June 08, 2006 | 8:50 a.m.
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Ok Kimbo, because you showed you cared, this is for you! haha

Yes, school is freaking OUT and I couldn't be happier! However, workshop is in session, and it's FREAKING me out this year. I sit and htink about blocking my numbers and I freaking got NOTHING. Today should prove interesting, as I HAVE to block the numbers. CRAP, I hate being creatively blank, I just hate it.

My husband no longer has a job, and the stories are FAR to long to tell. Suffice it to say, the "district" we work for are complete, inept, butt sucking ass holes and they treated him so horribly, I can't even go there. He resigned, 'cause ain't no way he was gonna take their crap anymore. So, after this month and his workshop money, I don't know what we're gonna do. I told him he needs to go drive a schoolbus, 'cause 1) it's a guaranteed job, 2) they pay fairly decently, as mindless jobs go, 3) it would work quite nicely with his new schedule. You see, my husband is going back to school and will finally getting his degree! He's very excited, 'cause he found out he's MUCH closer than we even thought. He'll have an associates by Spring and can transfer to the university next fall as a Junior and finish up his degree in another year. He's getting a theatre education degree, and right now he's talking about going straight on for the masters. So, we're going with that for now. One never knows with him, he changes directions more than any human should, but let's all hope he sticks with this one. So, we must start the process of financial aid, blah, blah, blah. The only sucky thing is, we won't have insurance again, but we'll figure something out. Once he goes to the university, he can get insurance for us there. He's in a math class right now, and he's doing pretty well. I am proud of him for this new phase in his life.

Anywho, now I'm in total quandry, 'cause I feel like I shouldn't go back and teach for these assholes. I mean, what kind of message am I sending? It's ok for them to piss all over him, but I'll come back and work for you anyway? UGH! So, I don't think I'm going back, as of right now. But, I'm just not sure, it's a scarey prospect. So, that's been a heavy load lately on the ol' mind.

In other news, we got a lovely storage unit installed outside our house, and I couldn't be happier. We had absoloutely NO storage here, and with all our school crap coming home, I was not about to live with boxes and crap piled all over in every room. I MUST live in a house of order, everything has to have a place, and there can NOT be crap piled up in corners. So, my daddy-o bout a storage shed and he and Jer and my bro. installed it. It's a cute little thing and it's perfect. Yee haw, no crap in my living room!!

In other, OTHER news, my adorable sis in law had an adorable baby boy on June 1st. He is perfect and sweet and so, so calm. As opposed to his tazmanian devil sister Tater tot. Tater is having a hard time with this new addition. She loves him and wants to be really helpful, and at the same time, her emotions have gone bonkers and one minute she's happy, the next crying and screaming hysterically, or telling her mom she's gonna kill her. Poor kid, doesn't know what hit her. Thankfully D-man is sooo calm. See, Tater was a TOUGH baby, very tightly wound, cried A LOT and NEVER just slept endlessly, or slept in your arms, etc. So, D-man is a very nice change of pace. I go over every day to just hold him for awhile, and feel the love. Jer is so sweet with him too, he'll even actually hold him. See, jer is not so much for tiny newborn babies, he's afraid they'll break or something. But this time, he's holding him and it's quite grand.

Jer is in Forever Plaid right now, and he's HATING it. Apparently this is a totally stupid company to work for, and the rehearsal process has been a nightmare. I can hardly wait to see the finished product (they open next week). He finished out his run in "The Nerd" with sparkling reviews and much applause. He did such a GREAT job in that show, it was so fun to watch him. It was his favorite show experience ever, and that was obvious to see. He's done auditions for the Shakespeare company here and he did really well. He also had an audition for the BBC America. He said it was the craziest audition, but it went really well, and the guy really liked him. So, we'll see if anything comes from that. I'm all for him getting njice paid acting gigs.

So, I realize this is completely 5 minutes ago, but I would like to have on the record that I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that the Hippies won Amazing Race. That was truly a GREAT day! And then I have to say, I'm sooooo jealous of Danielle, 'cause she got to go to Tarcon9 and meet all the Racers and have so much fun. Boo hoo! She is now pals with Ken, of Ken & Gerard fame, and they are my FAVORITE racers of ALL TIME!!!

I'm feeling in a total Reality drought right now. It just seems that there is nothing really on. Well ok, we've got So you Think You Can Dance, and I do enjoy that show. Just for a heads up...you all know my good pal Tracers. Well, she's a swing dancer and she knows a crapload of people. Wellll...that boy Benji Schwimmer that is being shown on Dance, she totally knows him. He's gonna make the top ten boys, I'm fairly sure of that. So, how fun, she knows someone on the show.

I'm eagerly anticipating the return of Project Runway in July. Can't WAIT for Amazing Race in the fall, though I'm pissed that they're putting it on Sunday nights now. UGH!!

Oh yeah, another long gone thing, but sooo happy that Danielle won Americas Next Top Model. That was so GREAT! I freaking HATED Jade, and I was getting mad at Joanie, 'cause she was getting way to snarky and mean.

I saw Da Vinci Code. I didn't care for it. I found it boring. I HATED that the albino had blue eyes. Doesn't albino, by definition mean he MUST have red eyes? That is what makes him creepy, RED eyes, NOT blue. Save your money, read the book again instead.

I wanna see:
Stick It
Over the Hedge

The Tony's are Sunday, FUN! My beloved gay boyfriend is of course cool enough to be working them. He's stage managing Pajama Game right now, so he'll be backstage with his show, doing his thing. I love that about him. He regailed me with Harry Connick stories yesterday. I get insight to the coolest things through him. I'll forever be bitter that we were too poor to go to New York for Spring Break and have our chance to see Pajama Game and meet Harry. BOO!!!! I really need to win the freaking lotto, and STAT!!!!

And finally, because I MUST get ready and work on blocking my numbers, the latest in weight loss is.......

I have lost 173 pounds and countless numbers of inches. I feel really good, though I still have about 70 pounds more to lose. I'm gonna be in serious need of a tummy lift/tuck whatever, but who knows how or when that will happen. I DO have some new pics, just need to download them off the camera and have Jer fix their size so I can post them here.

Overall, life is fine. Stressful in the freaking money department, tiring, a little frustrating, but doable.

Peace out!!

And a picture of me and two of my sisters. This was taken a few months ago at my cousins wedding. The one on the left had her baby in march, the one on the right will have her baby any time. And I'm just the cute on in the middle. hahaha

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