and sometimes I just feel a little retarded around my old friends. Like, I just never thought this is what my life would be. Not that I hate it, but it's just NOT what I ever pictured with my life. And, it's different, it's not average and "normal", so there are times when I think my "old" friends don't know what to do with me. Eh, I don't know, I'm sure it's fine.

I need to say to Jody, if you're reading this...I REALLY hope that you're ok. I tried writing you an e-mail and it got returned to me. I see you've changed your password again. That is ok, I'm not trying to pry or get in your business. Please just know that you are being thought of, and that I worry about you, and hope for you. IF you want to talk, you know my e-mail.

Ok friends, with that, my back is KILLING me!!!



Ok, so I found ONE pic my hubbo had on his file. This was Christmas day. Peace and Love peeps.

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