April 13, 2006 | 8:54 p.m.
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Ahhhhh me! Here it is, Thursday night, and I'm home, alone, nothing to do. Not that I'm really complaining, it's just...it feels wierd. I'm reallly tired, but fear getting ready for bed, lest Jer calls after his show, and wants to go out, or me to go out with him. Ooh, speaking of Jers show...

Last Thursday night was his "opening" for The Nerd. He is playing THE NERD, and may I just say, it is a hysterically funny show! I was sooo proud of him, he did/does SUCH a fantastic job in the part. Trust me, I KNOW how much work he's put into it. I've had to run the damn lines of the show with him every day for over a month. I was afraid I'd hate the show because I "knew" it so well. But, rest assured, it was AWESOME. I laughed so much, and again, I was just soo pleased and proud of Jer. He's having a ball doing this show, and today he got an AMAZING review in the paper. The guy said that Jer was "flawless in his performance." How GREAT is that? His Mom got on the air with a local radio station and talked him and the show up. So look out world, the publicity is goin now. Yeah, so that's what was last weekend. Now I'm a weekend "widow" until May 13th.

I got a pedicure today, that was delightful. Imagine my surprise when I toodled on in to my favorite little Vietnamese shop, and there was my sister, just finishing up her pedicure. We sat and chatted for a good half hour, and then she had to get home to teach. Sun (my pedi guy) was very proud of me for not messin with my toes this month. That is TWO months in a row that I've been a very good little dooby and not touched my toenails. He pats me and says "very good Ally, you do good." This makes me a little smilely on the inside. Yeah me, I'm on the path to toenail glory.

So this week was standardized testing at school, which made my life oh so delightful. I had very little time that I had to be at school or teach. I LOVED it!! Tomorrow Jer doesn't have to be at school, so we will FINALLY be going to get our taxes done. I know, how ridiculous and embarrassing. It's freaking April 14 and we're JUST doing our taxes. Why the hell do I do this to myself every single year? Oh the joy of being a procrastinator. I'm a little scared we'll owe something, and that just makes me sick. But, let's all cross our fingers and hope for the best, like, there will be a return. UGH!

America, I'm pleased as punch with you..you did very well by getting rid of Bucky. Had to say, I was gonna be PISSED if Bucky wasn't in the bottom three last night. Lo and behold, not only was he IN the bottom three, but he got the boot. WOO HOO! My evening was capped off quite nicely when the hideous and evil Lake and Michelle were booted from Amazing Race. I have to say, that was one of the better episodes of this season. I also have to say, I freaking HATE the frat boys. I was sooooo pissed when they took the fast forward, and then they freaking won it. I HATE them! I was soo happy that FINALLY everyone was together and it wasn't gonna be their sorry asses first, AGAIN. But noooooo, they HAD to get the FF and they HAD to be first. At least Mojo is 2nd, and Ray and Yolanda redeemed themselves a little. But seriously, what is their deal? They get lost more than anyone! I nearly had a heart attack and cried when it looked like the hippies were goin down. Thank GOODNESS they pulled it together and made it. I don't care what anyone says, that frog hat was hysterical. My sis in law and I decided that if frog hat hippie would shave and cut his hair, there might be a little Luke Wilson under all that growth. What do you think? You think there is som possiblity for him?

Americas Next Top Model: I HAAAAATE Jade! I freaking hate her sooo much, there are flames, heaving, white hot, flaaames on teh side of my head, flames! (NAME THAT MOVIE quote that I just butchered) Why must I look at her ridiculous, self-absorbed ass one more week. UGH! Furthermore, I am no longer a fan of Nenna, she is proving to be a really unkind, bitchy person. I do love Sarah, Joanie and Danielle. So, today I happened upon an episode of the season with Tocarra and Eva Pigford. For some reason Vh1 shows that season endlessly. But that's not my point, my point is this...THAT season had some seriously good people in it! Like, A LOT of beautiful girls, adn girls who could walk, and take pictures and stuff. When I thought about them, compared to this current cycle, shooot, there just isn't any comparison. This season is WEAK! And, does anyone else wonder what happened to Nolay Marin, noted fashion editor? I for one DO wonder. I hate Ms. Jay, he's just a foul, creepy man.


Who is watching Top Chef? I freaking LOVE that show! Is anyone with me in thinking that chubby New York boy looks literally like he's retarded, especially if he takes his hat off. Something just is not right with him! And Dave has some serious Turretts twitching going on. His face and shoulders are constantly going. However, I like him, even if he does cry like a wee baby. I like Harold and I like Leeanne. Steven is the most arrogant, uptight, stick up his ass person I've ever seen. WOW! He needs some serious therapy.

I feel fat, and my hair is freaking me out. My impatient personality does NOT allow for this lose only a pound a week crap. I've only lost 2 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks. Uh, NO!!!

Reva, congrats on all the options. That is a realllly nice blessing to be able to have choices. Good luck with the decision making process. I for one vote you stay IN the country, but whatever...who am I to say?

Jody, I reallllly hope that you're ok. Your last entry was rather vague and a little unsettling.

Eden, hang in there! It sounds like you're doing a really good job of holding yourself together, and trying to have a positive attitude. I love ya, and think of you often. I totally need to call you and have you and your vast political knowledge inform my loser ass on a few things. So, get ready, 'cause I got questions.

Why is that? Why is it that some people are just so informed and knowledgable and really care about these things. And then there are the rest of us. Dorks, who just don't get it, or really care to get it, or even know how to understand the political speak when we do hear it. It's just all greek to me.

Ummmmmm, what the hell is up with gas prices? I'm just NOT understanding this ridiculous jump. I'm seriously ready to just hole myself up and never drive again. Good hell.

Easter is here...I bought Jer a cadbury egg. I know, I know...THAT is love. Hee hee. But for real, we're both singing songs in church on Sunday, my bro. and sis in law are speaking in church, and then we'll be going to the parentals for a lovely afternoon of hanging out and eating. I love family hangouts at the parentals. Speaking of, my poor, poor daddy. He has in infected salivary gland, basically he's in a crap load of pain and his face is ballooned out to cartoonishly large proportions on one side. He's been to several doctors and there is nothing they can do for it. He's on a bunch of heavy anti-biotics, and he just is s'posed to "drink a lot of water and suck on lemons." What the? Suck on lemons? Wierd! Poor Dad.

I'm sitting here TRYING to think of anything else that may have happened over the last week, and frankly folks, there is nothin. I have such a ho-hum boring life. So, with that said...I'm outy!

Have a good one.

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