June 22, 2006 | 11:56 a.m.
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For the record, I AM alive. The first session of workshop ended up going quite well, in spite of it's very slow and awkward start. The show was good, the kids pulled it together, and so did we. This second session is flying by, and of course we're way ahead of schedule. Well, my particular small ensemble is a little daft as a group and I'm getting worried, but I'm SURE it'll pull together. I do love workshop, I really do. It's a great gig, I get paid QUITE well, I love everyone that I work with and the kids are swell too.

My older sis is gonna pop ANY second with her baby, and really, it can't come soon enough. She is sooooo miserable, and the baby is HUUUUUUGE and well, it's just time. I'll miss her being at workshop, but like I say, it's time for this bad boy to get out here.

Speaking of babies, I simply adore Taters little brother Dane, he's so freaking CUUUUUUUUUUTE and sooooooo sweet! I make a point of seeing him at least once every day and holding him. Taters has been a bit psychotic due to the birth, but I still love her.

Lovin me some "So You Think You Can Dance" and how much do I love Benji? I just think he's adorable and quite good. I was glad that Erin girl went last week, 'cause frankly, her nose creeped me out. It was a bit skeletal and just WRONG. Tragically, I missed the show last night, except for Benji and Donyell. Danielle, you're oh so clever on the net, how do I find a place to watch last nights show online? Oh come on, I'm SURE you know!

May I just say that this weightloss thing is so the greatest. It's Arizona, it's nearly July and frankly, it's HOT, but I simply do NOT sweat like I used to at all. In fact, I barely ever sweat. We were all at a sub place last night and Jer and sis and bro. in law were all DYING from how hot it was in there and complaining. To me it felt just fine, and that my friends is happiness. I have never been a sweating pile of goo during workshop, like in previous years. Seriously, in all my other years, I would have to go in the bathroom and get paper towells and literally dry myself off between numbers. It was disgusting and horrible. This year, I got nothin, no sweat, no discomfort. Happy happy joy joy!!

Really, I have NOTHING to report, life is quite boring and nice these days. I get up when I want (which is usually 7:30 or 8:00) and I go to the gym, or I work out at home, or I don't do anything. Then I make breakfast, play on the computer, watch TV, whatever. Then I get ready, eat lunch, go to workshop, come home, hang out, do nothing. Can you see, there is nothing to report.

And, with that said, I'm off!!


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