March 26, 2006 | 7:44 a.m.
<- But I don't GET sick! ->

What the?? So, I'm going along minding my own business, when all the sudden my throat is swollen shut and I can't even swallow or talk. I woke up yesterday morning with a little tiny patch in my throat hurting. At first I just thought it was a dry patch that you sometimes get when you wake up. I figured it'd go away after awhile, however, I was incorrect in that assumption. It continued to hurt all day, but nothing too big. By late last night it was STILL bothering me, but I didn't believe it'd be a problem. Ummm, I was confused! Almost from the moment I laid down last night it began to get worse. I could not swallow all night, and the pain was getting worse. Now, it feels completely swollen shut on the right side especially, and somehow attached to my eardrum. I tried to look at it with a flashlight, but number one, I swear I have a huge oversize tongue, and number 2, when I opened my mouth wide enough, I started gagging. So, I didn't get much of a look. My glands are all swollen and painful, and that can't be good. I just called my Sis. in law to tell her about it and ask if she'd lead the music in church for me. I literally could not get more than 2 words out at a time before I started gagging violently. This is sucktastic!!! What the heck can I take, or swallow? I don't have a clue, and I don't have time in life to be sick. OY! Anyway, that's my life at this moment. But now, I'll backtrack a few days.

Thursday I literally went to school for one hour. Got there at 9:30, had my 4th and 5th graders combined, and we ran through their show. It was rough, but we're getting there. As soon as we were done, I cleaned up my room and I was outty. Spent the whole day with my sis. and her adorable children from Utah, my other sis. and her new baby, and Taters and Lanners. We had a nice lunch at Krazy Sub (Jer and my other sis. met us there) and then hung out at new babies house for awhile. I finally got home around 5:30, taught a lesson at 6:00, then watched some telly, ate some dinner, helped Jer with his lines, etc. At 8:00 my favorite boy student came over. He's so funny, he just likes to come to talk to me, he calls me his therapist. So, true to form, he told me ALL aobut his Spring Break, all about the books he read and that he's going to read. We sang through his song once. I'm always telling him I feel guilty, he should sing more, but he doesn't care, nor does his Mom. So, it's a comical little arrangement. I love that kid. After he left, Jer and I watched some more TV and then went to bed. Friday he had to go to school, I did not. I slept in and it was GREAT! Went to the gym later in the morning, then came home and got ready. Oh, Thursday I took my car in to get the brakes fixed, Friday I picked it up. I'm soooo happy! It didn't cost NEARLY as much as I thought it would, and it drives oh so much better. Anyway, spent the day at the parentals, hanging out with my sis and brother, playing catch with the kids and sitting on the front lawn, because it was a GORGEOUS day! I also went to Avenue and bought a few things. I bought a shirt in 14/16, crazy I tell ya, CRAZY! I got some smokin deals, since I had so many coupons. I really love Avenue for that reason, they ALWAYS give you coupons, and you can usually find good deals anyway. That is my big complaint against Lane Giant, they NEVER have real sales and their coupons are only once in awhile and totally conditional. It's irrtating! Anywho, I came home around 5:00 to get ready for "He Is Jesus Christ" which Jer was performing in at Gammage Auditorium. In the meantime, Jer had had a hideous realization that he didn't own a white shirt that fit. So, he'd rushed down to the local fat man store, and forty two dollars and a kick in the ass later he had a white shirt. Can you freaking believe that? FORTY TWO DOLLARS, for a white shirt! It just pisses me off thinking about it. Moving on.
My brothers good friend Rob wrote this hour long musical presentation about Christ, and it's absolutely beautiful. He wrote it almost 9 years ago while he was a missionary in France. When he first came home, he gathered all his friends, and any volunteers and we put this show on in Ward buildings with a few volunteer violinists and a pianist. I even performed on the original CD recording of it. He has since re-recorded it with a bigger orchestra, and better studio. Anyway, Friday night he had a 40 piece orchestra, a HUGE choir of probably 150, great soloists and it was at freaking Gammage. It was truly beautiful, and I'm glad I went. In the fall he did Joseph Smith the Prophet at Gammage, on two nights and SOLD IT OUT! If you don't understand that, Gammage seats about 4000 people, and he freaking sold out at Gammage. That is HUGE! Well, this one didn't sell out (due to a PR snafu) but it was reallllly full. So, in this coming Fall he's planning to do a production of his other musical "Saints and Pioneers", can't wait to see that one. Too bad for whatever reason he doesn't like my voice, 'cause he never asks me to be one of his soloists. Frankly, I won't lie, it pisses me off to no end. He chooses some people that suck ASS, but for whatever reason he likes their voice. Whatever, his loss. At least Jer gets to perform, because Rob has deemed his worthy. Actually, Jer always plays the Mormon hater or bad guy in these shows. He told Rob once, "could you just right Satan the musical so I can be the lead?" Well, it was funny to us. Anywho, after the show, we went to Fridays for some latenight dinner with Jers Mom (a non-mormon who came to the show and liked it), Tracer, my oldest sister, her husband (he sang in the show too) and his Mom. That is the first time in a LONG time that I've eaten that late, and at Fridays. Frankly, I didn't really enjoy it, but it was fun to be with friends and family. This brings me to Saturday. I again slept in, rather enjoying the luxury of it all. When I got up, I got dressed in my gym attire and was heading out the driveway when I called my sis. from utah, wondering why noone was answering at my Moms. She said they were on their way to the baby shower of our cousin. D'OH! I had completely forgotten about it. So, I simply pulled back in the driveway, ran inside and took a super quick, non wash my hair shower. I made it to the shower with 45 minutes to spare. We have a shower next weekend for another cousins fiance. I'm tellin ya, when you come from a LARGE, close knit Mormon family, you have freaking showers every other week for babies, marriages, etc. Anywho, after the shower, I took my sis. with the new baby with me back to the parents, we hung out with Utah sis. and then all took a trip to the Mall to buy some shoes. I HAD to get some new shoes, because I bought these super cute new chocolate brown capris, and I put them on to wear to the shower, only to discover I truly had NO shoes to go with them at all. So, you see, I was FORCED to get something that would work. Anyway, we were quite the caravan of strollers and babies and women, with my brother being the only male. We stayed at the mall for a short time, and then headed home. Utah Sis. had put together an impromptu bbq for the fam so we could all be together in one place and hang out. So, we ran to Costco and the grocery store and started the food prep. All in all it was a delicious and delightful evening. Jer even came and stayed for a long time, and for him, that's a novelty. Before I went home for the night I had to play my Dad a couple games of Boggle. Of course I won a couple, he won a couple, and all went to bed happy. So, it's been a busy weekend, and I have not done a thing for school. I know, this doesn't surprise anyone, but it does stress me out a bit. But hey, if my throat is gonna be swollen shut, maybe I'll get out of school for tomorrow. Yeah, I know, I'm a sucky teacher! UGH!

Well, I think I'm gonna try and lay down for a little nap.


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