March 29, 2006 | 9:50 p.m.
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NEWFLASH!!! America voted, and they voted WRONG! This belongs in the category of "what the F mom?" How is it even possible that Katherine McPhee, the truly classiest, most beautiful and TRULY MOST TALENTED person in this whole American Idol competition was in the bottom three. HOW? HOW is Bucky, I'm one chromosome away from an ape, not in the bottom three? The only viable explanation here is....Americans got sloppy. They all believed that everyone else had Katherines back, so they didn't vote, or put a vote in for someone who really needed it. Well, THINK AGAIN PEEPS! This calls for some serious repentance and action. Next week, there shall NOT be such blasphemy again. Pick up your phones and vote for Katherine, no matter what. Good hell, I was prepared to walk away from the Idol forever if she got booted. No really, I was, you couldn't stop me. But, if I'm being perfectly honest, and not quite so melodramatic, I KNEW Lisa was going home. I guess I'm just MORE bugged that Bucky wasn't in the bottom three. Here's hoping that next week is a hell of a lot better than this one.

So, reallllly good news on Top Model. Gina (I talk like I'm half deaf and retarded) is GONE! I could not be happier. I mean, aside from her hideous speaking and character flaws...girl could NOT model to save her life. And sometimes friends, just having high cheekbones is NOT good enough. I really like Danielle, she's just a cool girl, even if the gap in her teeth is unattractive. She takes great pics and she's cool. Jade is a bitch from the word go, and I need her to leave the house. She is poison and too full of herself, and...she makes me crazy. I also really like Nnenna and Sarah, both quite lovely, and they've got great potential! You know, this modeling stuff is way harder than it looks don't you? hee hee Poor babies, having to "think" and stuff to come up with those difficult poses, and getting paid ridiculous sums of money. I mean honestly, WHY do they get paid so freaking much to stand and look pretty, or walk and look hideous on runways? Our world is so freaking screwed!

I'm prepping myself mentally for my return to school tomorrow. I'm such a pansy! I have to go for ONE day, big freaking whoop, and yet I need to prepare mentally and such. At least I have 4th and 5th grades, so I can run their show with them. It's the 1st graders that I'm just UGH! They need to work on their show, but their attention span is so non-existent and they're bored of running their lines. I tell ya, I'll be so glad when these are all over. And yet, THEN what the hell do I do for the rest of the year? I'm gonna have to start coming up with lesson plans or something. Yeah, I'm so not a teacher. My kudos to you Danielle, 'cause you are hte lover of teaching, and I'm sure quite stupendous at it. My sis and Mom are amazing at it as well. Me, this is why my major was performance, NOT education. It's all coming back to me, it's coming back to me noooooooow. That reminds me of a little story.....

After I served the mish, I came home in June of '06. I promptly moved to Utah to live with my sis. and bro. in law and work at BYU. I hung out with all my mission friends all the time, and it was grand. In Dec. of that year, one of the ladies I knew on my mish (a convert) was getting married in the Chicago Temple and I was invited. So, I flew my booty back there, went through with her for her endowments and then attended her wedding the next day. It was lovely, lovely to see her so happy, lovely to see her making this important and beautiful step in her life, and lovely to see elders from the mish that were now civilians like me. So, it's the next day, we're back in Michigan (where she lives) and it's time for the reception. So, there is dancing, and if you know me at all, you know I do not DO the dancing. I just don't, I'm self conscious and look stupid trying. So, I was hanging out, enjoying the festivities when V (one of my favorite Elders, a big ol' Polynesian boy) comes up and says, "ok Sh>>>>>, let's dance." Well, if this wasn't awkward enough, seeing as I'd spent all my time knowing him as an Elder, as someone I wasn't allowed to touch, or be alone with, let alone dance with...it was wierd. But, we were home from our missions, so it was therefore legal. Well, on top of that, I feel stupid dancing, I have body issues people, oh dear. But, here's the best part....he asks me to dance at the top of Celine Dions whatever it's called "nights of endless wonder, it's all coming back...." It is a SEVEN minute song people. SEVEN MINUTES we shuffled slowly out there on the dance floor. AWWWWWWWKKKKKKKWWWWAAAARRRDDD! So yeah, that's my story. Sorry, I always have to go the long ass way around. Good thing he was a funny, cool guy, or I mighta had to run away. Aaaaah, the good old days. Freaky to think that THAT was nearly 10 years ago. He's married now, with 3 kids. Hell, WHO ISN'T married now with a gaggle of kids. Of all my companions, I'm the only one, no, that isn't true, I have 2 companions that aren't married yet, and one that is, but doesn't have kids. So, I, wait, 3 that aren't married. Never mind, I'm feeling much better already. Does it count that those that aren't married, one is a lesbian (I kid not), another is certifiably crazy, and the third has severe health problems, that frankly, I'm not sure if she's even with us anymore. I love that girl, she was a 4 ft. 9 inch spitfire. She'd had 3 kidney transplants by the time she served a mission. Her third failed sometime after the mission, and the last time I talked to her was a few years ago, and she was on the list for another. So, I lost track of her, and I'm sort of afraid to find out, 'cause I'll be really sad if she's gone. Oh, and one of my companions, the one that IS married, but childless, she's a truckdriver, with her husband. SO RANDOM! So, I guess that leaves me with, 5 that are married with kids. Look at me, just rambling like a fool on crack.

I must be off to get ready for bed. Big doins tomorrow, biiig doins, what with going back to school and all. hehe

Don't get used to all this updating, 'cause i'll probably fall off the face of the earth again. It's just how I do things.

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