July 13, 2006 | 10:23 a.m.
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Hip hip HOORAY! Can we get a Halleluia man! All workshops are OVER! For the record, the teen workshop ended up turning out well! The kids had fun, they pulled off a great performance and the higher up powers LOVED the show! So, THAT was a huge relief! This week has been our first full week of beautiful nothingness. No jobs, just doing whatever we wanted. And let me tell you, that "whatever we wanted" has YET to include cleaning my disgusting house! Ah me, I am too lazy! However, I REALLY do intend to be cleaning this sucker today, and if not then tomorrow FOR SURE. We have Jers older sister and her friend coming in to town for his other sisters graduation. So, my house MUST be put back in order.

Ok, so let me talk about this week. Monday was a delight, it was Tracers birthday. She turned the big 2-6 and she's an old lady. hahaha We took her to lunch at Cheesecake Factory and then meandered around the Chandler Mall for several hours. It was fun, it was lovely, it was just nice. After that we headed home and it became a game of, "what do you want to do?" "I don't know, what do YOU want to do?" So, we decided that we'd go to a movie and maybe get some dinner, then pop by the swing dance that Trace frequents. Well, time kept on a tickin, and we weren't getting anywhere. Finally, she says, "I want to go to Disneyland." And I said, "I would love to go." So, she made some phonecalls to see if any of her friends that worked there could hook us up with the free entrance, and Jer called his friend as well. We waited around for awhile, and we thought about the cost, etc. She called her Aunt to see if we could stay at her house, and finally at 7:30 we decided to go get some dinner. We ate at Joe's BBQ and YUM, that's all I have to say. So, it's now 8:30ish and we head for the dance. Trace is quite a good swing dancer and she wanted to get her "birthday" dance in, plus it was the one year anniversary of this particular dance. So, we went, she danced a few rounds, Jer and I "discussed" how we really shouldn't go to Disneyland, but then I gave in, 'cause I always do. So, long story short (too late) we ended up packing a few things and hitting the road for California at 11:00 p.m. Yeah, you read right, we are silly enough to just hop in a car and drive through the night. We got to her Aunts house at about 4:45 a.m., fell into bed for a few hours, got up around 8:30 and got ready. We made it to Disneyland about 11:00 and WOW was it a madhouse. Holy caca doody, too many freaking people there. However, there is just something truly "magical" about the place. The giddiness is undeniable. We went ahead and got a park hopper because Jer and I have never been to California Adventure. GOOD TIMES! First we went into Disneyland, because there is nothing greater than walking through those gates and seeing Main Street for the first time. It was hotter than hell, and the sweat, she was a beading, but we trudged on. Ok, I don't feel like being all detaily about this. Suffice it to say, we sweated A LOT, stood in lines A LOT, ate DELICIOUS churros that I love so much, had corndogs which are fab, walked about 100 miles, sweated, ate ice-cream, sweated, walked, took pictures, rode Big Thunder Railroad, which I LOVE. Traces friends showed up and one of them worked at Disney for 8 years, so she hooked us up on the Matterhorn, we walked right on, no line for us, THAT was great. The line for Pirates was literally clear through Adventure Land and nearly to where you walk in from Mainstreet. It was RIDICULOUS, and I said, NOONE should ever stand in a line like that. NO RIDE IS WORTH IT. Then we left those line standing fools and took our trip on Big Thunder. Anyway, we went over to Ca. Adventure and had a grand time. I totally love Soaring Over California, what a great ride. Then we did Screaming California. That is a FANTASTIC roller coaster. I wish we could have done that like 5 times in a row. But again, may I remind you of all the stinking long lines. We also did the ferris wheel, ok, but not worth waiting for. I'm proud to say we did Tower of Terror and friends, it was NOT so much terror. Don't get me wrong, I loved the ride, it was fun, and Jers reaction was quite priceless, but it wasn't nearly as "scarey" as I was led to believe. We didn't get enough time in that park, I didn't get to see any shows, or do the cartoon interaction stuff, but at least I can say I've been tehre now. Oh, we also did the river rapid ride, thankfully I did not get too soaked, 'cause I would not have taken kindly to my hair being messed up. hahaha Anyway, went back over to Disney, rode Pirates since the line was MUCH smaller now. Oh wait, FIRST we had pizza for dinner. Would anyone care to guess how much freaking money THAT cost. Well, I'll just tell you, that'll save us all some time. For 2 pieces of pizza and 2 waters it cost 20 freaking bucks, uh HELLO! Anywhozy, back to Disneyland...Pirates was cool, walked around found a place to park our booties for the fireworks show. That 50th Anniversary fireworks show is freaking AWESOME! The only tragic part is, they aborted the show before it was over. We're cruising along, lights are changing, fireworks are blasting, we're oohing and aahing and then BAM, out of nowhere, it stops, a voice comes on and says..."Ladies and Gentleman, due to high winds at higher elevations we must stop the show." And that was it, the end, over, caput! HMPH! That was a DOWNER! But, by this time we were soooooo freaking exhausted we could barely move. Uh, word to the wise, don't try and be all cutsie and fashion conscious when hoofin it around Disneyland for 12 hours. Just face the music, wear the damn tennishoes. So, we tried to stand in the Space Mountain line, but by that point, it wasn't worth it. So, at 11:00 we headed for home (her aunts house). I slept most the way, which I won't lie, it was delightful. We got home, Jer took a shower, I washed my face and we just fell into bed. Got up the next morning, got ready, had breakfast with her Aunt and then hit the road. We made some GREAT time and were home by 4:00. When we got home I straightened up, unpacked and then proceeded to eat a whole TON of watermelon. I watched some of my recorded HGTV shows, cleared the DVR and set the shows for the night. At 6:15 I got up and got ready for our evening excursion to watch the Wizard of Oz free preview at the college. We took Tater tot and she was sooo excited! She did such a good job sitting through the whole show, even if she did have to continually tell me she was not afraid of the witch, because the witch was pretend and she KNEW it. After the show when Jer took her to meet the witch, Tater started laughing and crying at the same time, 'cause she was excited and terrified all at once. So damn cute!! The show was ok, but there were A LOT of technical difficulties, but the set was lovely.

Anyway, Tater is here now 'cause I'm watching her while her Mom goes shopping. Jer is wanting to go to lunch with his Mom and Sis since they called and invited us. So, I MUST get ready for the day. However, I do want to give you all the joy of a pic or two. I know, try and contain your excitement.

Oh, one more thing, did I mention that my older sis had her baby, and he is sooooo sweet! She had him on a Friday in June and then she was back at workshop on Monday. I kid you NOT, she is insane and must have a death wish, but somehow she dragged herself there. Anyway, baby is good, she is good, all is well.

Ok, I'm outy!!

Trace and I walking Tater into Cheesecake Factory.

Sitting in the restaurant, Jer taking the pic in the mirror.

Here's a pic, taken on Monday night outside the dance. Let's discuss how much I'm loving this new outfit. HOORAY!

Here is another, pretty much the same.

Lest you don't believe that I spent much of my travel time sleepin..hehehehe

We MADE IT!! This is Tracer.

Goofy four years later. It's been 4 1/2 years since I've been to Disneyland, the last time being just before Jer and I got married. So, we took a couple of pictures JUST like 4 years before. Should be interesting to see the difference in our look.

Me outside California Adventure. We were clever, this is what Jer calls me...AL.

Umm, did I mention it was freaking HOT!!!

Mmmmmm, Churro lovin.

Jer and one of his FIVE DOLLAR ice cream cones. Seriously, the rape that happens within the confines of the "happiest place on earth" is really more than I can bare.

Corndogs are YUMMY!

This is Jer and Trace being ridiculous and crazy driving home, while I was sleeping and couldn't yell at them to act like "responsible" adults. haha

Me pretending to DJ the dance.

Jer and Trace doing the swing.

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