March 29, 2006 | 10:10 a.m.
<- Kenny, is that you? ->

Kenny Rogers...let's discuss. I just finished watching last nights episode of Nashville Star. The man at the top of the show, singing a song was reportedly Kenny Rogers. Ummm, people, have you SEEN this imposter? I kid not, WHAT has happened to my Kenny? He's freakishly wrong looking. He hardly resembles his former self. It is truly plastic surgery gone WRONG. His face is all smooth and leathery, his eyes are bizarrely small, his nose is different, and he hobbles like a really old man. The only thing that identifies him is his awesome silver hair. I need to know, WHEN did this imposter take over Kenny's life? Why Kenny, WHY? I won't lie, I was a big Kenny fan, I loved the Gambler as much as the next 10 year old girl. Who didn't revel in "Islands in the Stream"? Who didn't find the wrinkly, silver haired singer a bit sexy? Well, I DID. Then, he disappears for years, and reappears as this, this experiment gone wrong. Oh entertainers, when will you learn, we like ye as ye is. Don't go changing, to try and please me. Sigh.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. It really creeped me out, and I needed to vent. In other Nashville Star talk...there is some great talent on that show. However, the judges are just retarded. Ok, don't get me wrong, I totally dig Phil Vassar, 'cause he TOTALLY looks like my cousin, and I think he's a nice guy. But seriously, all they ever do is fall all over themselves, telling each contestant how hot and awesome they are. Then, when they DO give a criticism, it's totally unmerited, or retarded. I don't get it, they can't ALL be ready for a record deal right now, or else they'd all probably have one already. But, for the record, I like Kristen, Matt and Chris, oh and Nicole, 'cause she's a hot rockin mama. If any of you watch, feel free to let me know what you think.

As you may have noticed, I'm sitting at home AGAIN, enjoying the luxury of NOT being in school. I was thinking all day yesterday that I would go to school today. I was just gonna show a video or something to all my classes, 'cause the idea of trying to talk over them or even too them seemed too hard. But, after talking to the music teacher yesterday afternoon (she called to discuss some things) I was talked out of going. She said that the medicine doesn't truly kick in for 36 hours (as far as contagiousness) and that she had my jr. high class covered anyway. So, with that "gentle nudge" I decided it was ok for me to stay home again. I have to admit, I feel 100% better. Antibiotics are AMAZING things, and I thank heaven for them. I was able to swallow by last night, and then I had my first uninterrupted night of sleep in almost 5 days. I'm still a teeny, tiny bit tender, but nothing that I can't handle. I love drugs, they rule! I'll be allllll good to go for tomorrow. HA, one day of school, I LOVE it. Actually, I'm subbing for my Moms 6th grade class on Friday, as she's off to Utah for conference.

Speaking of conference, it's quite hard to believe that Jer and I are a mere 6 days away from our FOUR YEAR anniversary. There were times when I wasn't sure we'd see this day, so it feels good to be here. I can't believe we've been married that long already, and I can't believe that we've been together for 7 years. WOW! I don't know what we'll do for the big day, but I'm sure I'll come up with something. If anyone has any fun ideas, feel free to share them.

So, I watched Blowout, and I gotta say, it was a kinder, gentler Johnathon this show. I rolled my eyes at his retardedness. I mean seriously, who reads "Hickory Dickory Dock" and gets emotional and makes the actual statement "wow man, this is heavy." And WHO sings "itsy bitsy spider" and cries. I'm so freaking SURE! That man is wound tighter than anybody I've ever seen. Whew! And once again, his hairstyles are el-sucko! But hey, he got to snowboard and do Marlee Matlins hair, so booyah, he's done! And the Pussycat Dolls...ummm, I just won't even go there. Those girls auditioning, yikes!

Let's discuss the Race. It was an excellent leg o' the race. I LOVED that BJ and Tyler one upped the disgusting frat boys. I HATED that Lake and Michelle caught up in the end. I just reallllllly, realllllly loathe that man. And frankly, I sort of loathe Michelle, 'cause she panders to him, she puts up with his utter shit. It's embarrassing how much she has to stroke his collossal ego, and his 2 year old antics. UGH!! How much did I love the build a statue roadblock. FUN! I was getting QUITE nervous and irritated with nerd girl Lorie for not just figuring out taht there were 2 extra pieces. Why is she the ONLY one who apparently couldn't get that. Even dumbo Dani figured that out. I was oh so nervous that Ray and Yolanda were out, which frankly they would have deserved for there completely direction challenged driving, but THANKFULLY they pulled it off. I love their relationship, they're very sweet and respectful with eachother. And, I love that he stayed calm and collected to the VERY end, THAT is what helped him put that statue together and get to the matt. Oh, did anyone see Phil get that look of total disgust on his face when the frat boys came in and made an unseemly remark. It's like, seriously, can anyone be THAT uncouth and gross! I'm so done with them!! I also really like MoJo, I think they work well together. However, the previews for next week don't show Monica in such a good light. Then again, I would be throwing a serious tantrum should I have to even come near that hideously large and smelly fish, much less carry it. Overall, it was a good show.

American Idol. Yeah, ummm, soooo, how about that Idol. Does this even merrit notice? It was really so foul in every way. Even my beloved Chris did a bad job. In fact, there was not even ONE that I thought was good. I thought Elliot was ok, and frankly, I thought Ace was alright. Katherine is still beautiful and can sing, but I didn't love her doing that song. Mandisa was HORRID! That song was HORRID!!!!!! Oh, I still love Taylor and all his turret freakiness, and I was diggin his new haircut and look. He looked fab, so up yours Simon. Bucky was his normal gross self, Paris still bugs the crap out of me. Yeah, she can perform, I'll give her that, but I DON'T LIKE HER! However, in the end, I'm fairly sure Lisa will be the one hitting the road tonight. Bye Lisa, Bye.

I took some pics yesterday of my cute niece and nephew, and of me. However, they are NOT my favorite pictures, 'cause I have that look of, I'm not quite all well. But, I need to get them uploaded and shrunk down, THEN I can post some. I need Jers help for this stuff, so maybe tonight, maybe not 'til this weekend.

My back is freaking killing me, and I need to take a shower. I have GOT to go get my water jugs filled, we've been out for a week, and that is NOT good. I need to get some hairspray, print some pictures, call some students and think about what the heck to do about getting my taxes done. All while continuing to "recuperate" from my illness. And one last thing...why the heck am I coughing all the time now? Answer me that!

Peace out!

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