March 28, 2006 | 11:29 a.m.
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So yeah, day number two, NOT at school. Gotta love that! Sunday night was a cruel exercise in sleep deprivation, coughing and pain. So, I got up and made the phone call that I would NOT be in school that day. Then, I made an appointment with my doctor (whom I loathe). My appointment was for 2:45, they called me back at 3:30...asses! He came in for a gram total of 3 minutes, squoze my already swollen and sore glands SO hard I nearly cried, swabbed my throat, which made me gag violently all over him, and looked in my ears and throat. He said my throat looked pretty bad, and he's treating me for strep, even though we don't know that it's strep for sure. I cleverly remembered to ask him or tell him rather that I'd had gastric, so big pills weren't my friend. He kinds prescribed liquid amoxicillin, I love being 5 yrs. old all over again, it's great! Anywho, I called school and told them I wouldn't be in today as well, they cried. Ok, just kidding, they didn't cry, but they did sigh. The nice thing about being a "specials" teacher is, it's much easier if you're not there. The kids just don't have a special that day, as opposed to you being an actual classroom teacher, where you MUST have a sub. Anywho, I turned my prescription in and came home. Jer came home from school and asked me to help him with his lines for The Nerd. So, I did it as long as I could, before I was gagging all over myself and hurting to much. Then I promptly fell asleep on the couch. At 6:30 I woke up and hurried off to pick up my perscription, and he hurried off to rehearsal. I decided after the pickup that I really wanted some icecream, something cold going down my throat. So, I went to Dairy Queen and got a coconut cream pie blizzard. Ummm, while delicious, not so great for me. I ate maybe just under 1/2 of it (it was a small) and got sick. That's what happens when I eat ice cream, or a lot of dairy. I know this, and yet I insist on putting myself through the misery now and again. So, I just layed on the couch and moaned in tummy misery until it passed. I watched a BUTT load of TV, and frankly I'm just really sick of TV now. Well, at least until tonight when it's time for Amazing Race, American Idol and Nashville Star. No, for real, have you watched Nasville Star? There is some good talent on there, and I enjoy that they have to write their own songs sometimes too. Wynona is a bit stiff, but I still love her, 'cause THAT is a great voice!!

Danielle, thanks for sharing the Johnathan is a freak love. Of COURSE you purchased some of his product, why does this not surprise me? I'm glad to hear that it is actually good stuff. Does he charge an arm and a leg or just your first born child for his stuff? My question is this...why, if he's SO FREAKING busy, WHY does he still insist on doing random peoples hair. I could understand if he kept a few of his celebrity clients, or those that have been with him for 25 years, but WHY total random walk ins? He's soo retarded!

Ok Kimbo, you must tell me who you are. It's killing me here. Did you find me through Reva? You know Rob? You went to ASU? This is just nutty.

So, I haven't been able to go to the gym for 2 days, and frankly it's ticking me off. I don't want to get out of the habit. I knwo, I realize I'm a sicky, but STILL!!

Oh, as far as pics go, CRAP! It is time for my 8 month pic, maybe I'll pull myself together enough to get really ready today and have my pappy take some pics. I just don't know if I like anything I have to wear. But, don't give up hope, they will come soon, I promise!

Well, my back is hurting, this day is quickly getting away from me, and I still need to shower. I also need to go over and say goodbye to my sister who is going back to Utah today. I'm sad I didn't get to spend more time with her and her adorable children. I should get a picture of them, 'cause DAMN, they are cute!!!

Ok, peace out my friends!

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