January 19, 2006 | 6:56 p.m.
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I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad I can hardly take it. I was halfway through a freaking FUNNY entry and then I lost it all. DAMN this stupid diaryland. I hit some key accidentally and suddenly all my wit and wisdom was GONE! Oh the humanity!!

Just want to say, I love Kimbo 'cause she totally gave me a shoutout in my guestbook. I don't even KNOW her and she wrote. So, THANKS Kimbo, whoever you are. I think you're just great! Now, do you have a diary too?

In other news, my little brother turned 29 the other day. I'm sorry, that is just WIERD! Is that even possible. My entire family is almost completely in their 30's. By the time my youngest sis is 30, in 2 more years, my oldest will be in her 40's. Ewww, I can't take it.

Wanna know what else I think. I think myspace is totally stupid and too trendy. I have a thing on there, ONLY becuase my husband insisted on signing me up so I could go and look at his myspace. But, I refuse to defect. There is just something comforting about being here at d-land. Maybe it's because I was a blog virgin and this here site took that virginity. I don't know, but whatever it is, I'm happy here. I read my favorite peeps and they're all on d-land, and dammit, I don't do change. So, screw myspace, that's what I say.

Jer is trying to start acting coaching, and tonight was his first "lesson" with his first official student. It's cute to listen to him. He was so nervous, but he'll be great at it. He really has so much knowledge. The only problem is, we're gonna have to start sharing the house, and frankly, there's only so much room in our little casa.

I'm so sad about my lost entry, 'cause it was all about my severe addiction to anything reality on TV. But, I'm just not capable of reproducing such wit. So, I'm just gonna say this...Jer and our friend Tracer are off to Vegas this weekend to audition for the Biggest Loser. I think it's FABULOUS! I really think that Tracer is a PERFECT candidate, and they'd be stupid not to take her. I hope it goes well!!!

Whelllll, that's all there is, because now I'm off to watch my DVR'D Project Runway. LOVE THAT SHOW!!!

And for being good little readers, I'm including my two latest pics. No reason, other than it's fun. Gold is fun!!!

Later friends,


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